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  1. *Thomas fiddles with the radio, trying to figure out how to turn it on.* *His voice would be shaky. He is obviously in great fear.* "Hello?" *STATIC* "Hello? Can I be heard?" "I, Lord Tabernackel require immediate assistance at my hold. It is being swarmed by brutes, who are trying to pillage my home." *The radio cuts out for two and a half minutes.* "-have tried to ward them off using wit, but alas, they do not respond to a word I say. I might also mention that I do not possess any weaponry." *The radio cuts out for another thirty seconds* "-eing said, is there any one who is willing to help I, Lord Tabernackel, with these brutes? I promise rewards, anything you would like in my hold." *The radio transmission ends.*
  2. Thomas Rentov

    Thomas Rentov was born in 1983. He grew up in Toronto, Canada, studying Culinary Arts at Humber College. After learning how to cook Indian cultural food, he decided to move to Chernarus to learn it's cultural foods, and how to cook them. Unfortunately, this unfortunately was shortly before the outbreak happened. During the outbreak, he migrated to the forest north of Svetlojarsk. He used his culinary skills and a plant identification book to survive off the land, sleeping under branches and leaves, in the middle of the isolated forest. This drove him somewhat insane. He was used to being around people. but in the dense Chernorussian forest? There was no one. It was soon after he found himself going insane, walking in circles, not one living human being in sight. He began to believe he was the lord of a fictional kingdom called the Boles Empire. He began calling himself Lord Tackernackel, of Tabernackel Hold. He believes that Devil's Castle is Tabernackel Hold.
  3. Hobo fun thread