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  1. Woooow Rick Gunderson POV: We were heading down to Elektro church because Jango told us Rory/her people were there. After a little while we initiated. We got control of the outside of the church so i started to shoot back at the people inside the church, killed one and ended up getting shot myself. I died.
  2. busy times, but I'll be on sometimes
  3. Rick Gunderson is a electrician from Norway and cars and motors was a hobby. He loved being outside and hunting animals with his father, Rick became a great shot with firearms. He knows how to survive out in the wild from all the experience being in the Norwegian woods. Ricks mother died early when Rick was just a kid, she got shot in a terrorist attack in Norway. Rick had a hard time after that but his dad was still there for him and still took Rick with him out hunting. Hunting was the only thing that still made Rick happy, it was something about the feeling of shooting a gun that just made him happy. Rick started buying bigger guns, going to gun shops and shoot guns just to try to make himself happy again. Rick got his hands on a M4 Carbine, aswell as a Sound Suppressor kit and a PVS-17A Mini Night Vision Sight to og with it. Rick bought alot of 5.56mm bullets and started going out hunting at night after work. He’d shoot every wild animal he would see, it made him happy. Rick wanted to explore the world and go somewhere that not many people go to. Rick found Chernarus, and took the first plane there.
  4. Venzzy

    #53 - S1 EU - 07/15/17 21:30 - Invalid Kill (role played)

    Alright, I would say, @Saradomin, I would like to take the time to apologize for the exectuion on you. The reason I did it was I was trying to get you to stop crying to I can continue the RP. I felt like it was disrupting what I was trying to achieve with you it also made me feel slighty uncomfortable and looking back on it. So as stated I am truly sorry. I see i did some wrong here. And @Elmo I don't really know to be honest.
  5. Venzzy

    #53 - S1 EU - 07/15/17 21:30 - Invalid Kill (role played)

    Eddie Cooper's POV: So, as we had a little firefight in Kabenino and had a hostage there. The boys found some people hiding in a house outside Kabenino, I was not there when they initiated on the house, but i came later on when they all had their hands up and I took everyones radio, and did some rp. Later a guy (The OP) came up and started talking so we initiated on him aswell as he pointed out the he recognized one of our hostages. I started rp'ing with Pekko here, he kept crying and tryed to make him stop as you see in his video. I say something like ''Stop crying or I'll shoot you in the head'' at this point he had 3 people around him with fully automatic weapons threatening his life of his act of crying. Aaand he keeps on doing it more than less. He says he cant help it, but still, if you got a whole group of people with big guns surrounding you with most of them got their finger on the trigger ready to shoot and you've already gottan a threat on your life i dont think annyone would keep doing this act afther that. but still going. We try to ''save his life'' by trying to stuff his mouth with burlap strips to make him stop crying but he spits them out to keep crying and at this point it just seems to us that this guy whats to die, but we give him the benefit of the doubt i guess. So at this point he have gottan two guns pointed RIGHT AT HIS FACE and being told to stop crying or else you'll get shot. So when i ask him about my gun in the shed, i guess i was not clear enough about what i wanted from him but still he kept crying and Eddie Cooper have had enough of this guys crying and shoots him. I felt i had more then enough reson to kill the guy for non compliant. (sorry about the video not getting the intire situation but i used shadow-play thing that gets the last 7min of what happend)
  6. Venzzy

    #53 - S1 EU - 07/15/17 21:30 - Invalid Kill (role played)

    in a situation in game atm, will post POV later
  7. ah shit, forgot about this Lucky i was healty so i woke up afther a while.
  8. Eddie Cooper POV: So I was at NWAF minding my own buisness when I approached theese two guys. They was acting pretty sketchy and asked me to go into the barrack to "trade". I was ready for the initation, they dropped it so I dropped both of them. I went unconsious but I woke up a few minutes later and walked off. This is not NVFL as I killed both of them and survived, after all it was only a 1 v 2.
  9. Venzzy

    Summer Challenges 2017

    Him: *Pushes her off the roof* Her: *falls off the roof* Her: //should i go down there and act dead? Him: //..yes starts climbing down the ladder Him: Lets just make sure shes dead Shoots her in the head @lukzo2024 remember this?
  10. Venzzy

    Summer Challenges 2017

  11. Venzzy

    The Defiants Media thread

    Fucking love this game...
  12. Venzzy

    The Defiants Media thread

    Lmao how the fuck
  13. Venzzy

    The Defiants Media thread

    I prefer steroids xdd