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  1. Harvey

    Cerna Liska [Active][Recruitment Closed]

    What a good boi he is
  2. Harvey

    Cerna Liska [Active][Recruitment Closed]

    Looks great staggs, also nazi pug +1+1+1
  3. Harvey

    S1-Invalid execution of a hostage- 10-18-18 around 21:00

    Connection Logs: [2018/10/18 19:51:28]: (Rico Hernandez) connected -Restart- [2018/10/18 22:5:31]: (Rico Hernandez) connected [2018/10/18 22:8:35]: (Rico Hernandez) disconnected [2018/10/18 21:1:44]: (Lewis Schultz) connected [2018/10/18 22:2:10]: (Lewis Schultz) disconnected [2018/10/18 20:43:23]: (Alex Moody) connected [2018/10/18 20:49:47]: (Alex Moody) disconnected [2018/10/18 20:50:42]: (Alex Moody) connected [2018/10/18 23:41:52]: (Alex Moody) disconnected [2018/10/18 20:8:59]: (Dominic Valentine) connected [2018/10/18 23:28:15]: (Dominic Valentine) disconnected [2018/10/18 21:1:25]: (John Davidson) connected [2018/10/18 21:1:38]: (John Davidson) disconnected [2018/10/18 19:25:11]: (Anatoly Petrenko) connected [2018/10/18 21:24:2]: (Anatoly Petrenko) disconnected [2018/10/18 19:28:34]: (Jake Stubbs) connected [2018/10/18 22:2:16]: (Jake Stubbs) disconnected Hit Logs: [2018/10/18 21:12:46]: (Rico Hernandez) hit by (Jake Stubbs) to Torso with Bullet_556x45 [2018/10/18 21:12:47]: (Rico Hernandez) hit by (Jake Stubbs) to Torso with Bullet_556x45 [2018/10/18 21:12:47]: (Rico Hernandez) hit by (Jake Stubbs) to RightArm with Bullet_556x45 [2018/10/18 21:12:47]: (Rico Hernandez) hit by (Jake Stubbs) to LeftArm with Bullet_556x45 [2018/10/18 21:12:47]: (Rico Hernandez) hit by (Jake Stubbs) to Lungs with Bullet_556x45 [2018/10/18 21:13:37]: (Rico Hernandez) hit by (Jake Stubbs) to Head with Bullet_556x45 Kill Logs: [2018/10/18 21:12:47]: (Rico Hernandez) killed by (Jake Stubbs) Can the following players post a full POV including any evidence and allies: @Lewis - Lewis Schultz @Shazzzam - Anatoly Petrenko @Pool - Alex Moody @SABERMCDADDY - Dominic Valentine @jakem10001 - Jake Stubbs
  4. Harvey


    My uni is planning an event on facebook to try and give out scholarships to migrants, I made an angery react and now the Student Union board members have made a group chat to interrogate me.


    Remember, you cant have opposing views at a uni in London.

    1. Grimnir


      Not only in London, proud of you tho

    2. Harvey


      I've already been called Islamophobic and racist by this token migrant on their committee who cant even speak English. 

    3. Spartan



    4. cheeks


      trust me my dood, people are complaining here that uni's are too white too. It's getting rediculous.

    5. DrMax


      I know a woman who lives in London who might be able to help! 🤔

    6. Harvey


      Time to call T H E R E S A

    7. Grimnir


      @DrMax but Moseley is a man and sadly dead

    8. DrMax


      Moseley? Is that another sandwich!? 

    9. Cobe


      Fuck student unions bro, I know the feel lol 

  5. Harvey

    Blast to the past - Small PVP event

    Ill refrain from joining up incase you need GM input, but either way ill be on standby no problem.
  6. Harvey

    • Harvey
    • Semiazas

    Is that March of Mephisto i hear?....

    1. Semiazas


      Dear god, I did not expect anybody here to recognize it. Indeed it is March of Mephisto - oneof my all time favorites. Is it not just so... apocalyptic and 'powerful'?

    2. Harvey


      Dude I used to dig music like that, back in my... well... post emo days...

  7. Harvey

    This event was literally cancer...

    Unarmed medics should make themselves known as non combatants and not sneak up on soldiers in a firefight. (Sorry my dude but you genuinely scared me xD)
  8. Harvey

    This event was literally cancer...

    When you have 30+ people and the whole staff team taking part in an event things are bound to be hectic, the zombies and wolves were to make it challenging and not just a run to (A) have a firefight, run to (B) have a firefight and then end. As far as I could tell they were not too difficult and if anyone died as a result of them then GG honestly, they were a threat for a reason. Staff have to manually spawn in items and arrange them into the boxes, and staff needed time to complete the boxes whilst the event was taking place, if you arrive early or without notice then its not too much to ask to simply wait. Also, events are staged, therefore things have to follow a certain structure, and the hostage was a major role in driving that RP and event overall. The loot was there for everyone and if you didn't get any then just realise that it aint the main goal of the event, there is much more to it.
  9. Misha was born in 1987 in the Russian town of Vologda. He was raised by two loving parents who taught him traditional values of patriotism and respect. Following in the footsteps of his late uncle, he joined the Armed forces of the Russian Federation in 2008, when he was 20. He served until 2015, eventually gaining the rank of Sergeant in the Engineers. He moved back to his home town to work in his fathers building company. In the summer of that year, he married his childhood sweetheart, having a child the following year. In early 2017, they moved to Belozersk to be closer to his wife's sick mother. When the infection hit, Eastern Europe starting in Chernarus, Misha joined the BPR to help maintain the safety of his country's borders, in the following year he would lose his wife, only strengthening his dedication to the cause.
  10. Harvey


    Watchman as always stealing the show for me.
  11. Harvey

    Meeting People IRL from DayZRP

    Don't forget the copious amounts of cheese...
  12. Harvey

    S1: Kos military camp south of Vybor 10/3/1018 time (12:30)ish

    @SwagLikeCaillou Has not been on the forums since he was asked the question, as a result this report will be closed and the accused will have to post an Appeal to continue the report, apologies for any convenience. /closed Signed by @DrMax and @Sleepyhead
  13. Harvey

    Post part of a song, that just speaks to you

    Edgy... For me its gotta be... What if everything around you Isn't quite as it seems? What if all the world you used to know Is an elaborate dream? And if you look at your reflection Is it all you want it to be? What if you could look right through the cracks Would you find yourself, find yourself afraid to see? From:
  14. Harvey

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    ^ Best Roleplayer
  15. Harvey

    anyone else?

    Too much of either is bad, i'd say its not that bad atm, but I get what you are saying, considering loot is easy and the new rules allow for more flexibility with initiating.