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  1. Itsmez

    FANGS are back!

    Thats something i really would like to see
  2. Itsmez


    I cant pvp without 3pp -1
  3. Itsmez

    Bring Them Back?

    Probably not going to work out, like the previous ones didnt.
  4. What happened to dayzRP? well one thing for sure, youre not allowed to discuss about it

    1. Roland


      Silly buns, OP requested the thread to be closed 😉

    2. Itsmez


      @RolandMy bad, i am sorry

  5. Itsmez

    Extend stash timer

    No. i dont even have to explain why i think no
  6. Itsmez

    People Hiding Is Killing The Server...

    people dont like the hostile RP that is provided and there is way too much hostile RP'ers, so they tend to hide. Now is the problem in the people that hides? or is it on something else perhaps? Its always easy to blindly judge the other party
  7. Itsmez

    I know most like to kill people but...

    It doesnt take mutch to figure out what is going on in the server through forums
  8. Itsmez

    Expand Inventory Containers

    -1. The cases and stuff already provides the thing that theyre supposed to, which is protection. It shouldnt magically give you more inventory space. And i think we have more than enough inventory space currently to be used.
  9. Itsmez

    I know most like to kill people but...

    Its been the same shit for years, it never changes. dayzRP keeps going the same triangle. @The Traveler might not have been online for month, but hes been around long enough to know what he is talking about
  10. I had the same problem yesterday. i fixed it by not auto joining the server from the launcher options.
  11. Itsmez

    Reduced Active Character Cooldown for Premium

    I like the idea of doing it case by case, but it would probably just start another shitshow of people complaining that Rolle/JimRP is bias because someone else got their status updates back while they didnt. I quess its better to have either all or no one. People can still post whatever they want in threads so what will it change if they cant post status updates? It just gives them better chances to fuck up if they really didnt change and we can get rid of them easier. So ill go for remove it, after all it doesnt affect me at all if they can get it back
  12. Ohh i didnt even remember that one, that would be great to have again
  13. Itsmez

    Suggestion : Remove kuru?

    I think it should stay, it makes sense and is based on IRL disease. If you dont want the risk of getting kuru, dont do cannibalism
  14. @Zanaan Okay so i want to take this question further because it bothers me and im still not quite sure of it So the situation is that you see a guy running to your stuff, you can see him taking your stuff. Now of course first thing you think is "this guy is stealing my stuff" and you tell him to leave his stuff alone. The guy proceeds to run away without any communication, the last thing you saw was him having your stuff in his hands. you will think he is stealing even more As far as i know you cant actually see if the guy puts the stuff back or if he takes it to himself. You have to roll the dice with 50/50 chance, either he stole your stuff and the kill is valid or he did put the stuff back and you will get banned for KOS? You can see a guy going through your stuff and expect he is stealing, but you cant see if he takes it or puts back For me this seems quite ridicilous but i want a answer is this correct? Now i dont touch other peoples stuff because it will look like im stealing, and i expect to get bullet into head if i do that. But it seems like ive been worrying about that for nothing Edit: how are you supposed to know if he actually stole or not if he is not communicating
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