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  1. Anime Noob Reccomendations

    I dabbled with anime at one point but nahhh... The only one I really like is Full Metal Alchemist tbh.
  2. HarveyJ

    The sky is Red over here, what be appnin' yo?

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      Commie's, commie's everywhere

  3. *Reed would reply after being woken up by the radio.* "Okay Okay, serial killer? Don't assume a serial murderer until.. well... there is a serial murder..." *A pause* "As much as I hate to say it, a proper investigation is unlikely, due to there being no organised police force..." *Another pause* "This seems serious, just... just use common sense and stay out of the area for now." *He would drop the radio on the table and slump back down on the bed.*
  4. HarveyJ

    Let's not forget the original and best version of this song.

  5. HarveyJ

    In a boring ass lecture... Please entertain me...

  6. HarveyJ

    @Razareth good afternoon my good sir

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      I didn't ask the Irish

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  7. *Reed would be leaning against the boot of a car talking away as the voices were heard over radio, by the time they all came through he had broken from conversation, giving him a chance to reply.* Geez, that really happened? I mean... As bad as it is.. I can't say I'm surprised... my limited time in the city was far from pleasant and I hear enough shit about robberies and all kinds of terrible things... Just leave maybe? As for the self proclaimed doctors, perhaps find a place that is less chaotic and easier to defend? In a town full of people it is easy to slip through with little attention brought to yourself... Umm... stay safe guys... *He cut the transmission and flung his radio back into his bag before returning to company.*
  8. The Prophets

    @Pein Request it to a mod or just post a request in this thread (e.g. Can this be archived please?)
  9. The Prophets

    Not gonna repeat shit but imo archive it for now (as it is incomplete) and work on it, lore, goals and graphics need to be added/elaborated in, make it something worth being proud of! Unarchive it when complete, the idea is definitely there though and it would be solid with an in-depth lore explaining how you came to be (in detail). I see a lot of you are new, this is a good way to prove yourselves as great RPers and even possibly make an impact ICly, stick to it!
  10. Weight Loss Thread!

    Tried it all, had the checks etc, been on supplements and dietary plans. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  11. Weight Loss Thread!

    Great job man I can see how much of an impact it can make! I myself am finding the motivation to change my body, although for me its the complete opposite, being severely and almost dangerously underweight, I want to gain weight, it can be really hard though... I don't know how I'm going to do it but I'm trying at least...
  12. Good Dayz!

    Hey AngryIrish, you should make friends with @Iso, he is also an angry Irish person...
  13. *Reed would stumble into his house and slam the door behind him, feeling the chill outside, he shut all the windows and sat down at the desk, he skimmed through Beth's medical records that were scattered over the desk before collecting them into a pile on the side, he slid a note from under an old book and laid it out in front of him. Finally, he pulled out his radio, placing it on the desk and pressing down the PTT.* “Hello, uhh Names Reed... excuse any hesitation, I uhh, I'm not exactly used to this kind of thing really, regardless I'm making this broadcast to inform any listeners about a certain… well… service? I suppose? Perhaps if I were to explain it this all will make sense... I am currently building a stock of sorts made up of Medicine and relative equipment… I have recently come across an impressive supply of medicinals and have good evidence on where to find more, I intend to keep these in storage away from prying hands, but… well… for good reason…” *A pause* “Im sure that many of the doctor’s slash medical professionals have noticed a certain lack of specific medications? Well... that is where I like to think I come in, See I myself was a Pharmaceutical Technician, which is basically a glorified Pharmacist really… I have a certain knack for this kind of thing and hope to offer my findings to those who need it, and only if they need it… When I came here with the Red Cross I did a similar thing… so this to me is really just a carry on to what I was doing anyway…” *Another Pause* “Anyway, let me repeat what I said, I am offering medication to all who need it, the catch being that I must be confident in my knowledge that you require it. I want to avoid misuse and waste of rare medication at all costs. If you require anything, contact me on this frequency, even if you don’t know what you need, describe the symptoms and I’ll see what I can do, from there we can arrange a meetup privately. Reed out.” *He cuts the transmission and slumps in his chair, he jumps as he hears a knock on the door, making him quickly get up.*
  14. HarveyJ

    Met Johnathan Ross today, solid geeza!

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