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  1. Itsmez

    Finn's Guide on Roleplay as a Soldier/Ex-Military

    As long as you know how Kalašnikov works youre good to go
  2. I was joking, it was sarcasm and i did read the whole thing.
  3. So you basically hate dayzRP as a whole
  4. I like hostile RP too(i dont do that myself though), but people just makes it so uninteresting and boring nowdays. Its the same shit everytime,
  5. +1 from me, Sound like an interesting and cool idea
  6. Itsmez

    The main reason for Combat Logging

    Yes if it clearly is breaking the rule.
  7. Itsmez

    Possible Mods to add

    I dont understand why youre telling this to me
  8. Itsmez

    Possible Mods to add

    People probably dont want dayzRP to make profit from their mods which makes sense to me.
  9. Itsmez

    Gas mask buffs

    Do you mean the same gasmask? yeah that would be wrong, but they could add an alternative gasmask that has the same function but different model for free for everyone to eliminate the disadvantage people gets with gasmask bought with money that no one else can get so easily
  10. Itsmez

    Gas mask buffs

    Well if this would be added i think the devs can come up with something. I dont think the weight factor should affect for it, you dont really need to go that far, but if there is a way to do it then why not.
  11. Itsmez

    Gas mask buffs

    Well alot ofg the population ive seen is running with vests and other military gear + weapons and whole alot of food and supplies with them (its dayz) but there is still people with civ clothes and not so mutch supplies. But it still doesnt remove the fact that it will still make it harder when you dont have the military gear on.
  12. Itsmez

    Gas mask buffs

    From my experience it made it harder, and from the whole platoons experience. And running with the gasmask itself only doesnt restrict it that mutch but when you add the combat gear on top of that it is quite hard. Yes for some athletes and other individuals it might be easy but not in general to everyone.
  13. Itsmez

    Gas mask buffs

    No, it would just remove the unfair advantage from them. If they would add new gasmask it could be different ugly model to keep the people happy that have bought it before. EDIT: in that case the people should be happy to receive another free item
  14. Itsmez

    Hey Roland, thanks for the 144 € discount.

    DayzRP lootboxes? didnt know that was a thing Would not have believed couple years ago that this is where dayzRP would come Or maybe i would have
  15. Itsmez

    Gas mask buffs

    To be honest i dont really care if the gasmasks reduce your stamina or not. But i still went for +1, im more into realism when it comes to things like that. Should they be removed from market? not necessarily but some changes need to be made, either remove gas mask from shop or the gas grenades. or as @Roland already said "The solution I was thinking about was either remove the protection that gas mask offer, or add a simple free gas mask to the item shop.". whatever would be the best and easiest solution for everyone.
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