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  1. NBDubz


    Seriously great RP from all parties involved. Me and the guys were really surprised after hearing all the bad things about Akrasia. Glad we could make it beneficial for both parties.
  2. My side of the story: I had recently gotten back into RP and joined up with Dean and Tony as we are contracted to protect Lisa and Arthur's group. We spend some time in Gorka in between disconnecting and there is an accidental killing. I am sitting on the side of the road perplexed and that is where I met Graves. We had a conversation for a little bit and we went our separate ways. I ran into him later that night and had another conversation with him and his lady friend. It seemed a bit more like a interrogation rather than a friendly conversation. Asking me about my armband and my friends and questioning every word I say. Lisa and Arthur eventually come along and we head on our way towards base leaving Graves and Jasmine behind. Graves says "Let's head towards the gunshots" and the only gunshots I hear come from Gorka, so I figure they are heading that way. I run for a while and start checking my surroundings and see them both running in the trees on the hill above us. You can understand how one might be skeptical about this. So, I tell Lisa, who let Dean know over radio to come to Polana. We eventually all get to Polana and hold them up under suspicion of following us to find our base. We make them hold their hands up and the others begin stripping them of things. Eventually, Lisa escorts them back to Gorka and we run back towards base. In terms of logging off, I didn't know the exact time and was going based off the other's logging. We didn't know Kyle so we let him go at the beginning of the hold-up.
  3. This is a very pointless post but I shall post regardless. Hello friends and comrades. Also, I like DayZRP... Now, I shall enjoy my time on this server. PS: bigwiz godlife
  4. I concur with what my comrades said in this post. We had just left a pond because Simon had hyperthermia and as we were approaching the cap of the hill I hear Dan say "Do not turn around there is a group of 6 fully geared behind us." Of course everyone turned around and we all kept running to our destination. Walter/BigWiz was in the back because he was carrying a backpack in his hands. Walter says something as we move down the hill and shots start ringing out. I run right to try and get away from the psychopathic morons shooting on the hill and lead Dan. Dan is shot in the leg and heroic screams for me to "GO ON WITHOUT ME." And of course I won't say no to surviving so I approach a small lake, lay down and begin to bandage my wounds. While all of this was happening, Walter had gotten killed in cold blood when he had his hands up #HandsUpDontShoot, and everyone else had succumbed to their wounds except me and Gabi. Gabi and I were communicating to try and follow the group and 6 and take them out Rick Grimes style. After searching for a couple of minutes, everyone called it a night and Walter submitted the report. And I would just like to respond to something one of the accused said. YOU said you were here for the PVP combat. Maybe if you and your group of dimwits thought more about role playing rather than getting a nice kick out of shooting innocent people you wouldn't be in this situation. Please don't put anyone else through this.