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  1. Glad we just so happened to be running by there! Was a shit load of fun.
  2. Jebediah, in short, was a total nut case. As a young teen, he was fond of injuring small animals in the neighborhood he lived in. He was fond of drugs, and he was fond of women. However, his parents were abusive. An alcoholic father, a drug addicted mother, which lead to the mental issues that he has. To cope with the consistent abuse, he would split and become Mr. Frowny. An alter ego of sorts, where he was impervious against the constant beatings, lashings, and other forms of violence his father inflicted on him and his brother. His brother Billy, was the calm one, and also several years his junior. Billy was his handler of sorts, and could control his split personality disorder on most occasions. The first time he couldn't, Jebediah murdered their mother and father with a chainsaw and dismembered their corpses.
  3. Hogarth was a strange man. Born in Dallas, Texas he lived his life about 2 hours away in Cleburne on a farm with his parents. This was where Hogarth learned how to hunt, skin, track, grow crops, repair a tractor, and smoke cigarettes. As Hogarth got older, his interests drifted to booze, ladies of the night, and any and all substances he could get his hands on. After the death of his parents, he took to staying on his land, getting black out drunk, and hunting the Russian boar that plagued the land. You see, Hogarth and his parents were extremely close. His mother, a sweet, old fashioned woman with a wild spark that Hogarth adopted as his own. His father, a grizzled Texan who absolutely loved to hunt. Hogarth would often wake up at the crack of dawn to see his father, his rifle, and his coat gone. July 8th, 2017. Two months since the car accident that took the life of his parents. A wealthy friend of his from Dallas, came over to check up on him. The collection of empty whiskey bottles that he could see through the glass sliding door was enough of an answer. This friend had a lot of wealthy family near Chernarus, and had some land to hunt "exotic" animals on. Hogarth would soon learn this meant a few subspecies of deer, and if he was lucky, some bears. This was what Hogarth was REALLY coming to Chernarus for. He had hoped to hunt bears with his friend, drink whiskey, pass out, and repeat. Obviously this was not the case as shortly after arrival the news was that armed conflicts had broken out in several parts of Chernarus. However, his rather wealthy friend assured him that his family would be able to protect themselves and that he was in no danger. It was just some citizens causing trouble and what not. By the time they realized the true severity of the situation, it was pretty much all over for them. The gates of the compound where he was staying were left unattended. House keepers, land scapers, guards, all succumbed to the sickness. Their friends were trying to EAT THEM!? Hogarth watched as his friend TRY to save his mother, only for her to return the favor with a swift bite to his neck. Hogarth grabbed his rifle, a coat, his Stetson, and ran into the cold night. DAMN! He forgot to grab some vodka. He would have to deal with that after he figured out what the FUCK was going on.