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  1. ((The following is a bare bones backstory which will be fleshed out in the future.)) [After being interned for a few weeks in a camp, Anatoli made his way back to his family's apartment in Saint Petersburg and pinned a note to the door.] Fuck the government, fuck the Kremlin, rounding people up and killing anyone with even the slightest possibility of being infected! If some God-forsaken person is reading this, I'm heading south, over the border, and I suggest you do as well. I'd rather die at the hands of a pissed off Chernarussian or one of the risen dead than be slaughtered in the name of internal stability. There are some rations I nicked under the bed in the back room. I wish you well in this hell-hole of a world we live in, now. [He left, taking the antiquated rifle which his father had taught him how to use when he was a boy, as well as a rucksack filled with canned goods, bottled water, and several boxes of ammunition.]
  2. AncientPilgrim

    [DKZ] Krasnaya Federatsiya - The Red Federation

    Welcome, Silas. Congratulations, Vector. Later, Suri.
  3. AncientPilgrim

    [DKZ] Krasnaya Federatsiya - The Red Federation

    -snip snip, I'm a fucking crab.-
  4. The fact that you could do whatever you wanted to a captive and they would decide if it was permanent or not at their discretion.
  5. I'd say try to provide as much relevant information in any situation as you can, even when new people arrive.
  6. AncientPilgrim


    You told me ICly you found him in car, just to let you know.
  7. I hope you mean a "real DayZ RP community" because for sure, there's definitely more RP communities out there that are more akin to DnD or other such things than this. This is good, but it's definitely a different kind of RP. Welcome, nonetheless. Have fun.
  8. AncientPilgrim

    Ideaz I have

    I mean, no one knows in game who the DKZ are yet. We just wear masks and show up places, as is.
  9. Had fun playing I-Spy with Azerov and Zuykov today.
  10. AncientPilgrim

    Group Idea - Feedback needed

    -snip- I mean, there -is- rules about offensive RP. I've seen at least tens of people get banned for it, even though everything is IC. Even little slip ups, I've seen people get permanently removed from the community for. Go to the rules and Ctrl+F "racist" and you'll find a little section saying something about "zero tolerance." I'm not saying I agree with these rules, but they're there at the moment.