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  1. Isaiah Taje

    S1: Invalid kill & BadRP in Stary Sobor 14/12/18

    We have no idea who he is either. Your last words to him were "Juice, Juice, Juice, N*gga, Juice" (which you can see him in the video saying WHILE he knocks him out, not AFTER). And you even asked if you could kill him, us eat him, then run away. I don't even know what to say in regards of you saying you totally weren't cool with killing him. "I did not want to fight him", but you mock him in a sadistic way before knocking his lights out. This is all in the video evidence of you saying this as well and played a role in your demise. Sometimes the stories lost are the best stories, as you don't win every scenario and people need to understand that w/o trying to find a reason to be mad. This seems more like a witchhunt case over lost items and being upset that the journey of your character ended in that room and I'm surprised this case is even up as the other two haven't even bothered to respond as they feel this case is also ridiculous. I can link timestamps of him asking to kill his friend, let us eat him and run away and also where he's punching him out and screaming "Juice, Juice, Juice, N*gga".
  2. Isaiah Taje

    S1: Invalid kill & BadRP in Stary Sobor 14/12/18

    I'm not going to respond further as your mind is made up and one-sided at this point. But to say "it is not allowed" is incorrect. I believe you are thinking of this rule but you are removing what I'm going to highlight for you. You keep saying they had no reason to die when in ALL evidence you can see Arcarius attempting to escape by killing one of us but missing his shot and KILLING HIMSELF. Either its un-education or twisting the words from the rule but neither matter to me at this point as I feel we are in the green in this one. Thanks. Forgot to add, the first group we threatened WANTED to fight. Despite what Sophie says, in the recording, you can hear them almost sounding excited to be somewhat of gladiators in a "die or die" situation... 3.6 You are not allowed to force an action, condition or belief upon another players character beyond what the game mechanics allow unless the action is specifically allowed by the other player. This is called power gaming.
  3. Isaiah Taje

    S1: Invalid kill & BadRP in Stary Sobor 14/12/18

    Like I said in my previous post it seems like ruleplay was expected over roleplay. I wasn't surprised to see you in this post not to be rude but you nitpicked almost everything about the scenario even after claiming you like "a good hostile situation" such as me saying "let your nuts hang". You claim that these guys didn't have a chance but where in any video did either of them beg for their lives? In the first fight, they both actually agreed to fight and wanted too. So where is the problem there? The first couple wanted to fight, and the second one they barely put up a scene as to not wanting to fight or begging for their lives. Sullivan put up a good act by staying true to his characters morals and you complain they both died when Arcaius attempted to escape by killing a captor when we left them alone together. I re-read the rules twice now and still can't find a rule break after you've claimed that "many rules were broken" and even in the video evidence you can see weapons stacked there showing no GearRP. I think somewhere in the rules it says not to be a sore loser, especially over gear. I think people aren't used to roleplay scenarios where it doesn't work in their favor and people die or lose gear and I think it's unfair to say otherwise to try to make "evidence" seem more appealing to someone who wants punishment done because they weren't able to be the hero in a situation.
  4. I feel like you want ruleplay because you won the fight. You won a fight against your friend and thought took the word of 3 insane cannibals, instead you died for it and your friend survived. I can see the issue if BOTH of you died, but you died and he lived. That's us doing our role in the roleplay. When you died they were scared and confused as they thought just like you, that you would survive. Well, there was a plot twist and you were an example as to how unpredictable we were planning on being. You both knew what was at stake and took the risk of death anyway without really begging for life or anything, and when you lost you got upset. That's how your story ended dealing with us and that's how he continued dealing with us. One of you in that situation was going to have the short stick, and you grabbed what you thought was the better one. Can't express enough how fair we roleplayed in the sense of insanity and you simply weren't expecting something because you took our word and didn't piece together that we weren't sane.
  5. Isaiah Taje

    S1: Invalid kill & BadRP in Stary Sobor 14/12/18

    POV My two partners and I were hosting a "barbeque" of the sorts in Stary Sobor. We had cashed in a deal with a medic that owed us and in return retrieved a female, on our way to Novy we made a stop to host said barbeque and got two others to join it with us. One of them had to be the appetizer at least and they both fought for their lives, we made it very known that we weren't right in the head throughout the entire barbeque (nasty humor, twisted jokes, unpredictable violence, a sudden calmness after violence, shouting and then talking as if we weren't just threatening to kill them etc.). We saw two gentlemen looking towards us after I had just recently shot and they immediately sprinted into the Church. We invited them to our barbeque which they were extremely hesitant too but eventually came nevertheless. Sullivan went into the house politely without having to ask more than once and we showed him what we were doing which left him speechless, but Tiberius just watched as he went in. We hadn't even initiated on Sullivan but we were just focused on getting Tiberius inside which he would respond by just staring at you blankly. Eventually, we got him in and we made him and his friend drop their weapons, we must've got distracted but we took them and unloaded them and dropped them on the floor. We had them fight and eventually Tiberius knocked him out. We told Tiberius we wanted to finish him, he needed to finish what we started for him. He attempted too but took so long that the process was sped up for him and he was shot instead as it also looked like Tiberius wasn't able to hit him half the time because of the shelf in front of him. We then left as we heard two people outside and heard a shot ring off the inside from Tiberius as he attempted to kill one of us and he died as the outcome. POV ENDED Sullivan actually joined us in Discord after he had died and told us about this streaming idea he was doing and we felt really bad because we then wished we would've thought of something different or had the knowledge to let him get some better footage of the events occurring in Stary Sobor. He told us that he loved the situation and thought it was scary, and overall a really good RP situation but also gave us tips on where we could do better. He told us we should try to add variety, give people the opportunity to escape to spread the message and make the situation longer even if it results in a death. We agreed and thanked him for his criticism as it was our first time trying but were glad to hear he liked it and that gave us an idea of what content creators and just an average player liked and disliked. He said his character was pardoned but we talked even more after that, he understood our side and we laughed about it in the end as we both agreed it was really cool. Also not claiming to be RP gods, as after hearing what we could've done better, of course, we wanted to try harder next time. I don't think any of it was bad though, someone acted as a hero and failed and that resulted in death. We do wish we would've kept Sullivan alive though as that would've be more interesting without a doubt. Allies: James Harrison & Luke ? (Trying to find out)
  6. Alright, I thank you for at least understand the difficulty in that type of RP as it is kind of hard and I may take your advice and step back from it until I'm more accustomed to the server.
  7. Also, I want to admit that we aren't RP gods. We are definitely new to DayZRP and we knew what we wanted to RP as and even interacted with hostileRPers and took advice from multiple people on how we should act and carry out things because we were confused on how high the standards have been set but still wanted to give it our all. We appreciated Sullivan's kind criticism even after dying and laughed about it. He knew he thought the situation was great, pointed out how it could be better which I thanked him greatly for, and admitted he knew he would die and could tell we were crazy. We tried and all we can do now is explain and have you watch the video. We made it known we weren't right in the head and acted on it, our nasty slang, twisted jokes, weird compliments, passive and then all of a sudden violent outbursts, strong demands, and twisted games that did not guarantee the victor was actually the victor. Take all that into consideration and I feel it makes sense, I don't think the RP was bad as someone else came to be afterward besides Sullivan and we talked about it and thought it was a good idea. I've watched a Mexican Gang harass people by following them around and asking them if they called them retarded until they initiated for no reason so I think that this roleplay was definitely new for others and I look forward to more of it as we will be trying harder and harder to make it more enjoyable for everyone regardless if someone has to die or not.
  8. Never asked you to believe or not whether we took gear for ourselves as you can see we let people wear their gear again and also you can see in Sophie's video all the weapons lying on the floor. No one ever asked for you to ensure us to follow the rules as still now I don't see what rule was broken but instead I see anger because a few weapons were lost. You and your friend were taken inside when shots started going off and we definitely had a chat with you before I told you to get on the ground. Instead of jumping to conclusions and somewhat putting words and intentions all over our Roleplay Ill explain your situation. A guy just shot one of the people inside of the building that we were having our "barbeque" at and at the moment we were talking to you and trying to figure out how to get you guys to go away without figuring out what was going on inside. We told you we were having a barbeque beforehand but our plan was to get rid of you somehow. All of a sudden shots break out and we are forced to rush you inside as at that point we feel you know something more than a "barbeque" is going down inside that house. If you read my POV which I'm guessing you haven't because of "Before anything could come of that, however, they just sprint off without saying a word." we had James make the new group believe that he was being forced to do something horrible and while he was doing that we moved outside with them. Eventually, when we figured out how pissed they were I went into a house and prepared for the initiation which ended up happening and us and the group fought. I can figure you are upset about the situation because it didn't favor you necessarily but I don't think its fair to put words or say what we did when I've already explained what happened and there is evidence to prove it... Nevertheless, do as you please but don't think any of us were asking us for you to father us through the roleplay as we did it on our own and people enjoyed a bit of the difference.
  9. Logan Howard POV I was one of the 3 Cannibal RP'ers there. We rescued a medic from a jailhouse previously and the agreement was that he would offer us someone in return whenever we need it for potentially saving his life. He agreed and we then met Esme who we had previously ran into and was extremely rude to us and decided that we wanted to cash in our favor. We took her into a car from Vybor to Stary Sobor after we found two people attempting to start a fire in a house. We kind of tried to hint at Esme that we had screws loose by talking about "Juice" but I guess that didn't register at all. We took all 3 of them into the house and from there we wanted to please our sick desires with the intentions of someone being eaten and the other two having to suffer the consequence of watching someone die and potentially watching us eat them and them possibly eat them as well. We had the two fight and let Esme watch and the winner was told he would live if he knocked out his friend. Then strikes the unpredictability of someone who is crazy and instead, the winner died and the loser was rewarded for having a sense of morality and not winning a fight against his "friend" to survive in the cruel world they already lived in. Eventually, a larger group arrives and one of us manages to convince them that you were forced to do such actions and they bought it and eventually initiated, a large firefight breaks out resulting in my friends being injured but me eliminating people that were there looking for me. Eventually two survivors (one being a guy that was taken a hostage and one being apart of the group that came to rescue them) gathered loot from the dead and tried to flee after failing to find me in dense treeline, I finished the hostage on his way through a field and let the last one go after firing shots near to spread the horrible message of such massacre. I went to bodies, cut them up for food, took water and ammo and left. (Also met Sophie again as she arrived back at the situation confused to how I managed to survive around 5-8 people) END OF POV I don't see the issue of using slang to show how sick and twisted we were hence "let your nuts hang" aka drop your pants, but maybe that was too far for some. The entire RP aspect was the show how unpredictable and ruthless we are with a sick sense of humor and talk, at one point we even called one of them cute and trying to push how demented we really are going to be. I have no issue answering questions as I may have left some things unanswered so feel free to at me. Sullivan a person who died told me that he thought the situation was good and told me things that he thought could be improved on such as the longevity of the torture and less death but understood upon talking to me exactly what we were going for and thought it was amazing. Definitely, a lot to learn from but the sickness and crazy unpredictability of 3 Cannibals who want people to fear them was definitely appropriate and I think we all look forward to doing that whilst allowing opportunities for people to escape and spread the message. None of their gear was taken for our own personal benefit and if anything was used to scare them more in the RP scenario such as letting off live rounds into the walls around them to let them know we meant business.
  10. Logan Howard was a part of a small military group that was deployed to Chernarus to help keep things under control. He was deployed with a unit of 4 and had fairly simple orders to hold down an outpost somewhere north of Sinystok. They experienced small amounts of undead that would wander by every now and then but it was nothing ever too extreme and as far as they knew they were just waiting for their next set of orders, and that's what they did. They waited for 26 days, 5 days in they lost communication with anyone outside of Chernarus, 13 days in they ran out of food and water, 14 days in they began searching for supplies and found nothing anywhere, and 26 days in desperation set in. All 5 soldiers were strong minded but not strong-minded enough. Logan Howard and two of his closer squadmates murdered what seemed to be the lower tier soldiers... and ate everything they could pull from the bone. Logan and his two squadmates created a pact, left their outpost, and now wander Chernarus looking for their next meals.
  11. Cedric Clayton is facetious, quick, somewhat rebellious, but smart. Somewhat understandable considering his terrible past. Cedric grew up with his father never meeting his mother because of her problems with drug addiction, because of this Cedric grew up with a lot of resentment towards his mother and never truly wanted to see her to discuss anything. Cedric was a bit of an asshole growing up and never really cared about anyone but himself, he hurt others, stole from people, and did whatever he could just for a quick laugh sometimes. Cedric may have been an asshole but that never affected him educationally and he actually took his education very seriously. Besides the pointless fights and arguments with other classmates, Cedric exceeded in school and could've received a scholarship had he not gotten into so much trouble. Because of that Cedric decided to stick around and work for his father until he could figure out what he wanted to do with his life. Cedric eventually got the news that his father was diagnosed with a kidney disease and that broke Cedric. He saved up what little he had and decided to take his father on a cruise that was advertised to take people around the world and stop at various locations. Cedric and his father both got off that cruise but only one of them got back on it. Cedric being naive didn't return to the boat to meet his father, and the time he had spent with him was the last of the time he would ever get with his father ever again.
  12. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): https://www.dayzrp.com/whitelist/?openid.ns=http%3A%2F%2Fspecs.openid.net%2Fauth%2F2.0&openid.mode=id_res&openid.op_endpoint=https%3A%2F%2Fsteamcommunity.com%2Fopenid%2Flogin&openid.claimed_id=https%3A%2F%2Fsteamcommunity.com%2Fopenid%2Fid%2F76561198121045575&openid.identity=https%3A%2F%2Fsteamcommunity.com%2Fopenid%2Fid%2F76561198121045575&openid.return_to=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.dayzrp.com%2Fwhitelist%2F&openid.response_nonce=2018-12-01T23%3A43%3A44ZdwlMSF6ZtWGfPznWlebNNW7N13U%3D&openid.assoc_handle=1234567890&openid.signed=signed%2Cop_endpoint%2Cclaimed_id%2Cidentity%2Creturn_to%2Cresponse_nonce%2Cassoc_handle&openid.sig=jfwvhMtf27v%2Flc5GBL68s5J9OUQ%3D Why the verdict is not fair: I've over 16 for two years now.. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I was blacklisted YEARS ago for admitting to being underage. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: An unban. What could you have done better?: Nothing, I literally admitted to being underage awhile ago.
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