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  1. CaptainChips

    Howdy Partner

    The joke is Mikolia is a massive disappointment to the charity and everyone looks down on him as some inferior being.
  2. [October 13th of 2019] Woke up to all out locks off but Hunter and Belle have been doing a lot of work and fixing up the place from weekly Anarchy attacks. We heard a radio broadcast that there was a Halloween party in Glugovo, so me, Luke, and Belle all went to hang out and have some fun. I went and dressed up as a Meth addict seance i sound like one because my voice is dying, Luke went as a Canadian, and Belle wasn't really anything, she just had different clothes. We arrived and there was some people there, not much happen, guy who dressed up like me showed up and had some fun banter with that. Belle left then a little while Luke left for Alter, so it was only me. Good thing too because some idiot made fun of a Muslim and caused a huge firefight. Me and other Banana Man hid, when the shooting was over, we ran to the bodies and took everything! It was amazing, all this free stuff to us. I came with nothing and left with everything. I met up with Belle and Luke and went back to GM. There was a guy there, a doctor, i forgot his name but we invited him into the charity because we could use a doctor and he loved the idea of charity.
  3. POV (wasn't recording because recording software was lagging game): we gather some people to the checkpoint, no one is there so we start looking through all the stuff and taking what we can, out of no where a guy in a red hiking jacket and cow boy hat rolls up, we tell him to put his hands up, he is very out numbered 1 to 8 and 2 people pointing guns at him, it's silent from the guy and I hear a shit ton of gun shots and the guy in the red hunting jacket killed 2 of our men, then we were very confused we thought that we got him for a second because we thought he just didn't comply with the demands. He runs around the base and a guy wakes up right in front of me, we start shooting him because he opens fire on one of ours, then more start popping up, we get ready to leave and get out, when people in their watch tower start waking up and shooting at me, i go unconscious and wake back up, i kill one guy who was shooting at me, and die from 2 more people in the watch tower.
  4. I am Ivan but I have a personality disorder and was playing as a guy named Mikolai the only other names I know were Joey the main guy it looked like
  5. Yeah, they left and came back shortly after and barged in asking "Where is Ivan?" we said we didn't know (my in game character is Ivan but his other personality was controlling). Then they asked us if any one was in the tower, we said we didn't know so they started climbing, then Russo and friend started yelling at them if the come up they will be shot. So after some name calling some one told us we need to build a gate in front of the door to the tower. We did as they asked and they left shortly after saying the rats up there are going to die of starvation. But not all of them left, there was still some people roaming in the forest and a guy still in our base, all 3 of us (me, hunter, and luke) needed to go to sleep for IRL reasons, they said we could. We were putting up stuff and getting ready to leave while we heard more initiations going on. they carried it on for a while and I just didn't care and went straight to bed because i wasn't really part of it.
  6. [October 1st of 2019] I'M BACK FROM THE DEAD BITCHES
  7. Hunter won of course, I pretended like I was going to kill the the other guy but he let him out and it was in all good fun
  8. Server and location: S1: a little NW of Green Mountain Approximate time and date of the incident: 9:10 CST Today Your in game name: Ivan Risvold Names of allies involved: @Kailen Olsen Name of suspect/s: Unknown Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VgingsF8_Go&feature=youtu.be Can't hear my microphone because for some reason Nividea doesn't like to record my mic. Detailed description of the events: Me and my boy Luke going fishing when a guy rolls up on us as we were going back to base because i was sick and dying, And we talking then he friend comes up and starts pointing his gun and yelling at us to get on the ground with our hands above our heads. So we do so and then he tells us to get the fuck up and push F1 and start following. We corrected him OOC and that was fine. Before he makes us toss our radios I relay a secret message to the group that i am with to say that we are being robbed. We get taken into the trees and stripped naked, the cool one (guy in red flannel) gets me some drink and water as other guy goes into the trees to look for people. He helps me out and I was almost dead and i made it super clear that i am dying and i am so close to death. The sickness goes away and the nice man gives me more water and lets me have my food. Then other guy comes back and starts talking and shoots Luke in the back of the head telling him to shut up, then telling him to keep talking? This is when i started the recording (which i should have started earlier) He tells us that one of us has to die. Just out of the blue one of us has to die and we've done really nothing but comply. After trying to figure out who's gonna die nice man tells us none of us are going to die. Then the mean man starts some of our stuff into the woods. His friend was trying to make him leave and get out of our hair, then he throws my teddy bear into the forest (rip) and starts punching me even though i made it really clear i am almost dead and will die super easily. And of course i die instantly. also some extra info apparently those guys were at our charity place we work for and our guys gave them ammo and the robbers wanted to help us out with an "anarchy problem" and then they went down the road just to rob us instantly, I didn't have my armband on but Luke did and he asked what was the armband for even tho he was just at the charity and after Luke said it was for charity he just yelled at us some more to follow.
  9. At a young age Chase was a expert robber, he grew up with no dad and at the age of 12 his mother kicked him out of the house. He lived on the streets of Birmingham hanging out with gangs and mugging people for money for food. At the age of 13 is when he got his first gun, and just a month later is when he used it on someone. Being in prison 2 times already, him and his group of friends needed to live somewhere else. So they decided on Russia, but they were all too young to get passports and fly over. So they continued there violent ways until all the members were 18 or over. They all got passports and flew over to the mother land. But when they got there it was already too late, the outbreak had happen. They couldn't fly back because all flights were closed, so they decided to just stay in Russia with an outbreak, it would be perfect for them, no laws, nobody to tell them what to do. They could rob and kill and deal all the drugs they wanted without getting in trouble. After a year of robbing the lands of chanorus, they fixed a boat and see if they could find any other land to see if the outbreak had spread. They landed on Deer Isle and arriving there they were robbed of the boat by a huge group. The group executed all of the gang members except for him, and took the boat to Russia.
  10. [September 15th 2019] Tired going to bed soon, making this one quick Olivia came back, went to zelena, met cool guys, forgot their names, Mr.Russo dickhead, don't like him, threatened and was being a dick to super nice man, going to kill him. I want him dead. Went back home, ppl there, Lee and her friend, guy who's new to cherno, and 2 people who are going to go kill James mason the sex cult man, police came by, they cool, want us to live with them and make a settlement there. no.
  11. [September 14th 2019] Ok well I'm not insane any more. I don't really know how but, cool i guess. I went to GM and Hunter said he put a bullet in my head and threw me out. I don't remember writing that last journal entry. I don't really remember any thing about being insane. Well back to the normal stuff. We got GM back becuase the cartel abandoned it. there's a new Charity place just down the road. I took a nap. woke up and the new guy Trevor let Mr. Russio or The Family or now The syndicate or something like that. they're really fucking stupid. They robbed the Charity guy for no reason. There just a bunch of dicks. Can't find my god damn Hunting Jacket either.
  12. [September 8th 2019] I don’t know how the fuck to cure myself. There’s no going back. My old life is over. I said I lost every thing except my friends, but now I truly have fucking lost it. There’s no going back to the charity. I can barley face Hunter any more. I’m fucking crazy I’m going insane!! I’m running, I’m running away, I’m running until I can’t run. Old life is gone. I’m gone. Ivan is no more. Yes. No Ivan. No charity, no Ivan. This is worse than the Blue Berry Bandits, this is a whole another fucking level of crazy. I robbed for fun and killed for sport back then, but now. I need it more than ever. I think I’m not going crazy because of the meat. But the time away from my past life. Too long has “Chips” been gone for. He comes back today, but this time just him. Not the fucking Blue Berry Bandits, not any of Ivan’s stupid little friends, just us. Just me. Me myself and I. Ivan thought Peaches was crazy for doing the stuff he did, but now, I see. I feel what he felt. I know his pain. I need to rob, not for the fucking gear, not for the fucking message, and not because I hate the person. Just for my own god damn drive. And maybe if I’m lucky. I can put a fucking bullet in their head. Yes, just like old times. I’m going to prepare my self. I will return in a week. And when I come back, this cruel fucking world will feel my wrath, the stupid people who walk upon these lands will know that the shit they do doesn’t matter, fucking Hunters charity, useless the people don’t understand. Gangs who rob, all fucking pussies who want to make their dick look bigger by picking on the weak with there numbers. On this day, Chips is brought back, the former leader of the Blue Berry Banditoes, the former killer, the former mad man. Will be brought back. After I’m dead the people will talk about me for years. The story of how a former murderer became a charity man and went back to killing. The story of Ivan and Chips. No, not Ivan, he’s weak. Just Chips, not fucking Chip lanagan, just “Chips”. It’s only been 8 days since I’ve been back, and god have I gone down hill.
  13. [September 4th 2019] nothing really yesterday, nothing really today. but me and Luke were looking for a friend named Joe...... JOE MAMA [September 5th 2019] About 30 minutes after I woke up the Cartel came by and try to make a deal with the runners, turned out that was bait because they started raiding and shooting the whole place. Some of them had 503 armbands on too and they definitely weren’t 503 members. Me and Olivia were the only ones that were part of the charity that were awake so we got caught up in it and held hostage. After a while Antonio let us go because he knew us and didn’t want to hurt us. Me and Olivia went to NWAF to wait out the time. We didn’t really find any thing but I drank out of a canteen and some one put something in it because ever sence that I was throwing up every minute. We were walking back to the pump at lapatino when one of the fucking runners shot my feet. We told someone else and finally got to the pump. I was on the verge of death but a man named Kent saved my life. After that some one traded me my M4A1 which I didn’t really even like for an MP7. Best god damn trade of my life. This thing is amazing. Light, small, shoots fast, and quiet. I put a suppressor on it and a red dot sight on it and it was looking very nice. Hutch and hunter woke up a little while after. Apparently Peaches was on the outskirts of town holding 3 cherno Russians hostage and selling them off as slaves. That man has completely lost it. Just a week ago he was at our base donating stuff and now here he is killing and murdering every one. Hutch and some others went to go take care of it. Peaches killed the hostages and escaped I think. Me and Hunter went to the saw mill to get some planks, I never realised how many planks you can get there. On out way back we saw some goats to kill and bring back to camp for food but hunters weapon missed fire and scared them, this was the perfect time to test out my new gun. I shot a whole mag into them but it’s not the best at long range which is fine. We got 2 and headed back to home. We cooked the steak, repaired the base a little and I went to sleep. I’m going to go on a little hibernation for a week. Hopefully nothing bad happens... September 7th 2019] HAHAHAHAH WHAT THE FUCK CUNT DOLTAN OR WHAT EVER CAME BY AND ROBBED US, RUSSIANS KILLED HUTCH, HE CAME BACK, I FUCKING ATE A HUMAN AND NOW IM FUCKING INSANE. FUCKING SOME ONE KILL ME!
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