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  1. Well im not surprised to see some faces to get banned from hall of shame lmao 😄

  2. Hello there, just came by to check how is things going over here

  3. Itsmez

    [PRO TIP] - Tabbing Out of Game

    This doesnt work always though. Many times when i have tabbed i have gone to esc menu first and still the bug comes out. Best solution is to not have weapon on your hand when tabbing out Here an example where i fucked up :
  4. Itsmez

    Who/What/Why Inspired your Current Character in DayZRP?

    I always loved zombie related movies and series like walking dead, i wanted to put myself into that situation. So i was the one that inspired my character. I made character of myself into situation like this with slight changes
  5. I got rid of couple problems, finally took the help i needed long time ago. 

  6. I think i sorted myself now. hopefully

  7. I am beautifull butterfly tho

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    2. Shane Is Dead
    3. ExoticRainbow


      "I hope you go down like the rest who deserve it"


      W E W

    4. Itsmez


      @Dom Is Dead Well i quess god answered to my prayers 😉

  8. Itsmez

    Hope you all stay safe <3

    Sadd to see you go. Its funny tho, you dont know me and i dont know you but i still had a dream about you some time ago I hope all the best for you
  9. Itsmez

    Proud Parents Thread

    This is lovely, i hope i will be proud father some day
  10. Instead of risking getting points, i will thank @Brady and @Taryn here. You are awesome and i cant thank you enough for the talk we had tonight. ( I dont want to fill the format)

    1. Brady


      Anytime! If you ever need to talk just pm me or poke me on ts!

    2. Itsmez


      Thanks, its good to know there will be someone backing you up if needed, that means alot:)

  11. Itsmez

    Staff Feedback: Brady

  12. The moment when you realise something, but its too late. Love can fuck you up in the face if you dont act

  13. Itsmez

    Community Summit

    This is really nice idea, hopefully that will work out good !
  14. Itsmez

    The Deal With It Attitude

    Yeah, even tho he thinks that its best for the community, and im mostly agreeing with all the changes he have lately made, he should think about the community opinion too. But its not just Rolle and staff that needsa to change the attitude...