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  1. Really fun event, had a great laugh! Props to everyone involved!
  2. Me and the boys coming back from getting beers:
  3. Ngl thats looks like A mumble rap album cover
    1. Cormac


      That is edited man. Your just denying what you are.

    2. Miamomoh


      I saw it with my own eyes, it is the truth. It happened


  4. I voted to keep it at June 1st simply because me and my group are still rounding off our stories, I completely understand if it was done sooner though, but by the sounds of it that might be a lot of work for staff in a short amount of time.
  5. I remember that, my first day on the lore some drug dealers tried to get me to sell morphine to people at the camp xD
  6. The others have stated our case really well, so I will keep it short. I am confident that we did not grief the prison, you gave it up to us and we have evidence for that. The reason we went there was to gather basic supplies and remove weapons to keep them from anyone who may use them against us, as we had been informed that there were Rangers trying to get into the prison/were already in. This makes sense considering the fact that we had been using the prison as a safe place to fall back to in the past few days. And, to be honest, even if this wasn't the case I would feel totally comfortable doing what we did, considering the cancerous hoarding in that place, no one needs 30+ cabinets full of guns and almost 20 crates of ammo, just opening your inventory in that place made your game crash. The Brena holdup was a bit of a clusterfuck, even when you ignore what happened afterwards. As explained before I was inside the Prison in the back room where the 2nd entrance is, I went up there before everyone else and locked it behind me to eavesdrop, giving everyone else info on where they were/how many etc. Over comms the mercenaries (@Duke and his boys) hatched a plan to deceive the hostage taker by changing sides against @Unii and helping the guy take Unii aswell, giving him the opportunity to use his concealed firearm against them. Unii takes the opportunity and shoots them, I run upstairs after this happens and shoot @Duke as I had no idea anyone else was already upstairs (sorry man <3). From what I can see the main concern regarding me was how I knew their movements and where exactly they were. Unii told us she had a radio message from @IntenseGeek about their last known location after getting taken (police station). Once I was there I set up the position inside and let everyone know they were still here, aside from that I just stayed there in case anything went down. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rubbish, Ill say again as others have before me, we RPed with the 2 members we found inside and even let them go, taking the kid with us for medical RP, we only held one of them up because we suspected him of being a members of Rangers, but let him go as we couldn't confirm it IC. If you are going to complain about us raiding/griefing you with no RP, I reserve the right to be pedantic and accuse you of the same thing, considering you went in and changed the locks after giving it up. Its not something you have any grounds to complain about. I was going to say that changing the locks and taking over a base you gave to us was a potential rulebreak, but Ill leave that for staff as im not entirely sure myself.
  7. Harvey

    R.I.P. Jonson!

    Doctors who dont fuck about.
  8. 189099524_giphy(3).gif.3a83005c13fa882592254cef1cf279d9.gif


    1. Miamomoh


      You were the first casualty.. so sad 😭

    2. GreenySmiley


      oh no you died???

    3. Harvey


      Someone will post it soon, was a fucking shitshow lmao

    4. Marik


      I'm sorry Harvey 😞

  9. Harvey


  10. The emptiness of Livonia atm is giving me flashbacks to pre .63 DayZRP...

    1. Whitename


      because it suxx

    2. America


      Well, Livonia will pick up. It's just time for a break from it

  11. Happy B-day!!!

    1. Miamomoh


      Thanks bro, it do be that boomer time doe.
      It is what it is ❤️ 

  12. Welcome @AlkisLR I guess...
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