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  1. damn its been long time since i seen that place
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    Selinka Nikolayevna

    Very interesting story
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    MacCready, The Lone Wanderer.

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    military base near kamensk
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    Yeah they really did a good job with the building interior on this
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    wtf hahah
  9. [BACK THEN] Jack Bergen was born & raised in a small town in norway alone with his mother, Jack grew up having decent childhood just like rest of the kids from the town life went on when Jack was around his 14+ year old he started hang with wrong kinda people he did everything from vandalism to home burglaring but one night everything changed he was suppose to break into a oil factory with couple his mates because they heard there was safe with money in it but it was all a setup the police came caught Jack, but since Jack wasnt old enough get send to prison his mom knew there was only one way & it was to send Jack over to his father. [NEW BEGINING] Jack met his father for the first time in years he barely remember anything from his time with his father, Jack wasnt happy about leave to his dad but he had no choice. Now Jack had lived couple days with his father, Frank decided to teach Jack about hunting they left early in the morning because they had to shoot a deer when they finally found one Frank told Jack to take over & shoot the deer, Jack wasnt really feeling ready for it but his father told him dont worry son you got this. Jack took his father rifle found a good position, Jack shot the deer right in the heart his father was so proud he never seen him like that before Jack realized that he had a talent for this & started to really get into it. [THE OUTBREAK] Jack had lived couple years out in the wilderness with his father everything been going so well since he came to his father, but one night was just different he saw his dad come home in the night hes been out scouting for animals he walked in the door went straight to his chair, Jack never seen him like this before, He asked him if he was alright his father didnt really reacted at first but all Frank said was yeah son im alright, Jack was like whatever and went to his room but a couple hours later Jack went out wanted to check on his Father he notice he was still sitting in his chair, Jack went over to him & saw something he never forget his father had turned, Jack was in shock & grab his rifle, bag started running he just keept running found small hole in some huge rocks where he would hide till the morning Jack manged to fallasleep. The next morning it feelt like it only was a dream Jack was confused and walked back to his home he couldnt see anyone he walked inside was yelling for his father but noone answered Jack was standing next to kitchen desk when his Father came from living room started to attack Jack he was fighting against him the rifle was between them & Jack pulled the trigger shot him right in the face, he dropped everything was in completely shock for days. Couple days later Jack decided he had to move on he grabbed some food & water + his rifle & bag, Jack walked & walked till he discovered guy next to small harbor with a boat, Jack went to the guy asked if he could help him the fisherman was really helpful wanted to help Jack, days went by & fisherman was told that there was a smaller island outside Chernarus coast should be safe & thats where he was heading. [WELCOME TO CHERNARUS] Its been days now they was still on that boat but then ran into a big storm lost all control of the boat, the fisherman told Jack to stay inside that was the last time he saw the fisherman, the boat hit some big rocks and broke in 2 pieces, Jack knew it was over, the water was everything and sank the boat with Jack, some time later Jack woke up on the coast he was so exhausted & confused Jack had to find out where exactly he was & figure out what to do after. This is how the story of Jack Bergen started.