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  1. Sorry guys the reason it's been raining so much is because how hard this drip go
  2. Gang Shit is happening in the slums @DingoLR
  3. Had a lot of fun tonight with the little fight night we had. Much appreciation to the people that showed up and watched or even participated in fighting, sorry if i didn't get every one @SHIESTY Dongle @ImPurge @ImRabbit @Dank Ninja @ImCharcoal @Jade @AlwaysGamer @KonoSimp Sorry for what ever that was that happened after the fights, with the uhhh. What ever it was that happened but hopefully it wont happen again and we can continue fun shit like that!
  4. My POV: Me and Nash @ImPurge were trying to sell and buy shit at the trader, after a while and realizing we didn't have enough money we leave in our car. Right as we are leaving the two people we saw there initiate on us. I turned on my radio and kept it on to let the people i was in comms know what was going on. They tell Nash to get out first, and to put his weapons into the car. He does not do so and pulls out his weapon from his backpack, and after a unfortunate glitch where his gun kept not raising, he lost. In the rule of 3.3 (NVFL) It says that you should value your life, for example if
  5. o7 to a fellow Survivor

  7. The Beginnings Chance Morris was born into the slums of Nyheim with his brother Rudy Morris. Although while living in Norway, his family was completely American. Their Father and Mother told them that they were on vacation here right before the apocalypse happened. Then they just got stuck here and couldn’t leave. Although that didn't really matter now days, no one really had a nationality, countries weren't really a thing anymore. Chance and his brother Rudy were really close, closer to each other then their own parents. Each day they would go out and hangout with the kids that lived in
  8. Group looks cool and all but one slight problem I'm seeing. the 'a' in "albatross" is lower case and it is messing with my OCD. Other than that can't wait to see this group in game!
  9. Thank god this group finally gets archived. But on a real note this was one of the funnest groups I've been apart of, and every single person on this roaster, either now or in the beginning, made it enjoyable to get on everyday and play this bummy ass game
  10. @ImPurge , may be an imposter some times but he's got some okay things about him
  11. Good change, but this means no more FAL Friday
  12. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: I personally do not see how my behavior throughout the situation was trolling. From the start of being held hostage I took it seriously and never memed until my hostage takers did so as well. Personally I saw what @Nonplayer was doing was also trolling as he was playing an American "Navy Seal General" character. (Which will be explained below). Also the "aids" comment for the man that said he was sick Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Throughout when we will walking as being ho

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      now this

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      some good fuckin food

    2. Final Krullix

      Final Krullix

      Sad Meme GIF by MOODMAN

  14. anyone down to play among us?

    1. Elrod


      sounds sus to me

      but okay

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