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  2. Woooow Rick Gunderson POV: We were heading down to Elektro church because Jango told us Rory/her people were there. After a little while we initiated. We got control of the outside of the church so i started to shoot back at the people inside the church, killed one and ended up getting shot myself. I died.
  3. Damn, that profile song, #neverforget

  4. busy times, but I'll be on sometimes
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    Image result for moped


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      Evan, incorrect, this is a real scooter, MY real scooter: Good ol' 1981 Vespa 50 special20106266_1416093181808016_15636167835468

      24 layers of paint. Not that modern shit you're showing.

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      this is a moped you dumb cunts


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      nah thats a motorbike you dumbass

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      a moped is a motorbike you toilet seat, it has 50cc so its a moped you fucking minecraft pickaxe

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      nah 110 % its a 125cc

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  8. Rick Gunderson is a electrician from Norway and cars and motors was a hobby. He loved being outside and hunting animals with his father, Rick became a great shot with firearms. He knows how to survive out in the wild from all the experience being in the Norwegian woods. Ricks mother died early when Rick was just a kid, she got shot in a terrorist attack in Norway. Rick had a hard time after that but his dad was still there for him and still took Rick with him out hunting. Hunting was the only thing that still made Rick happy, it was something about the feeling of shooting a gun that just made him happy. Rick started buying bigger guns, going to gun shops and shoot guns just to try to make himself happy again. Rick got his hands on a M4 Carbine, aswell as a Sound Suppressor kit and a PVS-17A Mini Night Vision Sight to og with it. Rick bought alot of 5.56mm bullets and started going out hunting at night after work. He’d shoot every wild animal he would see, it made him happy. Rick wanted to explore the world and go somewhere that not many people go to. Rick found Chernarus, and took the first plane there.
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