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    I felt personally attacked...

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      This film though xD 

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      Your all a bunch a bastards! xD

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    Staff Feedback: Harvey

    Hello all! Any Feedback you may have for me can be posted here, using the below template: Make sure it is constructive and that it follows the staff feedback guidelines listed below!
  3. Harvey

    Staff Feedback: Harvey

    Okay @Para , lets tackle these questions one by one. I personally think that people should RP injuries realistically (I once emoted having a back injury for a solid 5 months), although in the current scheme of things this is loosely followed. As I don't remember Rolle making it explicitly clear that if you don't you will be susceptible to a rule break. Our main point was, that, emoting that you commit a fatality on a dead player makes it obvious to everyone that the player is dead, therefore power gaming the character, as everyone present would've essentially witnessed said characters death, despite no permissions being made. Yes, I agree that 5-6 shots in the torso would 90% of the time cause death, but in the context of perma rights, we cannot make such a claim, as it is technically survivable, and as the player has the right to choose when they die, the GM team did not see this as a punishable act, as they could not argue that Louie's acts were killing said player. Basically, characters on this server take a lot of beatings, and usually come out unscathed, eventually. Things like this happen, and we cannot delve into the technicalities of surviving gunshots, not make any educated assumptions. This decision came down to what the individual GMs thoughts were in their respective notes, I personally believed this to be a potentially punishable act at first, for the reasons I explained in the verdict, but we were unable to decide eventually, as points were passed back and forth like they always are. In essence, I agreed to issue this... well... issue as more of a point, because we did not decide whether it was a rule break or not, we couldn't word it like a caution, we did not find Louie guilty of shooting the body, therefore we were not prepared to call him out for it in this point, instead, this point settled more on the way it was done, as I was originally discontent with. Simply put, Louie didn't perma the character, therefore, despite his attempts to deny them helping their friend, the character could still be saved, as the player did not perma said character. If we said that he denied their RP by killing the guy, it would contradict our verdict completely. But again I was not happy, and wanted it to at least be noted for future circumstances. I appreciate it is unclear as to why we worded it like we did, but hopefully, you understand that this was my desire to at least avoid such a thing happen again in a perhaps more severe context. I hope this makes sense, I'm rather exhausted right now and will try my best to explain in the most consise manner if this is not the explanation you wanted. PM me if so!
  4. Harvey

    Staff Feedback: Harvey

    Hey @Para, First of all, thanks for the feedback, I can see you raised some very good point's, I will update this post with a proper response this afternoon when I get back from work, I'll let you know when I do. Much love
  5. Harvey

    Official War Thunder Thread

    I felt like us war thunder fans needed a home, hopefully, we can get some team play in tanks or planes across the currently available nations. If anyone plays war thunder, feel free to add your username, preferred countries etc... ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Website: https://warthunder.com/en Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/236390/War_Thunder/ ------------------------------------------------------------------------ If anyone fancies a game, feel free to tag/PM me and/or add me: Harvey_Jenkins I will update this thread when I am less tired! @derNils
  6. Harvey

    Official War Thunder Thread

    Russian Bias! Stalinium!!!
  7. Harvey

    Server = Dead

    People will come back, DayZ is getting some popularity... Hell... we are seeing a decent amount of new members as well recently.
  8. Harvey

    I'm an evil stud muffin!

    Hey man, welcome!
  9. Harvey

    The Graip Return

    Welcome back man.
  10. Harvey

    Mic check? ahem, hi :D

    Hello and welcome.
  11. Harvey

    S1: Powergaming in Gorka - 06/20/2018 Approx. 0430

    Verdict: @LouieRP [Powergaming]: Not Guilty. @Taffy_ [New Life Rule]: Guilty. Explanation: A team of staff members have reviewed this report, coming to the following conclusion: The claim of Powergaming on @LouieRP is the result of him shooting the body of @Taffy_, after his group members attempt to RP stabilizing his body, following a hostile encounter. First of all, we would like to confirm that it is not specifically a rulebreak to shoot the body of a deceased player, it is only subject to a rule break when it is done so in a way that assures the fatality of a character (examples include emoting acts such as 'shooting in the head' and 'removing the head' etc). As seen in the video evidence; Louie shoots the body 5 or 6 times in the centre mass area and does not emote anything as he does so, therefore the death of the character is not made evident to anyone present. As a result, the character can return with injuries and have contact with other characters present in the original situation with no one being able to make claims such as "You were shot multiple times and bled out." or "You were shot in the head from point blank range", as the fate of the character could not be confirmed at the current time. @Taffy_ As evident in a quote from your POV below, you decided to run back to the area of your death, running around Gorka and waiting at the Radio tower. As rule 10.1 states, you are not allowed to return to the general area of your death for one hour, regardless of whether your killers are still there or not, as a result, you have been found guilty of NLR. If you're unsure about how long it's been, speak to a GM or set a timer on your phone. We would, however, like to make note of an issue in the above situation, mainly based around the way in which the body was shot. @LouieRPwhilst we agree that you did not break any rules, we would suggest that you be careful when shooting the body of a recently deceased player as a means to prevent others from 'saving his life', the victim's friends, as it is implied. As far as we can tell, they were attempting to help him as a means to make it known that the character was not going to be perma'd. By shooting the body in the way you did denies them a chance to do so, and can deny RP and possibly even imply that the character will not live, which as we all know is the choice of the character's owner. We ask that you take this to mind, not as a warning but more so as a comment on your etiquette, this also applies to everyone else as an example of what not to do to avoid potential disruptions in RP. Outcome: @LouieRP [Powergaming]: No Punishment. @Taffy_ [New Life Rule]: Punishment (3 ban days & 10 points). Signed by @Jamie.
  12. Harvey

    Gagarinova 171 [Recruitment open]

    I agree with James, a great effort what with the new character hostility features! Good luck, I like where this could go...
  13. Harvey

    Broken [IG Recruitment]

    @Grey Was explaining the concept of the group to me the other day... sounds interesting ngl... Good luck! With a tweaking to the goals you should be good to go id say.
  14. Harvey

    New payment method - crypto currencies

    I was waiting for this to happen...
  15. Harvey

    Hey guys and gals!

    Hello and Welcome!
  16. Harvey

    Unnecessary OOC appeal - Ken Cope

    A separate team of staff members not involved in the original report have reviewed your appeal. You made multiple OOC comments through the in-game text chat, as seen in the logs copied below. These were deemed unnecessary, as they had no reason to be made in the roleplay that was taking place. I will remind you that this is a serious roleplay community, and the in-game text chat is used for RP emotes and for OOC comments when absolutely necessary, examples include; OOC confirmation for events in roleplay (permission to perma/scar/log) and whenever bugs or roleplay breaking elements occur (player gets stuck/player crashes in roleplay). Rule 5.4 states that OOC chat must not be used to "casually chat with other players in game". In future, use the forum or TS to converse with your fellow RPers, whether you want to tell them something or arrange a discussion, don't use in game OOC. Please consider the above information. Outcome: Appeal Denied - In game ban and points will remain.
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    @Chewy It's so fucking good omg...

  18. Harvey

    Hey Hey

    Hello and welcome.
  19. Harvey

    S1: RDM in Lopatino - 15th June - 22:00 GMT

    @Stann As Aiko said, you still need to post any evidence, regardless of how relevant you think it may be.
  20. Harvey


    "Check the angles from both forces
    Overcome by the need to fight it."

    1. Jamie


      Excellent tune. 

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      One of their best IMO, shame they don't play it live anymore...

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    I'm done trying DayZRP, Bye :(

    Sorry to see you go, have fun wherever you go!
  22. Harvey

    S1: KoS in Lopatino-6/19/18 6:25 U.S EAST

    Connection Logs Hit Logs Death Logs N/A Chat Logs: Calling in the following players to post a detailed POV and any evidence they may have: @CaptainFailFace - Daniel Crowe @Reaper - Joe Foster @melkerornberg - Rick Thompson @TehZombyBeard - Alan Ford POV's already posted: @Reckless - Rico Hernandez @ChrisTronn - Jackson Fitzpatrick @Chromocial A few questions, first of all; Was @Jpurts involved in this situation at all? secondly; the characters 'David Lynch' and ' Jacob Albridge' were not logged in as the situation took place, nor were they logged in at any point in the hours beforehand, in what way were they involved (if at all)? Finally, I would ask whereabouts you held up @Reckless, and when abouts this happened? Thanks.
  23. Harvey

    S1: KoS in Lopatino-6/19/18 6:25 U.S EAST

    I'm going to reiterate what Staggs said. Maintain a calm and constructive conversation, I do not want to see any non-constructive posts on this report. Any posts like this may be subject to punishment. Respect your peers and only post when you have something to add.
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    I'm back after a year!

    WB Man.
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    One of those nights.