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  1. Harvey


    Ill have a chicken royale and some FAKKEN DIDDY DOUGHNUTS!

  2. Harvey

    reduce backstory minimum wordcount to like 100ish words

    /Gladly Closed
  3. Harvey

    reduce backstory minimum wordcount to like 100ish words

    With no harsh intentions, deal with it, it is what it is im afraid. Perhaps if you are unable to find the motivation to write an appropriate backstory and/or search to find people in game, you shouldn't be playing here.
  4. Harvey


    Better than the actual video...

  5. Harvey

    Newbs unable to find roleplay.

    We don't have the tools necessary to custom spawn items in nor set up loadouts for new spawns etc, DayZ is still very primitive in these respects, unlike the mod. .63 may change things however, and if this is possible I'm sure it will happen, considering the interest it took in a suggestion a while back.
  6. Harvey

    Is there a way to contact an admin ingame?

    Random interactions are what makes this game fun, keep looking.
  7. Harvey

    Battlefield V

    Game as itself sounds good after some research, but yet again we have a game riddled with political identity issues... I respected the war stories in Battlefield 1 for telling stories as they were, and making a memorial of sorts for those who served all around the world. If Battlefield V's war stories are of Braveheart British female soldiers with prosthetic arms going around sounding like every British stereotype, shooting BF109 down with handheld MG42's all whilst dodging V2 rockets then nahhhhh.... I don't really care how realistic multiplayer is, but If they want to make a war story it needs to be realistic...
  8. Harvey

    I have a question about hostage demands..

    I'm not making any judgments on a situation linked to an open report. To answer your question above individually, and in simple terms, if a hostage taker sets up boundaries and threatens to kill said hostage if they are broken, you should always comply if you value the life of your friend, if they die it's on you, really. If you want more precise answers on the relevant situation, take it to the report section.
  9. Harvey

    I have a question about hostage demands..

    I much prefer it when hostage-takers make it clear if they want you out of the area or not, but in this case, because you fired at/killed them, the outcome if their intention is uncertain. Without making any assumptions, I gather that they took your approach as an intent to harm, either that or they just wanted to capture you as well (for various reasons perhaps). To address the execution, I can only say, that, if you believe a rule has been broken, you bring the evidence to the attention of staff through the report (or a new one depending on the situation). No point us giving opinions here, you all know that.
  10. Harvey

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    You brought it back! ❤️ 

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      Had to

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  13. Harvey

    I Have Returned!

    White chocolate is my favorite type of chocolate, welcome back.
  14. Harvey

    Anarchy [Closed Recruitment]

    Good luck this time around, stick to your goals!
  15. Harvey


    Brings me back