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  1. Itsmez

    Survival mod?

    I would rather spend my time roleplaying than running around citys to find can of food. Yes i understand its survival game but im here for the roleplay aspect
  2. Itsmez

    Turn off Sickness until fixed

    Sooo i will avoid other people in game so i dont get sick because i value my life, but then im guilty for avoiding roleplay so i have to ruin my roleplay to interact with sick people then get sick myself and then try to find some medicine instead of rp'ing and probably die while doing that Sounds good ! Kappa
  3. Itsmez

    Way all the hate for hostile rp

    As i said im not sure about the situation currently. but there was times when most of the groups wanted to be bandits. Now with my comment about campfire RP i meant that its starting to come out of my ears, i didnt mean it would be rare at all
  4. Itsmez

    Require both text & VoIP initiations on vehicles

    I thought this was a rule already? I quess it was changed but why?
  5. Itsmez

    Youtube Rewind 2018

    It was trash, it doesnt represent the youtube community at all. Its all about family friendly, and advertisiment friendly now.
  6. Itsmez

    Way all the hate for hostile rp

    I dont think hostile RP is the problem, but when most of the groups and people are hostile that goes over the line for me (not sure is that the case currently, but it has been couple times) But i can understand why is that, ive never been into hostile RP myself (As the intiator) but after all these years the campfire RP starts to come out of my ears. I dont really feel like pointing fingers at anyone anymore, i understand both parties and the fight will never end. There will always be someone complaining no matter what
  7. What kind of effect article 13 will have to DayzRp ? im still quite confused on what it will effect and what not


    1. Gowbe


      "The Directive comprises of a whole host of legislation aimed at updating copyright law for the digital age. Article 13 forces social media platforms, such as Facebook, Google and YouTube, to have responsibility over unlicensed user-uploaded copyrighted material. Under the new legislation, such platforms must take proactive steps to prevent users from sharing unlicensed copyrighted material and to detect videos and content that are copyright-infringed before they are available.

      The legislation will require content publishing sites to automatically filter copyrighted material, including images, songs and videos uploaded onto their platforms, unless the content has been specifically licensed." ( https://smallbiztrends.com/2018/09/article-13.html
      It would be a pain in the ass. Avatars, character pictures  profilemusic and memes would have a hard time

      am I right @Roland ?

    2. Roland


      We're nor a social media platform or content publishing site. So we're gonna do absolutely nothing.

    3. Gowbe


      thank God

    4. Itsmez


      Alrighty, Thanks ! 

  8. Found this from osaka's thread before, and i think it sums this up perfectly
  9. We had this conversation before many times, havent been a problem before so why should it be now? I see where youre coming from tho, the line has to be drawn somewhere and i believe it has been done before. For example if someone starts saying "N" word continually.
  10. Itsmez

    Dayz Server Monetization Rules

    Shanoby how about the skins i bought back in the mod? This is not a new thing. And i dont remember i was complaining about it. You cant expect everything to last forever. Especially in game items, you should know that before you buy them
  11. Itsmez

    PsiSyn Media Thread

    Here we go again.. Nice video btw, i used to enjoy your Dayzrp videos back in mod
  12. It doesnt take professional actor to stay on one accent
  13. Itsmez


    Its still bad idea
  14. Itsmez


    I dont think this is a good idea