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  1. Frank Denalli grew up in a small town in the middle of nowhere, where the only things to do were Hunt, fish, farm and drink. he took over the family farm when his father passed away and sold veggies/fruits and pickles/jams in the local farmers market. He was on a fishing trip with a buddy when the virus hit, they heard about the virus attack on the radio in his buddies old pick up truck while driving back home. The radio also broadcasted hope in the form of a sanctuary in Chernarus, Frank and his friend, Sam, decided to head to the sanctuary. On the way, they frequently stopped to gather supplies, thinking that the sanctuary could benefit from any extra supplies they could gather. or as a back up plan in case the sanctuary was a false hope. In one such stop Frank and Sam were surrounded and Sam was bitten and used his last moments to sacrifice himself so Frank could escape. Franks been alone since, still searching for the sanctuary...
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