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  1. Gideon was sent to ground zero, like most NATO forces. Gideon was an Recon Sniper for NATO. His Job was to provide over watch and give accurate Intel to the men on the ground. He was on mission to secure some civilians that were trying to escape infected. When arrived he provided over watch for his team. The civilians were being attacked, so he took shots and his team moved in. They secured the people, and brought them on board the helicopter that Gideon was in providing support. On the way to the secure airfield up north from a city call Vybor, one of the civilians lost it and turned on one of the soldiers. The soldier then proceeded to defend himself and shot the civilian out of the helicopter. The man was shot, and was even scratched and bitten. The man did not reveal this at first, and proceeded to exit the helicopter onto the base once landed. Later that day, Gideon is preparing for another task, when an alarm is raised. He finds his team, who he has worked with a lot, and they try and figure out what is going on. They found a breach in the gate south of the base. the bitten soldier was on guard duty when he attacked the gate operator. This would then cause the base to be overrun by infected, and many shoppers were sent out to evacuate the essential persons. Gideon and his team got on board a chopper, and were providing mini gun support for the remaining ground forces, when their helicopter was hit by another.The second chopper had a pilot who passed out from a fever, after being bitten. Gideon's pilot tried to maintain control and the chopper managed to swing out of control a good bit from the base. The chopper pilot could not keep control and they all eventually crashed in an open field far from the airfield. Gideon would go unconscious, and would not wake for many days, close to a week. Gideon would wake to find all of his men dead and the pilot no where to be found. Gideon would then mourn his fellow men's death, and then press on. He gathered what he could and pressed on on the too the NWAF. When he arrived, he found the base in ruins with infected all over. no one was left, and those who survived were either evacuated, or roaming trying to survive. With all comms being jammed from the outside, and no where to go. Gideon is now on his own, looking for people to survive with. Gideon did not have much to loose, as he had no family living before the outbreak, and joined NATO to get away from the states.Perhaps to escape the pain of his past. His wife had died shortly before the outbreak to cancer. He was a well disciplined man who had a hard time dealing with his past.
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