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  1. Hostile RPers will be severely penalized in terms of character progression , development, and storylines due to how often the die in PvP. I do not think that forcing PK would help anything except promote poor hostile RP from people who realize that their characters are worthless due to how easy it is for them to die/how often they have to keep making these characters. Also I will always hold to the belief that forcing one's roleplay style on others, as long as the others' form of roleplay is worthwhile and legitimate, will only serve to cause divisions and salt or a population migration away from the server.
  2. -1 from me. I don’t really understand how putting items in a small box, which you then put into your backpack, would allow you to carry more items. If anything (and not advocating for this), boxes would just take up even more space in a backpack than the individual items you put inside it. Carry-containers should just protect items from damage/disrepair.
  3. IGN: William Little Country: United States (Time Zone - EST) English skills: Native language. DayZ Mod Experience: A lot. DayZ Standalone Experience: Not as much as mod. New to most recent version. Roleplaying Experience: Was an active part of the DayZRP community from 2012 - ~2014. Came back two or so years ago for a couple of months. (I also have ~5000 recorded hours in the Elder Scrolls Online, most of which was spent roleplaying or engaged in the North American RP community). What kind of In Game role best describes you: A guy who can find stuff and hold a gun (but will have trouble using it right for a little while since I'm still new-ish to this version of the game). Have you been in any clan/group previously: Led a Socialist-oriented hero group when I first started out here, later joined a pure bandit group that engaged in robberies, slavery, torture, etc. Last time I was on the server I had also been a part of a different Socialist-oriented group with a mixed-bag of goals. Additional notes: I can whistle through my nose. Also I am unsure of how available in game I can be due to academic commitments but I'll definitely try my best to be around. Will probably end up having a more casual presence, but will still be committed to high-quality RP. Current character is not exactly suited to bandit-activity (and is designed that way since I am unsure how useful I'll be in a fight due to college latency) but I'd be down to see him become a murderous thief if he ended up naturally progressing that way. I am studying Russian at the intermediate level and can converse basically in game if somebody wants to RP in that language. Best way to contact you: PM me on the forums. Backstory: https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-11680/
  4. Yes, porn sites do not get sued for these reasons, but porn sites do not also involve the direct solicitation of sexual acts from one person to another. Porn is pure media while multiplayer video games are a mixture of media and personal interactions. If say, a kid lied about their age to watch an R rated movie, the theatre cannot be held accountable, but if a staff-member solicited a kid and other staff-members did nothing to prevent this, the theatre as a whole would be suspect. A kid can lie about their age and watch porn, nobody cares, but if a kid lies about their age and an older stranger on the internet invites them to play out sexual fantasies, that’s another thing entirely. And in the latter case, DayZRP would be the medium in which this behavior takes place - it’s bound to draw some negative attention or preconceptions to the community itself.
  5. I must say that I am generally against restricting freedoms and roleplay capacity, but “She told me she was 18” is not a defense that often holds up in court. If the DayZRP community is ever used in a way that facilitates sexual contact with a minor, even if they are consenting, that would look really bad for everyone here. It would seem like we all condoned it. If an indignant parent ever contacted the authorities because “some dude on the internet told my son/daughter to perform sexual acts on him, or else,” I don’t think it will legally matter if the child claimed that they were of age or not, or that this is all a pretend-world. ERP taking place within the game world itself cannot coexist with the lack of an age limit, in my mind, for the legal security of the community.
  6. Dunno what his forum name is, but whoever plays Pasi the Finn/Old Man. Really glad he was the second person I've run into. Edit: @Isaiah Cortez
  7. William's life had been fairly formulaic and unexceptional. He was born to two upper middle class parents, trapped in a loveless marriage, in New England in the late 1990s. One can probably predict the trajectory his life would take from this knowledge alone. Immediately his parents had high hopes for him and expected much. As such, they pushed him to excel academically as soon as he entered his school-age years. Of course, he complied, since he wanted to be a good kid (and understood no other possibilities) and began to obtain high marks on any assessments he was given. He learned to read younger than usual and at a faster pace than his peers. He worked with numbers as if they were his playthings at home, always getting them to do what he had aimed. Physically, he developed well-enough, but not exceptionally, and did not even begin to interest himself in sports or other such pursuits. This was not any matter, though. His parents and he only desired intellectual achievements as he plodded on through the years of rigid instruction and regurgitating the useless word salads that had been force fed to him. William eventually became a larger toddler, then a child, then a teen, and graduated from his secondary education as his school's valedictorian. He was proud, of course, but began to feel as if he was simply moving through the motions. Obviously he earned such an honor, he thought to himself. His entire life had been leading to that. William earned a scholarship to some small New England liberal arts college which his parents recommended, on their penny, and attended it without much fanfare as a student of history and modern languages. His major content area had actually been one of the first actual decisions he'd made in his life. By the time he was 19, his earlier years had passed by in seemingly an instant. What was there to remember other than equations and formulas, theorems and postulates, names and dates, facts and figures? Realizing what a waste of time his upbringing had been, he decided that he wanted to travel, see the world, gain some small amount of perspective on this planet before the next two decades passed by just as quickly. Taking advantage of the resources at his college's disposal, he planned a semester abroad somewhere in Russia as part of an exchange student program. Although the academic year would not begin until the autumn of 2017, his program allowed him to travel to Russia in the summer, to get accustomed to his host family. His flight was scheduled for early in July, and, as soon as the date came, he boarded his plane with optimism and a certain gladness about him, that seemed to communicate to others that he was escaping mediocrity. This trip had a layover in Chernarus... [Finish later about how the flight was grounded during the beginning of the infection due to the hostilities between Russia and Chernarus. William becomes trapped in the country and takes to the woods as any population centers he finds refuge with become overrun. Since then, he has tried to limit contact with people, out of fear and instinct of self-preservation. He has been part of no larger survivor groups and thus has not become accustomed to traditions like carrying a radio around at all times. While William is no woodsman, he has learned what he must in order to at least traverse the new and dangerous world, if not wholly thrive in it. William has spent most of his time the last two years wandering around looking for food, and has only recently entered South Zagoria.]
  8. ((The following is a bare bones backstory which will be fleshed out in the future.)) [After being interned for a few weeks in a camp, Anatoli made his way back to his family's apartment in Saint Petersburg and pinned a note to the door.] Fuck the government, fuck the Kremlin, rounding people up and killing anyone with even the slightest possibility of being infected! If some God-forsaken person is reading this, I'm heading south, over the border, and I suggest you do as well. I'd rather die at the hands of a pissed off Chernarussian or one of the risen dead than be slaughtered in the name of internal stability. There are some rations I nicked under the bed in the back room. I wish you well in this hell-hole of a world we live in, now. [He left, taking the antiquated rifle which his father had taught him how to use when he was a boy, as well as a rucksack filled with canned goods, bottled water, and several boxes of ammunition.]
  9. Welcome, Silas. Congratulations, Vector. Later, Suri.
  10. The fact that you could do whatever you wanted to a captive and they would decide if it was permanent or not at their discretion.
  11. I'd say try to provide as much relevant information in any situation as you can, even when new people arrive.
  12. You told me ICly you found him in car, just to let you know.
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