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  1. my POV. i suffered from a connection issue when in S2 which my logs will show it kept kicking me out thats how my game closed before the restart which all the logs will show me disconnected then connected not long apart..., i tried to log back in before the restart but kept getting timed out, so the server restarted and i checked the forums and noticed the report, so informed everyone about it, so everyone was focusing on that, by this point it was like 5am in the morning so i didnt respond we descussed it in TS about what happened and why they shouldnt of reported as it was them who opened fire first, so we approached the compound and everyone got into there placei noticed 3 people running out towards tisy, as im standing there one turns around abd sees me then all 3 begin to head back down the hill, with everyone in place i heard lucky begin to initiate, by this point i began getting shot at straight after the initiation was dropped so i started shooting back, then a second guy began shooting at lucky and bear, by this point they were in full attack they didnt say anything about giving up nor nothing not a single person in the field heard any of them try to surrender they opened fire on us first not compling with the demands they were given, in my eyes no one complied and had no intention of surrendering, we managed to drop them in the field and then went and shot them all in the head. also you stated that your men were 30 seconds away, we were checking the compound for around 10 minutes so they had plenty of time to initiate, so your basically admitting to metagaming, also how did they no we were attacking you not a single one of you had a radio on yourselfs so you had no way of informing them that we started...
  2. i can say i am not lying as i did Comply and i did not no how i can put my hands down in the 2 seconds when you kill kieran then kill me as i did not no you kill him an not seen what he have in his hands at the time and you did not says not to me after you kill him
  3. ok sorry let me try again, so i was in the house and i was RPing i was on drugs.... and my character loved teddy bears and smoke, my leg was hurting so i was calling out for axel(kieran) to come find me he was in the street throwingf smoke grenades for me, and then he found me so he came in and helped my leg by strapping it then i heard the people we had been with for the past 2 hours come in the house, i heard one of them shout put your hands up so i complied and put my hands on my head is was kneeling at the time, then before i knew it all i could hear was gun fire then a messaging saying you are dead........... now these people cannot lie about this RP seen as we were with them for about 2 hours or something , and weve RPed with them previous with these same characters, my character basically thinks hes a turtle when hes on drugs and loves teddy bears and smoke, he keeps going missing so axel finds him, its a strange RP but i enjoy it, and these people seemed to aswell at the time, but given the times in them kill logs my character did no animation like they say also there is only 2 seconds apart between kills, everyone reading this must realise you can put your hands on your head stand up sit down and lower your arms in 2 seconds plus when someone is also being killed in them 2 seconds
  4. i did not put my hands down stand up i just when am my knees with my hands on my head an i just seen 3 of you there that it an i did not seen if he have a grenade out an yea one in my bag i will not try as it was more of u there and i did not no you kill him
  5. i did put my hands on my head then i got kill i do not no why i did what you tell me to do that it
  6. i just seen the axplosion while i was looking in my bag so i messed anyone coming into the pomp area i shot a zombie then stood there looking in my bag to look for food then next minute i hear an explosion and a message saying you are dead
  7. hi i began approuching the end of the warehouse with kieran and my antivirus popped up on the screen so i went to quickly close it, i can here people talking when im not ingame and id say it was for about 2 seconds and when i came back my man was down with a black screen in the middle of the warehouse, kieran said he tried to get me up, and then he got shot a few times and killed then my message popped up saying i had been killed aswell, there was no attept to even RP with us they just killed straight on sight because there was clearly more than 1 person to rob, i didnt hear them say a single thing, and from the hight of the warehouse id say the killer had to be of some distance away so couldnt possibly of attepted to RP with us, there was zero communication with us
  8. i cant understand why all the logs arnt there my pc isnt the best so my game always crashes forcing me to reset my game by forcing it closed i was logged in at the time of this takingplace so i cant understand why the log isnt there for this as i left my game froze so i had to completly shut my pc down for this and then i logged back in just after..... if you check all my logs through the week it should show this, i dont no if it doesnt show when my game crashes or anything i dont no, but all honesty i was in the town when this incident took place so i cant understand why the logs not there to prove it...... i hate all this i really enjoy playing and just want to get back in and play i understand why all this is happing because theres rules to be inforced and your just doing your job i completly understand this, im willing to verbally appoligise to the person involved over teamspeak, and as ive seen kieran was banned for 3 days for this incident, i understand were everything went wrong and im sorry for this, but hopefully we can set aside this issue and i can continue to play thanks again, kind regards
  9. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: i understand why they did it but work commitment forced me Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: so i tried to join the server today as i had an hour before work to realise i had been banned for not responding to a POV.... i didnt realise i had been called for a statment i havnt been active on the forums because of work ive been doing alot of hours with the lead up to christmas so havnt been all that actiive on my pc... i justed hopped ingame to see this message, i appologise for not responding to it if i had of been on the forums i would of noticed it i understand its my own fault in this case..... i am willing to give my statment here if still needed. i was in the town with kieran when i heard a car approuching so i hid and waited for it to stop i headed towards to see who was there, kieran approached from the back as i seen him to the side of the building, i told the man drop his weapon and get on the floor he was busy doing something with a jerry can at the time, he didnt respond to any of my attempts to make him drop the weapon..... i seen him lower the jerry can so i walked forward to then see him draw his gun, at this point kieran shot him before he could shoot us that is my side from inside the town from my point of view we did nothing wrong it was all RPed on are side, after all that we got are gear prepped and kieran was heading along the coast to pick a friend up down there told him id meet him up north somewhere. i spoke with kieran on discord were he informed me he hadto go off because his son was awake. in this instance i appologise for not responding as work commitment took over the most of my day thanks. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: to be unbanned and allowed to RP once more What could you have done better?: check the forums regularly and make sure theres no outstanding messages.
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