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  1. ImChips

    Baiting Sitnik

    POV: We are in Sitnik because we got information that some people we are looking for were there, we find them and talk to them and they left, so bored we go up to the Irish and start doing stuff. We ask to get in because we needed water and we knew there was a well inside there, he wont let us in because we were being rowdy i guess and there was a lot of us and "one" of him. I see a bunch of the people i'm with go to the left of the compound, so i follow to go check it out. They found a wall they could stand on top of and are trying to get people on their shoulders to get people inside, me being bored i go ahead and join in. The one guy that was inside told us to stop, didn't really initiate, so we kept trying, then he said stop or else, or something like that. At that point i kinda gave up because even if we did get inside he would probably hold them up while inside. Then some other Irish guy who was on the outside not with them said he found a better way in near a house you can get on. He helps me onto the house along with some others and i help them on, when 3 of us got inside they were held up I think and thats when i just dropped off the roof and put my hands up, As the stuff was going down in there Me, the Irish guy, and someone else were outside with our hands up not really wanting to fight, they told the people outside to piss off multiple times so i just left. I don't have any video evidence (sorry for the bunches of "I thinks" or any wrong info, i have really shit memory)
  2. ImChips

    New Haven

    Great Job! Can't wait to play!!! :))))
  3. 1: we only had 3 outside with y'all, the 4th was on the roof and you had no idea he was there 2: One of y'all raised your gun at Roscoe after Logan told you to put your hands up or die (like 30 nano seconds after he said it) so our boy on the roof shot him, then probably at the same time your boy dies, you kill me before i could even comprehend that we started the initiation. I don't even think i said a word before i died. from my POV i heard Logan scream, and then the "You are dead" screen in about 4 seconds.
  4. POV: I just woke up inside the prison and heard some one was shit talking my twin brother Logan, so we went out side to go talk, Logan told them to put their hands up or die and before i could get my initiation out of my mouth the guy who was watching me raised his gun and me and killed me. I have no video evidence of the encounter
  5. @BackInNam great last time on the server man, really made it worth while. Gonna miss you RIP Luke Bourbon and Ivan Risvold
  6. [January 5th, 2020] Luke got malaria. His sickness has only gotten worse, he's dying. I'm driving back to Chanarus right now to go back to Green Mountain to see him, one last time. I think when he dies I'm just going to end it. Every thing I've lost already was enough, i don't need to lose Luke too. This is the end of Ivan, my last journal entree. It was a good run, had a good life, hope i made a good impact on the people i met. [This journal was with Ivan when he jumped off the Green Mountain tower, his friends and family in the charity kept his journal in memory of who he was and what he did]

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      sad sailor moon GIF

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    Ivan and Luke the Legend are no more

    1. ImCharlie


      they died together because they are the same person

    2. Kattsura


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  9. Born in southern Alabama, i grew up on me and my mammas farm. Daddy was a drunk and would hit mamma, and if i tried to do any thing about it, i'd get hit too. I worked on our farm for a while when one day daddy said he was going to go get some milk, that was the last day i ever saw him, him being our only main source of income me and mamma went broke. we could barely afford the payments on our house and the crops were dying so we had almost no food. We heard that there was a good farming business up in the Czech Republic near a place called Livonia, me and mamma saved up all the money we got from our farming and bought the cheapest ticket we could find and flew over there. We found some one who would let us stay at there place as long as we help them with their farm and cattle. One day the family said that they heard there was a disease spreading in the big city and left the country, leaving the house to Me and my mamma. With us not having to pay a rent this was perfect that we could have the house to our self, and the people in the city can all get sick. But one day mamma had to go into the city to sell the cattle and crops we got, that was the last time I ever saw her, i went into the the city to see where she went and the place was in rubble. dead were walking every where.
  10. POV: I log on after a work out and am hanging out with The knights of georgia who are at our base, after they leave @ImS8tn says he knows where a base was with some loot that he found while running from Gieraltow a couple days back. We all head out to the base and when we get there no ones home, we start to hacksaw in. We eventually get in and take what we need, tents, guns, ammo, code locks, and then leave with the two cars that were inside. We get back to our base and start putting the loot into our tents from the cars. When we're done with that the server crashes and is down for a while, i go to sleep because it was 5am where i am and i needed to sleep. I don't have any screen shots or video evidence.
  11. yeah..... bear meat
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