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  1. I myself saw 2 zombies running after a cow and the cow decided to run towards me causing the zombies aggro on me instead of the cow,i think theyre getting smarter, beware of the cows...
  2. finjesse

    Official The Elder Scrolls Thread

    So how long you guys had to wait for character to log in? Ive waited for 55min now....
  3. finjesse

    Official The Elder Scrolls Thread

    Download speed dropped to 60Kbs,still downloading it -.-
  4. finjesse

    Official The Elder Scrolls Thread

    So whats up with downloading eso? I downloaded 24gb file then 1gb patch and now im downloading an update which is 5gb and im only at 65% ?
  5. finjesse

    Official The Elder Scrolls Thread

    I just calculated that my ESO is going to finish downloading in 7 days with my current download speed,awesome....
  6. finjesse

    You know you play too much Dayz when...

    Happened to me too many times...
  7. I Like how the discussion about DayZ SA turned in to a discussion about pants But yeah dayz is an awesome game and if youv'e played dayz mod the SA bugs feel little compared to that. And i cant wait until they reduce the loot spawns and make weapons and food more rare,like everybody has an M4 and you can find food and drinks in almost any building.
  8. Well this is what i got:http://www.roccat.org/Products/Gaming-Keyboards/ROCCAT-Isku-FX/ I would recomment it has been serving me 2 years now without error.
  9. finjesse

    Can't find this video/GIF

    The guy speaking sounds so crazy that i would had combat logged aswell.
  10. I considered it but it just looks horrifically ugly and potentially uncomfortable, so I didnt get that one. Well i think it feels very cofortable and fits for small and big hands due to its adjustments and changeable parts. EDIT:oh and if you have dogs/cats you need to make sure your mousepad is clean because the lazer is so sensitive that if there is dog/cat hair under the lazer the mouse doesent work properly.
  11. http://www.cyborggaming.com/prod/rat9.htm Thats the mouse i have and i would recommend it to everybody who plays FPS games.
  12. Where is this The gathering held,in Norway? Edit: Went to check what Dreamhack was,and decided that i ll probably go there since its in Sweden which is next to Finland and the tickets are pretty cheap(100€)
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