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  1. If 20 people in queue are from EU it is understandable that they would rather wait. I personally cant really play on S2, ping is too high so the lag destroys everything. I have heard from a lot of people that S2 performance is bad for them and they prefer S1 because of it.
  2. I really hoped i could talk my way out of it somehow but sadly it ended too soon.
  3. Everybody knows that dayz is far from finished, there are ton of problems with it, still i have no problem playing the game or dealing with zombies. I feel people play the game and dont take these issues into account and then complain day to day basis. To be honest i really dont care enough for those problems to become an issue for me.
  4. House

    Altar AM - Media Thread

    Will keep my eye out for those sweet broadcasts!
  5. I honestly think people who keep taking issue with zombies just play the game like they use to, it doesnt work like that anymore, be concerned about th environment. The game will get even more harder with diseases and all the other crap that is coming our way. I recommend people make themselves acquainted with the overall damage system that is in place like the bonestat Skeetsi mentioned. The game is fairly easy you just have to adjust accordingly to the gear you have. RP server is even easier cause you dont have to worry about other players just KOSing you. I think all the enviromental stuff that is in and everthing else that is coming is going to make the game more interesting, dayz was never meant to be an easy game.
  6. The Road is pretty grim movie, cannibals ond overall crazyiness sets in really well. You can really feel the sense of hope fading. All the old Mad Maxes are pretty crazy and great. Doomsday was pretty good, i think it's underated, when it came out it didnt get as much views as it should have (nothing spectacular script wise). Cant really think of any tv shows with similar content that were good.
  7. House

    What do you think of zombies in 0.61?

    When the 0.61 came out the zombies were great, they agrod when you werent sneaking or you were making noise. Now they did something with the small update, zombies agro from otherside of the town for no reason. I think something broke or they're tinkering with it.
  8. House

    Make a settlement subforum

    And little settlements by other groups? I guess on the seperate thread where all the settlements are going to be?
  9. House

    Ricochet Warning for .61

    A: Dat dude KOSd me!! B: Nah man, it was ricocheeeeeee......
  10. House

    Closing s2.

    Now when the new update is still hot you should keep the third one around a little longer, it is pretty full in the evengings.
  11. House

    Ban the use of silenced scorpion until a patch fixes it.

    I am pretty sure that glitch is not for just one gun only. This issue was pretty percistent in experimental also, like always not all the issues were fixed before launcing the update.
  12. Great RP with Lighthouse people today. Eventful and insightful.
  13. Right now youre main page is not inviting at all. At start i didnt even bother to read through all the text because it is just not comfortable. Take some note from other groups who have some decent fonts and sizes, ask help from someone who does these things if you dont have proper skills. And of course, use pictures, people love that stuff. Pretty much in the start you proclaim yourself to be the cure, how is that? By killing infected or ordinary men? What are you guys actually RPing out? Are your guys religious somehow, just insane? Hero, Bandit (i guess hero). I just think it is hard to join you guys if the person have no info what this group is going to be about.
  14. Good guy, hopefully your return is not far off.
  15. House

    Levent's Twitch Thread

    Do a link or something, this copy/paste thing aint cool at all.