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  1. Born and raised in Newcastle, he was the only one in his family born British. Most of his family had moved from India, across to England in search of employment. He had a good upbringing, being brought up in a wealthy area. He went to a local college to study engineering and arts. His family had arranged to meet up in India during Marko's holidays, but their flight had to stop at chernarussia on the way. Marko flew with his mother and father, grandparents, uncle and three cousins. They had to stay a night in chernarus, so they had booked a hotel at the airport. It soon became apparent that something was wrong, the next day when they went out to board their flight, there was crowds and crowds of people, trying to get out of the country. The crowds where so thick, Marko could barely stay with his family. He got parted with them in the crowd, and made his way for the exits. People began leaving the airport in cars, a man from the flight he was on saw Marko. He was in his taxi about to leave when he started yelling, him and the taxi driver where going to try to get to the border. Marko stayed for a few minutes, but could not find his family, so he left.
  2. Blaximus grips his radio, speaking into it with a Jamaican accent Wagwan wasteland, I'm tha Jamaican Fruit Guy, I'm in need of a camp I can stay and maybe grow some crops. If anyone hearin' this, please hollar back an' let me know! He finishes his broadcast, leaving the radio on to listen for replies