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  1. I like them, they add alot more into the RP than you can do actually with items. Ofcourse aslong as they make sense as mentioned here before. Favourite one for me that ive seen is when people RP that they have a quitar, and actually plays the quitar on the mic. Had some great moments with people who has done it, aslong as they actually can play quitar I wonder does people do it nowdays? They can add so mutch into the roleplay that you cant otherwise have even though you cant see it, if youre doing it well.
  2. I dont understand why youre quoting me on this one
  3. When i want to play a military simulation game with loads of different guns i tend to play arma. I dont think the variety of different weapons are necessary, and on top of that doesnt make mutch sense to have in chernarus/livonia
  4. Itsmez

    Auto run.

    Can you teach me how to do it?
  5. Voted yes because why not. I like fresh things and sometimes its good to start over, im actually surprised its been 900+days from last wipe. I would personally come back after 10months not playing if the lorewipe would happen
  6. I think throwing a punch should be allowed if it would give the other person KOS rights. Otherwise i think it should be punishable.
  7. Viking faction is something i havent seen, its something new and i think it could be interesting if done right. go for it ! I just dont know how you imploment vikings in to current world
  8. If you make some mod that traders will have more space or so, suddenly everyone turns into traders. Maybe some sort of backpack that will have a penalty like a primary weapon slot is gone. Otherwise i dont see it working
  9. Dayz Roleplay montage Is this where it has came to
  10. Its not an intiation as the rule 4.1 says "All initiations and hostile actions as well as their demands and conditions must be made clear and unambiguous to all involved players.". In your example the guy asks him to put his weapon out, but does not threat his life. Quite clear. Edit: From personal experience ive been asked to put my weapon away many times, but i have refused. Then they continue either by intiating to me, or just let it be. And same has happened me being as the intiator. Its not a threat unless they clearly say it for example that you will get shot
  11. How about the times when youre not there? you could take down the walls? I would not have any problem with it if you actually are there
  12. Yes, blocking a water well doesnt have a player interaction. Youre just blocking a well and run away, then some unfortunate guy goes there in hopes of getting water and in worst case might die for dehydration. How is there any human interaction in this case?
  13. What? i dont understand why youre directing this to me?
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