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  1. Harvey


    I just watched the Mosque massacre video and read the manifesto, I'm usually not phased by such content but this truly shocked me.

    I find it interesting how he planned out this attack to be deliberately politicized to spread division between muslims and non-musims to incite conflict, eventually leading to a race war. As well as issues such as gun control.

    Obviously, the media plays into his hands, spreading his face around, aiming the blame on the 'far-right', Trump, PewDiePie and saying that such actions 'legitimize islamophobia' and so on. You get the picture. This gives some people a finger to point and pisses of everyone else.

    I'm not gonna spout that don't look back in anger crap, but at least remember him for what he is, a self-proclaimed ecofacist.

    1. Killstar


      No clue how you watched it but damn its digustin

    2. StagsviewRB


      It's been spreading like wildfire through the internet.... It's truly disgusting...

    3. Harvey


      @Stagsview The desired effect is working, if there is one thing these ethno-nationalist fascists and ISIS have in common, its that they both want a race war.



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