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  1. Tanoan Crisis concept

    Great concept, I remember talk of a life server back in the mod days, this could be a good experience if done correctly, and it offers a change of pace and story to all members. +1
  2. [OOC] DayZRP photo session

    Let's do it!
  3. DayZRP 4th anniversary

    Congratulations to everyone who has kept this community up and thriving for four long years, seems like a lifetime since I joined. So many memories and such great people, nice job!
  4. Make DayZRP Great Again!

    ^ This. Even though the mod has been and gone several times after it officially closing, I think it'll prove just as popular.
  5. Revolt, revolt, revolt! Jokes, touch my Patty cake and you're a dead man.
  6. Hi, Returning

    Welcome back!
  7. The Kingdom

    Congrats! Looking forward to witnessing some of this RP in-game, since I've heard so much about it.
  8. Sheep Is back

    Welcome back, Sheep! I remember the Lawkeepers, good guys!
  9. Copy Pasta Problem

    Make it personal, that's what we all wanna see. If a set message was needed, there'd be one auto-PM'd to every user. Bit hypocritical from me, but seeing it now is rather cringey to say the least. +1
  10. +1. I remember when this rule was changed, but people should just use common sense and not go into firefight areas. I can understand if no shots have been fired for sometime, and that's the groups call to then ID their targets before willy-nilly shooting (I know that can be a struggle too).
  11. Ello Luv

    Hello there Matey. Glad you're enjoying yourself.
  12. Hype! Welcome back and good luck!
  13. Good guide, clear and concise! Needs a sticky.