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  1. was born in 11.11.1988 Los Angeles California U.S.A. In Age of 26 i end my education in National Academy Of Defense. And was delegate to Eastern Europe as a young "Second Lieutenan" to protect a crew of a new embassy of U.S.A. I was send there with my brother Mike. At bagining that was a boring job but everything change after infection start.After Evacuation of embassy personel , we was destroying documents and all not-safe staff. After security of all important files we was escaping by a choppter. Weather was changeing fast and we start geting prbolem at mountains. After few hour Pilot lost control and we crash in da forest.i Wake up in the hause of a old Trapper who saved me feed me and after healing me up he show me a place of catastrofy. At the crash slot i find all bodys of our crew expcept my brother.I didnt find hes gear wear or weapon.Others was still there.Old man tell me he was find me and 5 other bodys. But there was only 4 bodys when i come there. Then i decide to Find him any way.I was travel back to Chernarus trying to comunicate with my Devision but all communication was lost.Without information about situation in Usa and Wester Europe i decide to work for my own and find mike any possible way