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  1. Miles is a naive young man, easily influenced but a force to be reckoned with. What-ever path presents itself in Miles life, he will most likely follow it without too much thought. A mentality of "Just get it done", one he had adopted growing up in the lower east-side of Sydney Australia, where he met his life time friend, blood brother, partner in crime Freddie Woodrum. Although Miles didn't choose a life a crime, it was the only way to support himself and what little education he could fund growing up. Stealing library books and absorbing any information he could, even though he wasn't the most literate. Although a life of small crime had gotten Miles to the point of adulthood, he didn't want to be on his toes avoiding the authorities forever. Freddie, being the 'big time hook up' man, had the brilliant idea of moving our small time drug business over seas to Chernarus, eliminating the cost of smuggling, and potential clashes with the Australian authorities. This is where the two young friends journey really begins ... Miles doesn't know it yet, but this will be the greatest test of strength and cunning he will have to ever endure if he wants to survive, and come out on top. Atleast he won't be alone...
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  3. As a young boy in the country-side Alfie was raised tough by his parents.. for the brief time he knew them. Alfies parents were raised in an australian crime syndicate, knowing eachother both from a young age they always just wanted to get away from that life. After falling in love they moved to Brisbane, away from their 'family' and had Alfie, who they always tried to keep straight in the eyes of the law, but he couldn't help himself. Always causing trouble in class, picking fights with un-winnable odds against other kids because they would throw his flat cap in the dirt, and mocked him for the clothes he wore. Eventually trouble did find and follow him as he grew up, he got involved with a local group of mis-fits always causing trouble with the cops, his name was quickly on their radar due to his parents past connections. The police thought it would be better if their contacts down south knew the where-abouts of Alfies parents, and one night when Alfie was out with his friends, his parents were asleep in their house when old rivals of their family barred the doors on the house, and burnt it to the ground with Alfies parents inside. Alfie couldn't believe it, aged 14 and now alone. Not willing to go south as his parents always told him to stay away from Sydney 'Because trouble lies south, don't go searching for it'. After the shock had past of losing both his parents, he contacted the police and told them what had happened, they turned a blind eye because of his last name.. To this day Alfie has a hatred for Police and the so called 'family' from down south. On his own he makes his into the world, somewhere far away from Australia, out of the heat and the city he finds refuge - a fresh start to leave the past behind, but forever carry his mental scars and hate for police. Alfie confidently pushes on now aged 19, fending for himself, trying to make new friends that keep his short temper in check.
  4. Mod support will make this game amazing. I would love to see a modder make Namalsk for dayz, that map was just amazing