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  1. I support all you enjoy aswell friend, as should we all
  2. I respect your opinion on chip and curry sauce sandwiches, but another beautiful aspect of life is that we all have different personalities and different tastes, and because of this our world is vibrant and interesting.
  3. Best sandwich I ever had was a chip and curry sauce one after Kasabian at reading festival 2017. Sat there eating that sandwich on an empty stomach with some of my best mates after an almost 7 hour set was prob one of the best moments of my life. Thank you gamer @Elrod, you reminded me that it's the little things that matter, like sandwiches and good times....
  4. These are not really viable for a roleplay server, but this mod, with some more development could be amazing for events, because you could have combat orientated situations that are still technically PVE, and all the actual players can RP and not gat eachother; Attack/Defend, Last stand and horde events (provided AI reacts to zombies) would all be great with this. But for everyday RP ehhhhh probably not.
  5. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: I was responding to Rolle regarding his observation that suggestions get us nowhere with a suggestion of my own, tipped in humour to help us cope in the dreadful Covid Pandemic because by previous comments it seems that some people have been cooped up for way too long. I have seen many instances of counter suggestions and such tangents that were still deemed acceptable and I would appreciate it if you considered mine as such. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: N/A What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I would greatly appreciate it if you could revoke these points, I am actually an upstanding member of this community and my recent warning history concerns me, also I have 13 points and that's an unlucky number. What could you have done better?: I do apologise, I genuinely forgot to add my opinion to my post, usually I don't bother because people tend to say the same thing, but I did have something else I wanted to add that I had deemed constructive albeit hypocritical considering my primary statement.
  7. This is a @N1RU Appreciation post, everyone appreciate this Russian man he is very good.


    1. N1RU


      Im confused, but Spasibo tovarich 🥰
      vladimir putin russia GIF

    2. HarveyLR


      Just felt like you needed some appreciation comrade, hope you appreciate my appreciation. ❤️


    3. N1RU


      Da comrade I appreciate your appreciating appreciation ❤️ 

    4. Duplessis



  8. Glad I was able to make more friends than enemies today, bravo all!
  9. Happy Birthday! (Please stop staring at your cereal your a grown ass man now) xD

  10. *A gruff but uneasy sounding voice would be heard on frequency 87.7.* "Dobre Den... ahhh privyet ehhh.... *he would be breathing heavily and sound panicked* I ehh need to be having the doctor quickly please... please ehh at the barn complex in the Berezino just down hill from bar place please please...." *A pause as the man gasps for air, you can hear him curse under his breath as he seems to get distracted by something, when he talks again his voice is raised and agitated.* "This fucker is shooting her or something! She is having low pulse and bled all over the floor, I will pay please come she is all I have I cannot be losing her!" *Broadcast cuts.*
  11. Yooo mans doing that legal graffiti above HSBC innit
  12. Welp, time to Larp as a commie on a video game again.

    1. SynO



    2. Inferno



    3. PATRIOT



    4. PaulB


      oh yes GIF

    5. N1RU
  13. The Chernarussian Socialist Republic does not approve... (GL lads we still gonna win the lore though )
  14. Another lesser known tip is that cooked meat warms you when kept in your inventory, even burnt meat that you can reheat if needs be.
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