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  1. Nice one lads, looking forward to the arpee
  2. *He sat up a bit to reach for his radio but forgetting he was underneath the car he banged his head. Wincing in pain, he pressed the PTT* *ACHOO* "Yeah!... what uhh... *ACHOO* "She said...!" *ACHOO*
  3. Mood rn

    1. Brayces






  4. I miss rotten kiwis everywhere... I say bring em all back!
  5. It was going to happen eventually, thanks for having me!
  6. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Emerson's Story Emerson Wilde is just an ordinary guy with a positive spirit and hearty personality, kind to the face and trustworthy 'some' of the time. His outlook on life holds importance in the enjoyment of himself and those around him, rarely regarding personal responsibility, and for that reason trouble usually follows him. He was born in South England in 1997, living a childhood devoid of common sense and academic success. He was never cool enough to be popular and not funny enough to be the class clown, he couldn't wait to get out into the world. With no noteworthy skills or talents, he found life best described as a drag, with below-average employment opportunities choking his aspirations and impending rent bills invading his wallet, life wasn't exactly what he expected. Nevertheless, he worked hard, making the most of his opportunities in dead end service and warehouse jobs, and perhaps enjoying his free time too much. He soon felt more secure but his enthusiasm was waning. After he moved his millionth box and printed his billionth piece of paper, he gave up, and in a fit of frustration and mild excitement he left his life behind, packing his few belongings into the boot of his 1999 Nissan Micra and hitting the road. Passing Dover, then Calais, then the border of Germany... Eventually he found himself in Livonia, a place that felt disconnected yet unusually humble, after faffing around for a bit he decided to settle down. In his excitement however, he completely forgot that there is a process to moving to other countries, and subsequently found himself as an illegal immigrant. Terrified, he went into hiding, living a life comparable to a hobo. But he soon came to realise that no one really cared, not a blink from the police and not even a turn of head from the locals, he began to relax. He found a friendly farmer who decided to give him a chance with odd jobs for a feeble fee, but Emerson was satisfied enough to even realise he was being scammed. He never really learned Polish, but picked up enough words to be able to buy what he needed without unwittingly offending anyone. After a year living and working on the farm, he was given more responsibility, and out of sheer pity, the farmer gave him a raise. Emerson bought his own trailer and parked it on top of a hill overlooking his new home. He earned a reputation for being reliable, and soon people warmed to him. Once the apocalypse hit, Emerson was caught with his pants down in the middle of the zucchini field, after realising he was being surrounded by what he thought were zombies, he picked up his pitchfork and did his best to fend off the attackers and defend the farm. After being forced to kill his old colleagues and friends it all became too much for him, he grabbed the farm shotgun and ran back to his trailer and hid, trying to ignore the banging on the walls. After days it became quiet, and he decided to step out into the world again, this time very different. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  7. I was looking at the moon through my telescope earlier and a cloud that looked like a penis floated past. Hilarious yet slightly insulting.

    1. APositiveJade


      The earth is trying to tell u something 

  8. The worst thing about no stamina in the old version of DayZ was how it affected how people play, players could easily run away from infected regardless of their health or equipment load and the best way to PvP was to run around like a headless chicken shooting people full auto from point blank ranges. Stamina makes it much more realistic and slows the pace down to an acceptable level. I have no problem if they wanted to add more base stamina but honestly I dont think it is needed.
  9. Some songs can make the happiest people weary.

    1. cheeks


      Harvey your taste in music still rocks man!

    2. Harvey


      xoxo love you cheeks, get in game soon!

    3. cheeks


      actually am right now 😉

    4. Harvey




    5. cheeks



    6. Harvey


      Get Livonia my dude, we can rollllll

  10. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: Ok, maybe something changed but since when were posts made in agreement of others (ie saying +1) breaking the rules?, happens all the time and honestly I don't think I've ever seen it happen. If you want to be pedantic then any post along the lines of "oh yes I agree" would be breaking 1.5 but lets be honest that isn't the case. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Removal of points and if not a suitable reason why. What could you have done better?: Written a few more lines perhaps?
  11. Went to uni today and literally every single Chinese person was wearing a mask lmao shit is going d o w n

    1. Brayces


      Uh oh son don't get sick

    2. DrMax


      Do not worry Harvey, chlamydia is not airborne. You'll be fine. 

    3. Harvey


      Im pretty sure raging bat soup syndrome is though... I mean they have wings right?

  12. Well Bai most people do want to make a report, but by all means Ive had no issue with giving names out in the past.
  13. In what context? I have always known GMs to advise people to make a report if they believe a rule has been broken, no harm in that.
  14. I don't like Doctor River, I hope he drowns in a... well... river...
  15. People who subtly complain about staff and make vague complaints should be more vocal and just give staff feedback. Mature staff members will respect them more and shit would just be so much easier. There will always be people who harbour discontent to staff (whether reasonable or not), but a bit of transparency wouldn't hurt. Speaking from experience.
  16. *Has flashbacks of diadora and intensive back surgery.* Nice one Helena!
  17. Little late but best wishes to all my friends this year, hmu whenever you want I'm always around xoxo

    *Edit: Methias is the sexiest man alive.*

  18. You say that, but your RP when we were taken hostage in that house one time was not only amazing but fucking hilarious. xoxo
  19. Not sure if i'm just useless but I find it really hard to stay alive in-game right now...

    Livonia... more like Deathonia...

    1. Dino


      It's just the Reed-syndrome following you onto other characters 😄 

    2. Harvey


      Syndrome? More like a plague festering my mind 😣

  20. Any tips on surviving the cold on the server? I feel as though regardless of my temperature it depletes in a matter of minutes anyway... 

    1. APositivePara



    2. Brayces



    3. Queerios


      Spawn a hat, spawn gloves, line your pockets with cooked meat. 

    4. Scarlett


      stay as far away from water as possible

    5. APositiveElmo


      Easiest method:

      Wear high insulation clothing, you can find their insulation values here. Low absorbency is also preferable.

      Alternative, slightly harder method:

      Find an animal, any animal will do, slaughter them and cook their meat. Stuff the meat in your jacket, no more than two cuts, then you should be good to go.

    6. DrMax


      Find someone to cuddle next to you...

    7. APositiveElmo


    8. Harvey


      Ok, Meat, heat and a good old cuddle... Which one of you beauts want to volunteer?

  21. You would be if you let me be on top for once...
  22. I paid for Livonia in Arma 3, I'm not paying again for the same map on a different game.
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