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  2. Still didn't answer my question!
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  4. Damn time to play again

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  5. Teamspeak missed its chance to directly compete with Discord by updating its UI and features, and as a result it just isn't as viable an option anymore...
  6. Can we please have an autorun key mod? Im sure everyones W key could use with a break, plus it would make this hiking sim easier to play when you have to travel to RP. https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=1781132597 Example of a premade one or if possible it could be coded? I know the talented @Whitename could easily do it ? Tanks.
  7. Emil was a mere steel worker before the apocalypse, picking up work in his home country of Poland, Chernarus and then Russia, by that respect he was perhaps well travelled, but otherwise lacking ambition and any sense of belonging, what he needed was a change of pace. Luckily for him, he had little to nothing holding him down, and no severe commitments. And once the apocalypse hit, and the initial shock and awe had passed, Emil found himself in a position of complete freedom and hungry to reap the benefits of this strange new world, politics and previous conflict meant nothing to him. A fresh start was what he wanted, and that is exactly what he got. Despite what way be alluded, life in Chernarus is not as easy and carefree and expected, and after he found himself there after catching trouble with Russian local authorities, his first goal was to find employment and continue upholding his veneer of lifestyle be it through deception or charisma.
  8. You should be able to do this only when you can prove a lie, so it cannot be abused, ignorance of the truth is no justification to kill someone when you see yourself as correct.
  9. Nice break from running RAC, fancy playing a right dickbag character for a bit now.

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      hell yeah join me

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      Join us, i know you want to
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      Bring back Daddy Kapitan ?

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      Join us brother it is your destiny 

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      would like to do that too, it's been too long.

  10. How has Canterbury been lad?
  11. HarveyLR

    oh no

    As you were x
  12. Real good group ngl, enjoyed the RP we had in RAC and it looks like more fun is to be had with the oldies!
  13. Gerald was born in Belfast in 1941 to a poor family. He was raised on hand me downs and stale bread, but always saw a better life for himself somewhere. He got a job as a postman, where he soon became respected as a member of his community. He spent every morning working hard and making sure everyone got their mail like the dedicated gentleman he was. In the late 60s Belfast blew up with protests, Gerald couldn't deliver mail because people blocked the streets everywhere he went, he knew he had to do something about it. The next day, he joined the UVF where his skill of putting things in letterboxes was very valuable. After a few years he grew tired of delivering 'mail' and left for England, where he met his lovely wife Barbara, the son of a Butcher from Kent. He spent his life up until retirement as a butcher, taking over his father in law's shop and eventually handing it to his son. In his retirement, Gerald grew to appreciate the sport of bowles, as it helped him keep his knees in good shape. He wanted to travel for once before he died, so he joined up with the Oxford Bowles club on their worldwide trip thanks to some mutual friends, where he eventually found himself in Chernarus. Their bus was being hailed by some angry citizens, but Gerald couldn't see very well and tripped, giving himself a bad nosebleed, it took him almost 3 hours to get on his feet, but by then it was... quiet...
  14. Cpt. Alois, Our HERO. 

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      To kapitan Alois o7, a hero and friend

  15. Regardless of any issues, I personally really enjoyed the conflict we had and how it seeped into the conversations and mindset of everyone on the server, if we at least made some impact as factions it was that we were all able to create a convincing conflict scenario that dominated the lore for a good while, undoubtedly creating RP for Everyone. I will certainly look back on the factions fondly, it was a good ride and I hope the RAC were able to make it enjoyable for you. ?
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