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  1. *He was patrolling the streets when he hears the message he presses the PTT* "Lopatino" *He releases the PTT*
  2. When you come into town and you hear some inappropriate conversation happening inside the Compound  🤣

  3. Why am i still awake 🤔

  4. TheLegend

    The Moretti Famiglia (Media)

  5. TheLegend

    Luke's Gallery

    My adventure's throughout chernarus
  6. *He sits on vybor industrial he looks around and presses his PTT* "Hey brandon its luke i know we arn't on the best of terms but im looking for a job i was wondering if you got anything for me" *He releses the PTT*
  7. TheLegend

    The Moretti Famiglia [IC Recruitment]

    Can't wait to try and find you guys In-Game thursday
  8. TheLegend

    Fashion Shop!

    *He presses the PTT* "You wouldent happen to have a rider's jacket would'ya" *He releses the PTT*
  9. TheLegend

    It’s been a blast

    It was a blast meeting your charecter's hope you come back
  10. *He presses the PTT* "jesus again with war....You need to stop big dicking and just not get everyone in this country killed by your fucking idiotic plans" *He releses the PTT*
  11. can i be removed from the roster
  12. TheLegend

    A Chance For Peace

    *He presses the PTT* "Hah...okay have fun dying " *He releases the PTT*
  13. TheLegend

    A Chance For Peace

    *He listens presses the PTT* "Listens boys this war is not going to work for you if it was you would have a lot more people on your side and i have spent a few days in novy these guys aren't that bad there is no point for all of this to happen" *He releases the PTT*
  14. TheLegend


    *He listens to the radio* "Son of a...." *He grits his teeth and heads back to the station(
  15. TheLegend


    *He listens to the radio after hearing Troy's voice* "MotherFucker....." *He releses the PTT and loads up some guns and starts making his way to the base where he saw the group last*