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  1. How has Canterbury been lad?
  2. HarveyLR

    oh no

    As you were x
  3. Real good group ngl, enjoyed the RP we had in RAC and it looks like more fun is to be had with the oldies!
  4. Gerald was born in Belfast in 1941 to a poor family. He was raised on hand me downs and stale bread, but always saw a better life for himself somewhere. He got a job as a postman, where he soon became respected as a member of his community. He spent every morning working hard and making sure everyone got their mail like the dedicated gentleman he was. In the late 60s Belfast blew up with protests, Gerald couldn't deliver mail because people blocked the streets everywhere he went, he knew he had to do something about it. The next day, he joined the UVF where his skill of putting things in letterboxes was very valuable. After a few years he grew tired of delivering 'mail' and left for England, where he met his lovely wife Barbara, the son of a Butcher from Kent. He spent his life up until retirement as a butcher, taking over his father in law's shop and eventually handing it to his son. In his retirement, Gerald grew to appreciate the sport of bowles, as it helped him keep his knees in good shape. He wanted to travel for once before he died, so he joined up with the Oxford Bowles club on their worldwide trip thanks to some mutual friends, where he eventually found himself in Chernarus. Their bus was being hailed by some angry citizens, but Gerald couldn't see very well and tripped, giving himself a bad nosebleed, it took him almost 3 hours to get on his feet, but by then it was... quiet...
  5. Cpt. Alois, Our HERO. 

    GIF by In The Heights Movie



    1. ScarlettLR


      jane levy salute GIF

      To kapitan Alois o7, a hero and friend

  6. Regardless of any issues, I personally really enjoyed the conflict we had and how it seeped into the conversations and mindset of everyone on the server, if we at least made some impact as factions it was that we were all able to create a convincing conflict scenario that dominated the lore for a good while, undoubtedly creating RP for Everyone. I will certainly look back on the factions fondly, it was a good ride and I hope the RAC were able to make it enjoyable for you.
  7. Honestly, what can I say. First of all, i'm not salty about getting killed, I gave you all PK rights regardless. I came to your castle as a last ditch effort to progress the already stagnant lore and expand on everything Staggs has been working on these past few days, I was pretty much done playing my character by this point and simply wanted to give a last hurrah to all the conflict we had up to this point and hopefully create an interesting situation that would otherwise not be expected in this lore, we both knew about these attacks, we both had evidence suggesting that we could all be in danger ICly, there was a perfect opportunity to open up new routes and make something out of this lore before RAC just dissipated. I presented you all IC options, evidence and a chance to do something, I put myself in a disadvantaged position hoping you would at least play along. That we could for once drop the whole 'you killed my family now die' kinda role-play that both groups always found themselves doing, something I have always tried to avoid. From an IC perspective everything I was saying had solid evidence; As you were trying to execute me on the hill your base BLEW UP and we were shot at by 50cals, pretty much confirming this danger I was talking about as the same damn thing happened to us! Hofer and a few of you barely even reacted to this, with Hofer ignoring it until I freaked out and just said, "Its only a structure" (Paraphrasing). Only when we were shot at did you actually react and we just moved to a safer place where you could execute me. @SynO At least humoured me from a little while but others in the group were quick to carry on the execution, for the most part there was little effort to stop it and focus on the RP at hand, aside from @McSheepface. I was not expecting to survive in the long run but there is more you can do than just rid me off and forget it. I was trying to open options regarding what could be done to investigate and help literally EVERYONE survive and be safe in the country they currently stand. I would've been happy to be a hostage or be used for whatever purpose, due to the hopelessness of the RAC all my character cared about by this point was keeping SZ safe. Furthermore, as lore factions we should have a commitment to supporting the LMs and their recent efforts in their events and actually create stories and substance in the game world behind the random events we are given that can then spill out into the general server pop in a similar way that the old lore serial killer event did, people can actually be a part of this because it concerns literally everyone, I simply feel that there was a huge loss in potential here. Several of your members and plenty of people have expressed dismay about this, If anything, that should mean something.... Finally Hofer, it would make sense for us to shoot each other on sight, it would make sense for us to not even fucking talk, but as members of lore factions we have to prioritise the role-play regardless of how you interpret it. Yes I was going to die in the end most definitely, I was hoping to at least sacrifice myself for the betterment of the country as soppy as that may sound, and being as quick to kill as you were certainly isn't something I would expect from you, nonetheless your group. tldr: Think of the big picture.
  8. Thank you for stepping in and taking over the RAC, my time playing was really fun 🙂

    1. HarveyLR


      ily babes, thanks!

    2. Duplessis


      As was mine. While I didn't stay around until the end, thank you for all the memories that I have both as a friend and a foe.

  9. We had a good run, but its the right time to end it, hopefully the RAC will continue through events and above all, I hope we were able to make an impact on the lore for everyone and at least bring some enjoyment and immersion to everyone's experience since the lore wipe! For everyone who was ever part of RAC, thank you for giving me your time and effort and I hope you look back on your time in the group fondly, especially those of you who stuck with me through thick and thin, you know who you are! Please /archive!
  10. This is what I personally think lore factions should be from now on. Whatever they may be they should be focused around events and lore progression, because as normal groups they are hard to be taken seriously.
  11. @Jade I'll respond to this when I get back, thanks for the feedback!
  12. I don't think anyone in the factions was salty that they couldn't have gear spawned whenever they wanted it, it was more just a frustration behind the RP itself and that a military group was almost immediately outmatched in numbers and firepower by the first hour of the lore, and the consequences were suffered. It shouldve been different, not just in the way certain people got gear spawned in but in the way it was managed.
  13. On the first day of the lore, I and most of the RAC guys had mosins and shotguns, as well as no body armour. Some civilians were triple carrying RPKs and at least 10 people had 50cals/Anti Tank Rifles. We got attacked 5 times in the first 3 days for no reason, usually late at night and therefore lost the compound. The RAC or RF were given no support in upholding a realistic portrayal of a military and more than 50% of civilians resorted the hostility when we ordered them to leave, not do something or generally behave, hence the initiations. I cant speak for the RF but from what I can tell they had it easier in the first few weeks, the RAC was swamped early on and I know this, as well as the lack of support for Lore factions resulted in the majority of the group leaving, people just were not enjoying it. Since then I have not in any capacity felt like I am running a military battalion, merely remnants who's victories come on the backs of outside support, this isnt to say that the RP overall has been bad, its been rather enjoyable to a better extent but our actions as the RAC honestly feel rather trodden on and shallow for the most part. I'm sure the CLF share this sentiment to a portion, as both factions were overtaken rather quickly in manpower and influence quite quickly, this has worked in both groups favours rather fluidly but above it all its clear that the factions were overshadowed pretty quickly. Right now, the server has fallen to conflicts where RP is the derivative of PVP, the opposite of what it should be. RP between the RAC and CLF has not developed as much as I personally hoped it would, and it seems like tactics have been put in place to simply force either groups into archiving out of a lack of support with little option to escape. Of course this is not always the case but overall this seems to be the sentiment I get from a lot of people. Perhaps the server population speaks for itself, im not sure. The lore factions should've been beacons for RP, they should've been used by LMs/Staff to provide for the larger community, not just through events but a constant storyline(s) that could involve anyone, opposing factions should've been given pre-written scenarios to create stories from, perhaps scripted for the factions but fluid and ever-changing for everyone else. The factions should've been given autonomy with a set of rules to maintain the quality and impact of these story lines, no clear winner should've been set but events should've been made to allow either faction to gain victories over another on a fair standing be it a fight with guns or a fight for influence/propaganda, as to avoid the gunfight mentality where no one truly loses outside of the inconvenience of having to re-gear. Depending on the outcome of these events a finale could've been planned where the stakes were high and everyone encompassed feeling of dread and sorrow for what might happen, something to remember, something everyone could remember. Right now i'm convinced people want a CLF/RAC finale just to be done with the whole charade. If this did happen, the loser would come off with a sigh of relief and the winner with a shallow victory, claiming dominance over a server pop that couldn't give a rats arse anymore. I suppose its no ones fault this happened, but at the same time everyone's. Either way, a man can dream.
  14. Happy birthday! When this corona dies, I’ll take you on that date to spoons 😉 ❤️

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      Can I come?!

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      From Liverpool? Eww

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      Or is it Leeds idk same thing :trolle:

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      Did you just assume I was from Liverpool...

      no way omg GIF

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