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  1. Harvey

    Interview With A Community Member: DrMax

    Where do you find Lions? ONLY IN KENYAAAA
  2. Harvey

    Racism in game.

    This server would allow you to (theoretically), skin someone with a cheese grater and make them dance around singing 'singing in the rain' whilst having acid thrown at them so honestly calling someone a n*gger aint that bad. The right idea is to respond to and perceive these events as your character would. Yes maybe you may find it offensive but would your character? And if he does find it offensive seek justice in game, not on the forum. Track down the 'racist' character and give him a piece a' mind.
  3. Harvey

    • Harvey
    • DrMax

    How is my little medical nerd doing? 😘

    1. Hofer


      international man of mystery nerd GIF

    2. DrMax


      I am good Mr Harvey, how are you? 

  4. Harvey

    • Harvey
    • Crim

    Lmao idk who thought this was a good idea...

    1. Lemons



    2. Malet


      ^ Is that even a real word?


  5. Harvey

    The 5.0.3 [Selective Recruitment]

    Ngl I doubt you could ever get @King or @Hebirura in a tracksuit.
  6. Harvey

    The 5.0.3 [Selective Recruitment]

    This group is highly unrealistic, you say you originated from a North London gang but I am seeing a huge lack of tracksuits and man-bags innit.
  7. Harvey


    Time to bring Mozzy back...

  8. Harvey

    What are you tired of seeing most?

    The stalling right before someone initiates on you where they take an unnatural interest in you and/or act unnaturally nice, making it painstakingly obvious what they are about to do.
  9. Harvey

    Make Pistol Calibers Great Again

    I see where you are coming from, but pistols are meant to be weaker. The issue is that people tend to find a rifle before they find a pistol, so long as they look in the right place, so pistols naturally become obsolete in combat. Although most people have always used silenced pistols to kill zombies so I wouldn't say they are that useless..
  10. Harvey

    Testing a new map on S2

    Please don't make it Utes, Utes is a tiny island with literally one airfield and a village. Plus correct me if im wrong but Utes has a CDF garrison on it aswell. Maybe @Major can confirm? Despite that, Im all down for a separate hive with this island based in another location, by god this community needs something new that people might actually stick with. xo
  11. Harvey

    Locked to FPP when holding any weapon?

    Hence why we make suggestions. Im gonna say +1 honestly, ik you can just switch your weapon around to peek but it will be interesting if you need to hold a corner, overall it should make PvP more realistic and less running around like a mad man gatting people from 5m away with an MP7.
  12. Harvey


    We need three quarter length cargo trousers and Rhodesian short shorts. +1
  13. Harvey

    Interview With A Community Member: StagsviewRB

    Everyone knows the members of the media team are the ones who cant actually write verdicts. ily Staggs bb
  14. Harvey

    Play bonus idea

    Don't tempt me Roland, I will not give you my life! +1
  15. Harvey

    Real life picture Thread

    Its certainly a delight to see that the face is as sexy as the voice.
  16. Harvey

    What do you call a supermarkets own products?

    @lunathecat As much as I would like to preach the superiority of the anglosphere, this is a VERY SERIOUS topic and I POLITELY ask that we remain on said topic.
  17. Harvey


    Welcome back lass
  18. Harvey

    What do you call a supermarkets own products?

    fuck off we invented you
  19. Harvey

    What do you call a supermarkets own products?

    Beanz for anyone who agrees with me.
  20. Harvey

    What do you call a supermarkets own products?

    I call it "own brand" products, but according to @lunathecat and @isaac lineheart apparently that's wrong.
  21. Harvey

    Operation Molotok [RP-PvP] - Lore Event

    Amazing work @Major, just amazing. Ill reward you tonight Ill have to see if I am busy next weekend.
  22. Harvey

    • Harvey
    • Fae

    The weebs are my sworn enemy but ngl I fucking love a Silent Voice.

    1. Fae


      Its so adorable 😭

  23. Harvey

    Extra hotbar slots

    Either this or make the belt give you more hotbar slots.
  24. Harvey

    Conformity in Chaos - The Personal Records of Doctor Oswald Vinogradov

    I know, I know
  25. Harvey

    Conformity in Chaos - The Personal Records of Doctor Oswald Vinogradov

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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