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  1. It all started on the 5th of October 2014 when me (Joey) my wife (Susan) and my two daughters (Megan) (Olivia) went on holidays to Russia Chernarus. We needed a good get away from work and the kids needed to experience their first holiday, it was all set out to be the perfect relaxing holiday. We were going to sit by the beach and just chill out for once in our lives....of course that was not going to be the case. We also had family that lived out there my brother and his wife (Cherry) they lived up in a small city called Zelengorsk. We went up the morning of October the 8th. We got up to him but there was something strange.... I visited my brother (Dave) before and the city was full of life the streets would be loud and and shops were full to the brim. But when we got there it was almost like a ghost town everyone was inside their house or had left I had no idea why. We walked up to his house and knocked on the door his wife opened the door so sudden with a knife in hand crying. She said "What are you doing here!" I spoke back saying "Coming to visit you we have been planning this for months, What in the hell is happening why have you got a knife?" She grabbed all of us and chucked us in the house. As she was trying to speak I noticed a blood stain on the wall I spoke and said "Cherry why is there a blood stain on the wall!" She answered back stuttering " Haven't you heard there are attackers out there zombie like!" "Daddy I am scared" Says megan as she hugs me tight...she was only seven bless her. I reply "What do you mean zombie like...attackers?.....Where is Dave?" Cherry replies "He got bitten by one of them....He is upstairs recovering" " What! Is he ok?" "Meg and liv and Susan go into the living room I don’t want you being hurt" they comply and go into the living room "I need to see him!" "no you can not!" explains Cherry I push Cherry aside and run up the stairs as I open the door I see Dave lying there in his bed with a huge chunk taken out of his arm, I grit my teeth in anger. Cherry comes up the stairs and starts to cry and stands next to Dave. I am frozen and stand in the doorway watching my brother as he sleeps....or so I thought. I hear a small growl as his eyes open I thought I was just the pain. All of a sudden he leaps out of the bed and grabs Cherry grounding her to the floor and he quickly bites a chunk out of her neck. She screams while blood ozzes from her neck a quickly grab a glass cub that was next to his bed and smash him over the head with it "What the hell is going on up there!!!" Screams my wife from downstairs I do not hear her. The glass did no damage but he springs up and grabs me I am fighting with him all the way to the top of the stairs and we both fall down. Susan is at the bottom of the stairs and gets crushed my Dave and then bites her on the leg she falls and bangs her head on a nearby cabinet knocking her out. I have blurry vision from the fall and my hearing is gone I can only her the screams of my daughters as they are eaten alive by my own brother I eventually recover after about 5 minutes of being dazed and I see I knife in my wives hand that she must have been holding when she was at the bottom I grab it and stick it in her head so she does not turn. I stumble into the living room with tears running down my face as I am meet with Dave and Megan eating Olivia's brain she will not turn. I slowly creep up to to Dave first since he is the biggest one I say in my head "Come on Joey you can do this! He is not your brother anymore!" I quickly leap and stab the knife into his head but all of a sudden Megan jumps out at me a pushes me to the floor but I get her off and run through the door. "Oh no I left the knife inside but it is to late as Megan is come through the door... I stare into her eyes and weep "My little girl" I say "You had an entire life ahead of you" "it is all my fault I should of never brought you on this holiday" " Not just you but Susan and Olivia" She stumbles towards me and I shove her back as tears stream down my face she falls down. Through my blurry vision of tears I spot a stack of bricks I say to my self "No! I cannot bring myself to this" a gaze around looking for other options but there is nothing. To my surprise Meg grabs my leg and I quickly boot her in the face and dart over to the bricks I pick one look back over to my daughter her eye socket is now hanging out of her head from when I kicked her I pick up one large sized brick and slowly walk over to my daughter... my seven year old daughter look at the brick in my hand advance further to her and with a right hook with the brick hit her in the temple she falls but does not die I get on top of her and keep hitting at her with the brick over and over again as tears stream down my face I am screaming after about a dozen hits with the brick her face no longer exists and I am over come with anger I fall off of her and sit looking around me seeing more people leave the city in the distance. Someone by the name of Will another tourist comes up to me "What the hell is happ-…...oh my god I am so sorry" I get up with brick in hand and I am so angry that without saying a word a hit him in the head with it and he drops. From then I wipe of the final tears grab a tent out of my brothers garage and set off into the woods to set up camp and that is where I have been ever since. I was once a family man but my life turned upside down within 10 minutes so I am now a survivor
  2. Hi all Fish here or Roman in game hope to have a good time on this server I am always friendly and a trader in game look for me.