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  1. Harvey


    @Gaylaxitive You make a good point about it being unclear when and how many times you can receive a caution, from now on we will try to make sure that every caution given by staff makes it evident that it is only for UP/Whatever minor forum break is being punished.
  2. Harvey

    • Harvey


    Danzig is better.

    1. Cobe


      Did you forget about this @Harvey


    2. Harvey


      I dont care about Metallica and their mainstream trends, Misfits for life!

    3. Cobe

      Pretty sure you was not bothered about the misfits when I had a misfits profile?....or was that @Stagsview -_- ye thats right I am looking at you staggs...

    4. Harvey


      I love the Misfits man.

    5. Cobe


    6. Stagsview


      All this mainstream chat.....

    7. Harvey


      Staggs you know I ain't mainstream, but this Cobe guy? Metallica generic trash amirite??? 

    8. Cobe

      You mean music that has inspired many many other bands and popular artists of this generation....hmmm

    9. Stagsview


      Just because it inspires doesn't mean it's good. Hilter inspired many people, look what happened there 🙂

  3. Harvey


    Cautions for UP are a separate caution, your first UP gets a caution, regardless of cautions gained from accepted appeals.
  4. Harvey

    RP Hubs added to 'Map'

    I don't really care about OOC means to find hotspots, I don't like it but people always find out these things in the end either by word of mouth or whatever it may be. It would be nice to get the map back because it looks nice.
  5. Harvey

    Old rules back. And unban some people? (Please read before vote)

    People are permed for a reason, and a good one at that, if someone is banned for going over 30 points in a month, its pretty clear they cannot grasp the concept of rules and why they shouldn't be broken. R4's are on admin discretion so clearly they have some weight to them, anyone who says that an R4 was unnecessary needs to rethink the situation and place any bias aside, and put trust in the staff teams choices, because these decisions are not taken lightly I assure you. The Rule set is okay at the moment, in my opinion, although I would like to see defensive dynamic rights put into place again. The player hostility system is a good compromise for those who want to RP in certain ways, and although it can be a pain in the ass sometimes it at least means people can be content. I appreciate it is not the best permanent feature but this doesn't specifically mean that the only way forwards rule wise is to instead go back.
  6. Harvey

    OFFICIAL What Guns would you like to see in DayZ?

    All I want is my Lee Enfield back...
  7. Harvey


    Common sense is cool kids!

    1. Queerios


      shut up dad

    2. Harvey


      I'll spank you yae little fokka 💔

  8. Harvey

    Interview with a Community Member: Jamie

    Bassline Junkie is a right tune, secondary school vibes all around... I agree with the idea of building a certain rapport with the community, and I think that starts with not only being inclusive but for staff to be open to various opinions and always always discuss things with the community, not as staff but as individuals with that experience of staffing the community. As Jamie said, act less like robots with a task and more like humans with a passion (or whatever motivates them to be a part of staff and/or make a difference).
  9. Harvey

    The art of ambience

    2012 FrankieonPC days, the good times...
  10. Harvey



  11. Harvey

    • Harvey
    • Flapjack


    1. Flapjack


      I now have the right profile 😉

  12. Harvey

    *Hangs Up Mod Hat*

    Soppy bastard, dry your eyes and enjoy life, staff is great but I know you have so many other great things in your life as well.
  13. Dino

    • Dino
    • Harvey

    Made you some art

    1. Malet


      *Based on a true story*

    2. Harvey


      Top 10 Anime Deaths

    3. DrMax


      This is so true!..

  14. Queerios

    • Queerios
    • Harvey


    1. Harvey



  15. Harvey

    *Hangs Up Mod Hat*

    I always try to see both sides of things, and although a lot of the time I never managed to (for whichever reason) understand the full picture of your staff related issues Taryn, I can truly say that, whether I agreed with you or not, I always saw you for who you were: A hard working staff member who had the purest intentions in mind, someone who tried their best whether they were right or wrong and made an effort to form intelligent opinions whenever she could. Ill miss you Taryn, we progressed as mods together, and although you didn't fully reach your potential in staff, I saw you as an equal, and still do.