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"A war between Europeans is a civil war."

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  1. Harvey

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    I must say, it was certainly the most friendly hostile encounter I've ever had... Great RP as well guys, happy I could get back into it all. xoxo Thank you aswell for the internal RP today! @Lemons @arttu
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    Hey Max, does this mean you can actually medical RP now?

    1. DrMax


      frustrated fuck my life GIF

  3. Harvey

    Anime Profile Appeal

    I too have suffered from this in the past, I understand your struggle friend.
  4. Harvey

    New Dawn - Medical Group [Open Recruitment]

    I would've joined but Id much prefer locking you all up. Jokes aside, good luck and I hope we can have some interesting medical RP!
  5. Harvey

    Brayces Clippy Clips - [Videos and Whatnot]

    Came to see same epic gats, left with just cringe -1
  6. Harvey

    Reminder to everyone

    I dont even have a base but I feel threatened by this post...
  7. Harvey

    What new food items would you like to see?

    More Slavic food, like pickled pickles, pickled cabbage, pickled eggs, pickled asparagus, pickled tomato, pickled.. well... you get the point.
  8. Harvey


    One cannot stress how important D-Day was. Hitlers admired Britain but his patience had worn thin by then. An occupied Britain would've been much better in 1940. 

  9. Harvey

    Looking for Trainee Medics (Open Freq.)

    *Oswald, upon hearing the broadcast would plugin his radio receiver and respond.* "Tell me, Doctor, what do you expect in return for what can only be described as an extensive career training program?" "Regards, Ven" *He would cut the transmission and place the radio away.*
  10. Harvey

    The Wedding of Noah and Hope [Date TBD]

    Oohh boy, I wish I knew you IG cos I love a church Mexican standoff...
  11. Harvey

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    Billie Ellish makes music for 14-year-old girls who think they are depres.... oh wait yeah that is you, nevermind carry onnnn

    1. SleepyRP


      you know me too well harvey!

      i hope ur doing well! x

    2. Harvey


      Ahh I'm fine as always 😁

      Hope your sadness doesn't devour you further xo

    3. SleepyRP


      that's so sweet thank u xx

  12. @Bobby Lee I honestly love your character omg
  • ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Oswald Vinogradov was born a bastard on the 23rd of May in 1986 to a young couple in Podilsk, Eastern Chernarus. He grew up poor, working from a young age to support his mother whilst his father was deployed in the Army, he often missed school and as a result, was rather uneducated. To any other Slavic family he would be seen as a disappointment, however, his parents, whom themselves were shunned in his Conservative Orthodox community, didn't seem to care. Despite these measures, Oswald was a fairly happy child, he found no difficulty enjoying himself in the vast countrysides of Chernarus, playing with the local children and reading into various topics that interested him, most specifically history and classic cult literature. Growing up Oswald shifted through jobs in an attempt to keep the family afloat, yet made an effort to go to school so he could graduate and get a job in a skilled labour field, however, failed to harbour any specific interest, his mind would rarely stick to anything for too long. He grew tired of his forever shifting and stagnant employment issues and ended up placing all his focus into his individual interests, growing an appreciation for politics and global issues as age passed him. Feeling ever more insignificant, he did his best to bolster his chances of finding sufficient employment and, hopefully thereafter, stable life for himself. The early post-soviet world he lived in pushed him to more nationalistic tendencies and opinions, as he grew ever more distasteful of the still lingering communist state of mind that, in his mind, prevented his country from recovering its individual culture and relative traditions, growing up reading the novels of old opened his eyes to what a country could be. However, the institutions that governed the country still seemed so far away, both in mind and in principle. Perhaps this was what inspired Oswald to join the military, either that or his growing frustration and need for simple order in his life. Regardless, the two reasons fit perfectly together. He joined the military at the age of 20 in 2005, and, at least until other priorities arose, he never looked back. First serving as a guardsman and eventually a medic, he served with diligence and love in his heart. Whilst on leave in 2007 he met a girl by the name of Ana, a pretty young Slavic girl, whom quickly stole his heart. She was a grocer in a small town close to his own, kind-hearted yet hot on her heels, not afraid to make quips and jokes to make a hard life easier. Oswald would often take the drive to her town to shop, willfully ignoring local institutions just to see her, they grew acquainted and eventually, she got the hint. One night he saw her at a bus stop, and, after offering her a lift, began speaking to her. His life in the CDF was that of anybody else, time spent with similar individuals, using dark humor and tales of home to get through the day. Oswald enjoyed it for the most part. And made many great friends along the way. First working as a guardsman on the Novigrad base was a repetitive and often boring task however it was the only way he could feel as though he could properly serve whilst keeping his mother and new girlfriend happy. His father, who had also been in the military and rarely seen during his childhood opened up to him after this, and they bonded in a way only soldiers could. Oswald soon realized that his father has seen many things during his time serving in Afganistan coming up to his birth and the events made it hard to fall back into civilian life.
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    bro what the fuck

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