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""Whats in the canister?"

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    Your profile is aesthetic as fuck 👌

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  1. Flowers and such.

    Now you need to learn to make flower arcs, plenty of work in that industry trust.
  2. The Black Roses

    Its definitely an interesting concept, I certainly hope you can live up to your goals. I would perhaps recommend making the graphics less square. I will read your lore when I am less tired. Good Luck getting accepted!
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  3. The Damned

    I dont know how well you know Marilyn Manson but literally any song could fit with this group tbh.
  4. Great RP tonight, sorry for the abrupt departure. @Malet Letters emotional side is amazing, you portrayed your5 feeling greatly tonight! @JkpFrog Great to see Lily again! She hasn't changed a bit. @Jack the Ripper @MeenMuginLovin @Ellie Enjoyed the Diadora discussion, good to see some potential allies!
  5. The Damned

    Killing Strangers is a GREAT song, really captures the mood of this group. Good one guys!
  6. Harvey

    Tune of my childhood.

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      Fookin laser sights

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  7. *Reed would clamber down an incline, his hand firmly clenched to his back, as he reached the bottom the radio would go off, he would stand there silently as he listened.* "Dolores? Geez umm... Ella... umm... Ella is with Beth, well... as far as I know..." *A Pause* "Ella is not safe, as far as I am concerned... Some hotshot named Jaxon whom I have lost all respect for is in charge of Ella's safety at the moment... allowing her to be captured by some Chernarussian fucknut, it was okay in the end... But only because Ella had to kill him herself..." *Another pause, His voice sounding increasingly annoyed.* "Now they are getting themselves into all kinds of shit, getting captured and tortured like its a fucking Sunday afternoon activity..." *A final Pause.* "I don't think she is safe anymore, none of em' are... Lo... you stay safe alright? You and Will both..." *He would cut the transmission and hold his head in his hands for a second, before grudgingly trudging along.*
  8. Harvey

    Every British Lad will always remember these guys...

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      I miss Captain Slow...

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      No need to miss them, watch the Grand Tour :) 

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      Still watch them. 

      Not the newish shit though.

  9. The Deal With It Attitude

    Yes. A mistake was made, it's not up to me or anyone else to decide what happens from here. Honestly, everyone who complains about staff being strict in a dying community should really rethink their actions. Filling the community with hatred and confliction through comments on this thread and many other like it in the past and, as im sure, in the future is just as bad in every way. This is not a nice community to be part of, yes, but pointing it out all the time and throwing the blame on whoever it may be at the time is not helping whatsoever. As @Hebee said, just forget about it, this thread is not going in the right direction and everyone knows it so don't encourage it...
  10. Harvey

    What's in the canister?

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      you better not ask. I'll have to kill you if you find out.

      it's a fart btw

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      cheese perhaps?

  11. Staff Feedback: Harvey

    Hello all! Any Feedback you may have for me can be posted here, using the below template: Make sure it is constructive and that it follows the staff feedback guidelines listed below!
  12. Hallow

    Welcome back, enjoy ya'self!
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  13. Harvey

    I have finally reclaimed my rightful title, now to purge the staff team of weebish mindsets...

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      @Rolle, you know what to do. ;) 

    2. Harvey


      Plz no

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      Huawei next? 

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      Hawaii tbh

    5. HarveyJ


      Don't get too comfortable. This is far from over.


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      How about Harv-ayy?

  14. Harvey

    More name abuse smh

  15. What do you listen to ?

  16. About OpenID

    Not going to repeat anything, but if you don't own DayZ I highly recommend you play the game a bit first and get used to it in its buggy entirety, when whitelisting take your time and don't read but analyze the lore and rules for the best chance of success. Good Luck.
  17. Not enough crazy sadistic people.

    It's not a matter of effort needed to make it good. Example: Features: Joe is crazy, therefore he likes to rob and kill people. OR Features: Joe was bullied at school, from a young age he had always separated himself from people, and eventually began to hate them, unknowingly developing an aggressive social anxiety disorder, as a result, Joe finds it easier to avoid people, and when confronted, he can get frustrated, angry, and even violent. A sentence vs a paragraph is all it takes. As long as this is RPed out as it is explained in the backstory, it will be a lot better.
  18. Not enough crazy sadistic people.

    We need realistic hostile RPers, not American frat boys and supermodels who obtain an M4 and all of a sudden want to control the region. It doesn't matter what your goals are, so long as you can justify your actions through your character and their RP. Instead of just saying they are crazy as an excuse to rob and kill, research mental illness and/or RP out the development of said illness. Character development is important to fresh and realistic RP.
  19. Harvey

    @JimRP Ehh....

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    Can my name not be this anymore thx.

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      I do hope no one else decided to take it in your absence :)

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      Oh dear...

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      @SweetJoe I feel that you have something to do with all this....

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      Nope. I just alerted the original owner that his name was available again.


      Might I suggest BestHarvey?



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      Ehh @Harvey 

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