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  1. If you wanted a response only from staff members then you should have asked in the ask the admins thread, but you didn't. You asked a question, which I answered. You then say that I have no authority, which is true, but I do have experience in dealing with this stuff as I dealt with it before. All I am doing is repeating what staff said then, and I doubt their opinion has changed as the 365 day cooldown is still in effect. You answered a question that has no relation to the question that I asked. I'm asking how a VAC ban relates to me being able to play on the LIF server, not any of the other servers this community hosts. I don't really think you understand; You can't cheat on Life is Feudal. You can cheat on the other servers this community hosts. My question is why does the VAC blacklist apply to LiF since you can't cheat, and I've yet to be given a previous response from staff that says that it's because of moral high ground or any other reason, just responses to why people who have VACs cant play on other game servers that are susceptible to cheaters. I'm not getting in an argument, as frankly your responses are moot and on deaf ears since I just want a response from authority or to be linked to a thread that holds relevance to the VAC =/= LiF question I'm asking. Once a cheater, always a cheater. That is why the 365 ban exists.
  2. Thanks man I look forward to it! Hope to see you in Chernarus.
  3. Hey everyone thanks for letting me join the community, I look forward to RPing with you all!