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  1. Harvey

    Multiple Characters

    I'd recommend suggesting this, if possible I reckon it would be well received.
  2. Harvey

    The Cult of Mann (IC Recruitment only!)

    Providence awaits brothers!
  3. Harvey

    • Harvey
    • Elmo


    1. Elmo


      I'd reply with some rebel tunes but I'd get points ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    2. Harvey


      PM me, we can battle it out 😘

    3. Mexi



  4. Harvey

    Are you a Normie?

    Turbo Normie, ill take it.
  5. Harvey

    Hobby / Interesting Fact About Yourself

    I was a youtube star in 2010, me and my friends uploaded a few parody videos on famous pop songs of the era and amassed around a million views in total, our videos were trending for weeks. I think they were taken down for copyright.
  6. Harvey

    Ban Rape RP

    Im against restricting any kind of RP, leave it as long as permission is asked and you don't actually act it out. And please lets not get overly sensitive to the topic of rape, just admit it happens and try to let it enhance your RP progression, and remember if you really don't like it just say no. Consent to being raped as weird as it sounds.
  7. Harvey


    Hmph! We were that color first! God your so unfaiir
  8. Harvey

    Galápagos | Medical Roleplay | Open Recruitment

    helo how can i aply?
  9. Harvey

    • Harvey
    • Brayces

    I know aswell!

    1. Brayces


      What do you know! 

    2. Harvey


      Umm... you love the song but not the singer?

    3. Brayces


      ... You want the sin but not the sinner... 

  10. Harvey


    Bruh moments all around guys

  11. Harvey


    I just watched the Mosque massacre video and read the manifesto, I'm usually not phased by such content but this truly shocked me.

    I find it interesting how he planned out this attack to be deliberately politicized to spread division between muslims and non-musims to incite conflict, eventually leading to a race war. As well as issues such as gun control.

    Obviously, the media plays into his hands, spreading his face around, aiming the blame on the 'far-right', Trump, PewDiePie and saying that such actions 'legitimize islamophobia' and so on. You get the picture. This gives some people a finger to point and pisses of everyone else.

    I'm not gonna spout that don't look back in anger crap, but at least remember him for what he is, a self-proclaimed ecofacist.

    1. Killstar


      No clue how you watched it but damn its digustin

    2. Stagsview


      It's been spreading like wildfire through the internet.... It's truly disgusting...

    3. Harvey


      @Stagsview The desired effect is working, if there is one thing these ethno-nationalist fascists and ISIS have in common, its that they both want a race war.



  12. Harvey

    [GAME] How famous is the person above you?

  13. Harvey

    What are your religious views DayZRP?

    I am baptized Christian but have never really practiced, I was agnostic for many years, solely because I saw no reason to refute the possibility of the existence of a god. I was, all in all, a non-believer. A good 4 or 5 years ago I started reading into the works of Christopher Hitchens (RIP) and that pretty much convinced me that Religion is a manmade philosophy. I do however respect one's choice, unless they support the regressive parts of their religion. I played a Chinese anti-communist religious warrior on another RP community back like 5 years ago now, although that was a bit tongue in cheek. I have a Jewish character but I haven't really played him that much. Oh and my boy Ang is a Buddhist but I guess that only half counts.
  14. Harvey

    Use Summer Chernarus?

    I'm gonna say no, looks too saturated going by the screenshots, idk this could be changed in settings but I don't think the colors suit Chernarus.
  15. Harvey


    👏One👏Month👏 Till👏Brexit👏

    1. Falk



    2. DrMax


      So excited! 

    3. Eagle


      It's about damm time.

    4. Zero


      Now get yer guns back.

    5. derNils


      Now the EU just needs to learn to drop you guys with nothing at all #NOdeal 🤣

    6. Harvey


      @derNils Their loss! You Germans will be taking up the slack!

    7. Banshee


      Europe is gonna look so weird with the UK leaving, wonder where they will move to.

    8. derNils


      @Harvey na mate. We wouldn't be hurt that much by the no deal unlike Ireland and the UK itself.  👀

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