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  1. Harvey

    The 5.0.3 [Selective Recruitment]

    Ngl I doubt you could ever get @King or @Hebirura in a tracksuit.
  2. Harvey

    The 5.0.3 [Selective Recruitment]

    This group is highly unrealistic, you say you originated from a North London gang but I am seeing a huge lack of tracksuits and man-bags innit.
  3. Harvey


    Time to bring Mozzy back...

  4. The stalling right before someone initiates on you where they take an unnatural interest in you and/or act unnaturally nice, making it painstakingly obvious what they are about to do.
  • Harvey

    Make Pistol Calibers Great Again

    I see where you are coming from, but pistols are meant to be weaker. The issue is that people tend to find a rifle before they find a pistol, so long as they look in the right place, so pistols naturally become obsolete in combat. Although most people have always used silenced pistols to kill zombies so I wouldn't say they are that useless..
  • Harvey

    Testing a new map on S2

    Please don't make it Utes, Utes is a tiny island with literally one airfield and a village. Plus correct me if im wrong but Utes has a CDF garrison on it aswell. Maybe @Major can confirm? Despite that, Im all down for a separate hive with this island based in another location, by god this community needs something new that people might actually stick with. xo
  • DrMax

    • DrMax
    • Harvey

    Happy birthday Dad! Have a good day!  

  • Brayces

    • Brayces
    • Harvey


    I hope you have a awesome day!


    Order 3 times for the bants.

    betty white dab GIF

    1. Harvey


      Cheers Brayeceyes, 'accidents' shall ensue 😉

  • Harvey

    Locked to FPP when holding any weapon?

    Hence why we make suggestions. Im gonna say +1 honestly, ik you can just switch your weapon around to peek but it will be interesting if you need to hold a corner, overall it should make PvP more realistic and less running around like a mad man gatting people from 5m away with an MP7.
  • Harvey


    We need three quarter length cargo trousers and Rhodesian short shorts. +1
  • Harvey

    Interview With A Community Member: StagsviewRB

    Everyone knows the members of the media team are the ones who cant actually write verdicts. ily Staggs bb
  • Harvey

    Play bonus idea

    Don't tempt me Roland, I will not give you my life! +1
  • Harvey

    Real life picture Thread

    Its certainly a delight to see that the face is as sexy as the voice.
  • Harvey

    What do you call a supermarkets own products?

    @lunathecat As much as I would like to preach the superiority of the anglosphere, this is a VERY SERIOUS topic and I POLITELY ask that we remain on said topic.
  • Harvey


    Welcome back lass
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