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  1. Dylan Fowler: Dylan grew up in the suburbs of New York City for the majority of his life. When Dylan was young he had a passion for doing the right thing and took an even deeper passion for James Bond type movies. When he was a teenager he spent time working on his physical endurance and his body in general. After Dylan had graduated college he decided to join the police academy. Dylan was one of the youngest at the academy but was easily the most prepared due to his physical stature he gained in high school. He became a police officer at the young age of 19. He spent the next few years booking people for petty crimes and wandering the streets in his squad car. He was given the opportunity to become an undercover agent for the Russian Mob so he took the opportunity looking to become a detective later on in his young life. He was a couple months into the operation in the Russian Mob before they started being weary of his presence. Car Bomb: Dylan had just spent the day cleaning up bodies so he called it a day and headed home to his wife and daughter. One his way he noticed he was being tailed by some blacked out SUV so he picked up the pace and took a different route than normal. He had called his wife and told them to pack their bags then told them to get in the car and drive to her dad's house outside the city. He rounded the corner to get to his apartment and saw his wife and daughter just getting into his wife's car. His wife had trouble starting the car and once she actually got it started it triggered an explosive device that blew up the car. Dylan dumbfounded by what just happened he looked in his side mirror and saw the black SUV speeding off. He flipped a bitch and gave chase to the SUV. He reached into his glove box and grabbed the gun he kept in there. Once he was close enough he started shooting at the car and tried to force the car off the road. He finally caught up and swerved into the car knocking it into a street light pole stopping the SUV. He got out and put in a fresh mag into his gun. He then open the door to the SUV and had noticed that the men in the car were Russian. He then gunned down the two men and left the crime scene. Disgusted at what the mob did he spent the next few weeks killing what mobsters he could and fled to where the boss had gone on a business trip. He arrived in Chernarus and spent the next few months looking for the boss but to no avail. Dylan decided to spend the rest of his life in hiding in the country that was ravaged from war years previously.
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