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  1. https://soundcloud.com/user-609389879/mrwellington/s-RJkms
  2. Currently waiting a reply for the army
  3. *He presses the PTT* "Where are you" *You could hear a pistol get cocked and he releses the PTT*
  4. *He Presses The PTT* "You really should start learning your lesson First it was the anarchists last night Now its going to be our time" *He Laughs and releses the PTT*
  5. *He Presses the PTT* "I look forward to it Mr.Wellington" *a chuckle can be heard in the background as he releses the PTT*
  6. *He Listens to the conversation He presses the PTT his voice deep and lifeless with no emotion* "Erin it would be best if you dont try to come after us you dont want to get hurt and you know we are cabable of it* *He laughs like a madman then releses the PTT*
  7. *He presses the PTT* "I will Tell Irish im sorry and tell moxxi to contact me if something happens or she remembers goodbye freind* *he releses the PTT *
  8. *He sits looking at the sun and presses the PTT* "Hello I am....Was a black rose member i am here to tell you that i am leaving i fear the group is falling apart there so much fightning between us i have enjoyed my time while it lasted i wish you all the best of luck and good bye* *before the PTT was relesed you could hear a faint chuckle then a crazy laugh the PTT gets relesed after*
  9. Cannibals

    *He puts on a voice changer and presses the PTT* "Hello, this is a message to the cannibals you have a week to give up your names and locations and maby ill decide to let you live if you do not i will kill you i already have one name." *He takes a breath* You have been warned
  10. Oh mail boys??((Open Frequency))

    *Before going to sleep he presses the PTT* Hey, Guy who mentioned Tion Can you contact me i would like to know more about him you can talk to me on my frequency 99.4 (private message) *He releses the PTT*
  11. *He scoffs as he listens to the message* "Im not scared of no canibal mate try and take a bite outta me see what happens" *He releses the PTT*
  12. Suspected United Nations Helicopter [Open Frequency]

    "He presses the PTT* "As you wish major" *he starts shooting zombies and laughs manically he releases the PTT*
  13. Suspected United Nations Helicopter [Open Frequency]

    *He press the PTT* The Only reason i shot that civilian is because she wished it if i had a choice i wouldn't have done it if i am committed a war crime...then so be it and UN i see i will personally put to rest " *releases the PTT*