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  1. TheLegend

    Clandestine [Strict IC Recruitment]

    Glad to be a part of this group look forward to meeting you guys.
  2. Jason Was born in a small county of Essex, Jason was a troublemaker never listened to his parents or the police by the age of 12 he had a criminal record for assault he spent a few years in a correctional but as he got older he got worse starting selling marijuana, cocaine you name it he had it. He became the most powerful dealer in the county he decided to start gunrunning he went to a place called Novigrad to begin the business their its the perfect place no one knew who he was so he was good unless someone found out about his Business. Jason started doing this for a while selling guns to the states, Britain and various other countries and terrorists. But one day the community he was staying with was dying losing supplies it was falling apart. He was told to get on a boat and that you and a few other's are traveling east for a new camp in the middle of the night the boat took off heading east this is where Jason story begins....
  3. TheLegend

    S1-NWA- BadRP, GearRP

    I do not unfortunately.
  4. TheLegend

    S1-NWA- BadRP, GearRP

    Server and location: S1 North West Airfield Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 1/12/18 17:49 You're in game name: Luke Bond Names of allies involved: Clayton Biggsbe Name of suspect/s: I have no idea Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): N/A Detailed description of the events: So we were wandering around NWA when we saw 4 guys fully geared approach us we started talking and traded eventually we went our separate way's and headed to vybor a few minutes after they followed us and said "Put your gun down or your friend die's"I followed his instruction's and they told us to strip down and then they took all of our gear with little roleplay involved all they were saying "where shut the fuck up". Eventually, they told us to walk around they saw another guy in the ATC Tower and a few of them took off toward's him presumably to rob him as well then my friend biggsbe said he needed food and water but one of the guys refused to give him food and water and said "You look healthy to me" and then we continued walking then I started being disrespectful because that's how my character would react and then without warning one of the men to shoot's me in the back of the head and then they lock biggsbe in a building no food or water and lock the door's so he cannot leave the building and then they ran off somewhere towards grishino.
  5. TheLegend

    Katie's Wedding Vows

    *Luke leans on a castle wall listening to all the conversation's happening around him, he grabs his radio and presses the PTT* "I thought the saviours were meant to help people not kidnap them from someone's most important moment in their life" *He releases the PTT and checks how much ammo he has before heading out to try and find his friend and continue his mission*
  6. TheLegend

    Battle for the Castle! Event Over, House Wins.

    Luke Bond-House #TeamHouse
  7. TheLegend

    Beautiful Life [Open Frequency]

    A British man voice can be heard on the radio "Kid, The best place to go is the castle at lopatino I've ran into some of the houses they are not as bad as they seem in fact they have saved my ass more times than I can count." The man's voice would go quiet He releases the PTT
  8. TheLegend

    For any military personnel

    *He would be sitting a hill overlooking stary sobor when he thought about his military days he grabs his radio and presses the PTT* "SGT Luke Bond of the British army, if there are any military persononnel around i, would love to meet up and possibly join I have been distracted for a while and I think it is time I go back to my roots please someone come through" *He releases the PTT and watches a truck go through the town*
  9. TheLegend

    The Pack [IC / IG Recruitment]

    Requesting to be removed from the roster
  10. TheLegend

    "Where is the town?"

    *He was patrolling the streets when he hears the message he presses the PTT* "Lopatino" *He releases the PTT*
  11. TheLegend

    The Moretti Famiglia (Media)

  12. TheLegend

    Luke's Gallery

    My adventure's throughout chernarus
  13. TheLegend


    *He sits on vybor industrial he looks around and presses his PTT* "Hey brandon its luke i know we arn't on the best of terms but im looking for a job i was wondering if you got anything for me" *He releses the PTT*
  14. TheLegend

    The Moretti Famiglia [IC Recruitment]

    Can't wait to try and find you guys In-Game thursday
  15. TheLegend

    Fashion Shop!

    *He presses the PTT* "You wouldent happen to have a rider's jacket would'ya" *He releses the PTT*