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  1. Community Summit

    This is really nice idea, hopefully that will work out good !
  2. The Deal With It Attitude

    Yeah, even tho he thinks that its best for the community, and im mostly agreeing with all the changes he have lately made, he should think about the community opinion too. But its not just Rolle and staff that needsa to change the attitude...
  3. his community is trash nodways. ill be doing youtube video soon, there i cant be silenced with my opinion

    1. Itsmez

      I might be drunk but i mean it

      fuck me, hope you got the point

    2. Jasper


      Drinking+Forums always end well, right?

      Spoiler alert. It doesn't. Maybe step away from the keyboard?

    3. DustyRP


      Good luck I guess. 

      Just maybe learn how to handle your alcohol better. 

      Also while I agree the community is in a bad spot right now, I don’t think a rant video is going to help anything. Would probably actually cause more issues. 

      Have fun tho, I guess.

    4. Itsmez

      Here is drunkard Jere, anyways idk why i made this gringy post. im not going to bother making any video

      @DustyRP I know how to handle alcohol, i just dont know how to handle myself when drunk

  4. Bakery and Distillery Grand Opening Event

    Ohh like " We need supplies to survive" or "this is our country, we need taxes" ? Anyways seems quite nice event, ill be there most probably
  5. Btw where did ID's disappear? i just realised :D

    1. SweetJoe



  6. Events "Protection"

    Do you really think that those 81 votes represents the whole community ? If i could see the names of the voters i would know exactly what names i would see there
  7. Do you have an vegan recipe for this ?
  8. Community Opinions and the Sort

    I havent had any problems with staff or points, you know why? because i dont do stupid shit that would give me points.
  9. Jere's Media Thread

    I dont know is this supposed to post here, but i feel like making another media thread for stuff i have made. If im not allowed to post this here let me know, i will make another media thread then.... Anyways i was having bit fun in 3d modelling and came up with this:
  10. Gonna leave (for a while).

    See ya later then ! and good luck with the exams !
  11. Goodbye for now

    I dont understand your reply ?
  12. Goodbye for now

    i hope you can sort yourself out. i couldnt when i tried. Hope to see you around soon, you can make it !
  13. Quite clearly states its for dayz and our community But i quess oftopic would be better place anyways, and it seems it was moved anyways before i posted this
  14. One bad thing VS multiple good things. I dont like the idea not being table to defend my friend, but i think about the good things of it. and i rather give it a try rather than throw it on wall, as i said if it doesnt work out, later on it will be fixed. But the reason "realism" against this rule is the worst argument, and sounds like its the only argument people can make up against it
  15. My point was that there is no rules. If he wants to shoot you he can do that before you even know about it, they dont have to intiate if they dont want to.