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  1. @Squillium Lagswitching seem popular aswell on some sides.
  2. Tony was born in Milano, Italy and was quickly brought up in the mafia business. He lived in New York for a couple of years and was apart of the Tucano Mafia. He later moved back to Italy when he was in an American jail for 2 years for aggravated assault on a police officer in New York. When he got out he got back to his original mafia the "Manarello". He and his family controlled large parts of Milano and had the police on their side. They got away with drug trafficking, illegal weapon import and more. Tony and his men later decided to rob the biggest bank in Milano and got away with €25,000,000. He later was sent to kill a member of a Chernarussian cartel so he flew to South Zagoria. He lived in a hotel in central Chernogorsk and planned his days out on how to kill the traitor. He later finished his plans and confirmed his kill on the Chernarussian cartel member. He later got stuck in the horrible infection and is now living with the rest of his Manarello members.
  3. "Foreign Plague" has SCAR on his back Kappa
  4. I work at a place called Joe & The Juice, hit me up if you've been here!
  5. POV : We were rebuilding our precious base after last nights griefing. Whilst looking for areas that need repairment two dudes show up and start to walk around our base thinking it's theirs even though we told them to leave and stop with their shit. After multiple non-hostile warnings, they lose patience and initiate. They kill a couple and so do we, their cavalry later arrives and they kill everyone. Question for attackers: Why do you keep attacking us every day? What possible reason could you have, please shoot me a pm or write it here. These constant attacks are ridiculous since we get no chance to get our base up so we can exercise the roleplay that we are aiming for. Our base got insanely griefed and we still get attacked every day. There is nothing you gain from attacking us every day and we wonder why. Take care.
  6. +1 make this stop, it's clearly getting out of control. Even though it's rape in a video game it dosn't matter. People who wants to rape here clearly needs to think again in my opinion.
  8. This is what the community needed. Great work @Mademoiselle , good luck with this
  9. *Edward would take out his radio and press the PTT* "Rest easy, I loved you brother" *Edward would shed a tear whilst putting his radio on the table*
  10. Damn. Thought I was gonna live my Tomorrowland dream in dayz Looks good though!
  11. Hey, attackers.. Maybe you should RP next time? Ignoring us, good times
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