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  1. Its been a while, I haven't played in at least 2 years. Good to see there are some og's left from the mod days
  2. This is my pov. When the initiation happened, I was speaking to a man in a blue pack and tried to continue some small talk to distract him from the robbery at the truck, as we were a little bit farther down the road. I asked him if they were setting up a base in the town, and he proceeded to raise his gun and tell me to drop my weapons just as I had raised mine to tell him to do the same. We both fired at the same time and it ended up with him killing me.
  3. Teamname: The LE Bots Team Leader: Badger Broils (LE) Entry Fragger: Lewis (LE) Awper: Chaz (LE) Lurker: Fade (LE) Support: JimRP (MG) Sub 1: Sub 2:
  4. Was really fun playing today, brought back some old mod nostalgia. Hopefully if the server keeps up like this for the next few weeks there will be group forums and some rules for this, just like mod had... would be pretty cool to see.
  5. I just saw this, I don't appreciate this Franklin
  6. I'm not sure if anyone has mentioned this, can't be fucked to read through all the gifs and pictures of beating a dead horse (all made by people who joined 2015 who also have no clue what the fuck they are talking about), but to all the people who are hyping up the mods return, if it comes out.... lets make sure the server is actually populated and it doesn't become a disappointment like the last time it was made. With the earlier version of the mod, early 2014 like Major Tom mentioned, I think it will provide a different experience the newer guys haven't experienced before and I think most people will enjoy it. Some people are probably worried about the role play potential on the mod compared to standalone, but the mod can easily provide the same quality of role play standalone brings, even better in my opinion. I believe the role play provided by settlements, official and smaller player camps, is by far superior to some of the role play in standalone. I could go on and on about what the mod could bring, the only way to really know what I am talking about is to experience it yourself.
  7. So like, only 3 GM initations a week ? 3 a day of course
  8. Its either your power supply or processor. I had the same problem a year ago with mine, I could play csgo and games like that but games heavy on the cpu like DayZ and Arma my computer would shut off. It ended up being my processor overheating, replaced and everything worked fine. Can you hear anything louder than usual when launching DayZ?
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