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  1. Yet another one gone, hope you colt and Krullix have fun 😕 














    but like dont point me now plz?

  2. That color doesn't look good on you 😕 should have been red. But can't wait for young up and coming editor Krullix to make this place look nice

    1. Krullix


      +5 warning points flame bait lol ur bad +10 because I dont like you

  3. me looking at my frags in the montage. another banger by Benjamin (ImKrullix) Brown VK ON TOP
  4. After weeks and months of thinking about it I'm glad we decided to unarchive and finally make a return to DayzRP. Can't wait to see all that's changed in out absent!
  5. Was a good run boys, sad to see this is the way it's going down. VK ON TOP
  6. Captu3333re.PNG.ed1c03cc9259505e48a8e9333fae6989.PNG

    So all rap songs with the n word said in them are now 'slurs used for the purpose of hate'? 

    So should I get banned for Kendrick and Keem saying the n-word in my profile music, along with almost EVERY SINGLE OTHER PROFILE MUSIC ON THE WEBSITE? Okay.

  7. Not much is known about Andrei, but what is known is that he grew up to a Eastern Orthadox Mother somewhere in a village outside of Moscow Russia. They stayed away from other people as much as they could. Living away from the big cities with all of those monsters his mother would call them. Not much was known of his father, only that he was not with them anymore, and has been that way for many years. Andrei would take many trips into the long woods to hunt for the food for the both of them, with no canned food and not knowing how to properly grow plants this was the only way for them to survive. He would go out once a week with his rifle and a bag, to fill it up with enough food to get them by for the week. On one of his hunts, he traveled further than usual, there was no sign of any animals nearby. As he traveled further, the darker the day had gone, although he wouldn’t go back home until he had the food he needed. It slowly turned dark when he saw his first sign of an animal, he tracked down the broken sticks, until it led him to not an animal, but a human. Standing, still in the dead of dark. He aimed him rifle at the man, preparing to shoot him, his mother told him to not trust anyone else, it only leads to bad things. But this is the first time that Andrei had seen anyone other than his mother. He stopped aiming the rifle, but still keeping it in his hands, approached the man. Calling out to him. “Hello?” “Are you lost sir?”. But to no response. He eventually got close enough to look at him in detail in the night. Standing perfectly still, wearing all black clothing, an armband with a red cross on it. He approached him to see if he would respond to him grabbing his shoulder, but right before he could touch him, he was swept off of his feet. Fallen to the ground, dropped his gun. The man was standing over him, with a large knife in his hand. He stood there in silence for what felt like hours, until he eventually spoke. “Come with me, and you will learn the ways, or choose to stay, and live this naive life.” Andrei feeling like he is being forced into this situation with the machete in his hand, but also curious to see what life has to offer other than that house and these woods. He said alright, I'll come with you. The man reached his hand out and helped him to his feet. He grabbed his rifle, and put it on his back. He took a couple steps forward and looked back and said “Follow me, and I'll teach you.” He followed him into the darkness for an hour or so until they reached a small camp site. Books and bags littered around the place with a single tent and a single camp fire. They sat down near the campfire as the man pulled out a bunch of papers, neatly coupled together. The man, he called himself Ivan, he taught Andrei about the ways of the Absolution. Learning new things he has never once heard of before from his mother. These monsters were not monsters at all, they were more than just mindless infected beings. Understanding more and more from Ivan, and wanting to try and finally get a new life and a meaning in his life. He joined Ivan in his conquest to spread the word of the Absolution. Joining Ivan as his first Apostle.
  8. Hit and Run Laws: Criminal Charges and Penalties in Nyheim. Leaving the scene of an accident involving death or serious injury is a third-degree felony, punishable by 2 to 10 years in a state prison.

  9. Movies__TV_9_1_2021_6_37_27_PM_2.png.a0d91551df1e7693f4efdfa9b281381e.png

    1. Elrod



    2. Krullix


      nice photoshop, trynna make me look bad or sum?

  10. Midav was born to parents he did not know, in a place he has long but forgotten. He was born rather small for what is considered normal. As he grew older, he found himself being taken advantage of, and because of his size and stature he was not really a force to be reckoned with. But Midav found this rather advantageous as he was never without work and never without pay. By the time he was a young man he had surrounded himself with guns, women and entertainment, and this would become even more prevalent as he made his way into a northern European territory known as Nyheim. Here he would associate himself with a fighter named Nash, and through mutual friends came into contact with Rabbit, the leader of VK, a ragtag group of mercenaries. This would be Vadim's new home, and a place he could revert back to his chaotic self.
  11. The legendary Gamer Mike leading a group? This can only go good. Sick graphics and interesting lore. Can't wait to roleplay with you in game : ) also good to see @judge on the roster twice as he is twice as important this time around
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