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  1. How about you quote it, this thread is 3 pages.
  2. So if you knew it was an ooc advantage, why didn't you just drop it? And if my friend shot you then, you could report him for that.
  3. We left to deal with situation, we sat in Myshkino for about 10 minutes and Franz posted. This is the only evidence between the two parties. I'm not sure what Franz means by it backs his story though.
  4. You do that As far as my friend and I are concerned, this report on us is now resolved. Have a nice day.
  5. That's not abuse, find the rule where it states we can't tell you to put the backpack in your hands. If you were to do anything like run or punch us (etc) it would be fail roleplay because you were not fearing for your characters life. You had surrendered, we both had weapons pointed at your chest.
  6. We told you, to drop your bag, whether it was your backpack in your hands or an axe you did not correctly do as we asked you to
  7. My friend shot you because it looked like you were pulling your axe out. According to him that is.
  8. Well we have always had a conclusion, you've just wanted to draw this out
  9. I got shit internet. Sorry I just cussed. Oops
  10. Mate, I just got a blue yeti and had yet to change it in shadow play, it was still recording my other microphone. Are you saying that I did something wrong now too? You can hear game and my friend. Just not my voice
  11. So you are avoiding the situation you reported? Because we are talking about this report, IN GAME
  12. I am currently uploading the video to youtube, it is 100% unedited. Shadowplay was not recording my microphone at the time ( fixed ). You can see everything up till my friend shot you, I was in inventory