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  1. IGN: Rick Smith Country: Australia English skills: Gday mate ;) DayZ Mod Experience: 1.1k hours DayZ Standalone Experience: 1.5k hours Roleplaying Experience: DayZRP, havent been able to play much on here, but i'm hoping to find a group so I can! I also played on friendly in chernos server for about 3 months. What kind of In Game role best describes you: Calm but protective. I love to go out scavenging for gear my family or in this case the group. It also allows me to find and meet others in our community. Have you been in any clan/group previously: Sadly not yet! Additional notes: My Australian times usually wont effect when i play as i work a cinema and usually play DayZ d ifferent times compared to other aussies Best way to contact you: http://steamcommunity.com/id/coopsm8/ or on here! My story - My names Rick Smith. I moved to Chernarus from Australia when myself and my family decided we needed a new life. But our timing could of been worse, it all happened just weeks after leaving Australia... We had been in Chernarus for around a total 2 weeks, my family had finally begun settling down in this new enviorment. Time finally came for me to go to work for the first time, I had been hired as a miner in Vybor with a contract for 2 years. As i went to say goodbye to my little boy Cooper and my teenage daughter Liz, I was disappointed to find that Liz was not home. I didn't take much of this, but later on. I realised I may never see her again. I was in the mine for the first time, there were many other new men starting today as well. My supervisor took much interest in me and was giving me a lot of tips and skills on how to do things easier in the mine. It had been hours since i saw sunlight and then suddenly he came over to me. He told me "You need to leave right now. The world as we know it is going crazy". He had that type of look in his eye, you know? The one where you know there was actually something wrong. I quickly signed out and packed my stuff away and headed back to my house in Zelenogorsk. I noticed that there was many people on the road driving like crazy people! This was happening and around the town aswell, but i didn't take much notice in this. My house was set just off in the hills from zelenogrosk, not many people are usually around this way so nothing was feeling to strange for me. I got back to my house and i knocked on my door as we only had our 1 key at the moment. No one came up to the door. I decided to walking around the back, but to see the most terrifying thing in my life. Blood. Blood everywhere.
  2. Me and my little family of the smiths had a great day of roleplay, starting in kabanio which we met a man Philip and two others. Sadly the two others were interested in holding this man up, during the hold up things turned around and one of them were dead and it was Phillip helping us do the hold up! After that we head to stary to find a man eating food, we decide to hold him up which isn't really like us.... anyways while my brothers held them up i was in a building overwatching until his friends came in yelling you fucked up, but really they just fucked up. The gun fight started and they all died but one who ran. Thanks for it DayZRP! Love this community!
  3. * While laying under trees at our camp for the night, I decide to finally pick up the radio* "I am broadcasting this messge once, and once only. The horsemen. You may not know us, but we certainly know you. While you have been gone, we have been lurking on your territory. Asking questions, learning stuff. Things. We are not afraid, we know where you hide. We are coming for you all. Braxton and the Horsemen you will remember this." * I look at my brothers and nod before resting for the night.*
  4. Love some Scottish accents! Damn