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  1. What do you listen to ?

  2. DayzRP mod back

    DayzRP mod back. no words required. thank you
  3. Make DayZRP Great Again!

    I would love to have the mod back. I never liked the dayz standalone as mutch as the mod
  4. Strictly IC only TS comms

    +1, I love the idea. But even if it could not be enforced does it really need to be? There is always option to mute players in TS. if troll or someone comes to talk in OOC, just mute them. I think this idea could have potential to even try it, What is the loss if it doesnt work?
  5. Is dayzrp dying?

    Dying? look at the servers, i havent seen dayzRP alive like this for really long time.
  6. 'Trade Routes' Event Series

    I recorded the event just to find out that my mic audio was fcked up. It was really fun event, hope to see more of these !
  7. Whitelist Application

    I feel it could be stated that the whitelist is not "pay to get reviewed", the current traffic is just too mutch to handle (as far as i know), so at the moment the supporters of the server will be reviewed. and later on the rest of applicants. Correct me if im wrong but thats how i understood it
  8. Removing Third-party Communications

    This would be a good idea, if the ingame communications would be improved. And ofcourse if there would be a way to enforce this, but i dont see how that would be possible
  9. Never get to play desolation, but i quess this is closest way to get back to dayzRP mod
  10. Nice, France - Another Attack

    I dont think its going to take too long that it will spread other countrys too. Well i quess there is nothing we can do about it at this point anymore. Well my thoughts goes French, and any other country with same problems. cant believe the number of all the lost lives again.
  11. Whitelist status

    Oohh i remember how long it took when i applied, i was one of the "supply forces" sent by the unnamed guy last time some years ago
  12. [1st] Should age really be a problem?

    Yes it is a problem. its even a problem with the age restriction of 18 (or was it 16?), for some reason there is alot of people who doesnt age mentally. With the age restriction of 18 we can harvest alot more immature people out of the server. And just to point out for some comments, "under the age of 16 cant be mature enough", there is plenty of people mature enough under the age of 16, even more mature than some people has been on this server
  13. Share Your First Day On The Server

    I dont quite remember my first day on the server, but i cant forget the first RP counter i had (i think it was my first) So i found a van, the white one looks like icecream car or something (It was back in the mod) and desided to go drive around elektro to find people who might need a ride. Well i found this one guy who was fresh spawn, so ofcourse he wants a ride and since he had nothing on him i desided to give him a gun, and other supplies. We were driving towards north at the road between elektro and novy sobor, then he suddenly says that he needs something to drink, well i had empty water bottle so i said we can fill it on the lake near the road. i gave him the bottle so he can fill it and waited on the car. He comes back with the bottle, and wanted to give the bottle back. I jump out of the car to take the bottle and then he says he will put it inside the car, and i can pick it from there. Well i start to take the bottle from the car and then he immidiately intiates on me. (Ofcourse at the moment when im checking the car, so he can have upper hand on me) Well at this moment i start to think what the hell am i going to do, pretty mutch panicin since its my first RP moment (if i remember correctly) and it was first intiation on me. I had 2 options, i can comply, or i can just hop in the car, kick the pedal down and hope for the best. Well i did the stupid decision and i hopped in the car, started to drive and trying to dodge the bullet shots. I managed to drive around 200-300 meters And i was relieved that i survived, then i got the bullet in head. I still cant forget this situation, i really hoped i could have got that on the video but i didnt Atleast i learned to never give a gun to stranger
  14. Warning before banned !

    Haha i can only imagine what kind of RP situation that would make : But yeah, i quess this would be pretty needed feature
  15. Laptop died. possible to fix?

    Im glad that piece of shit died