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  1. I had that issue about 2 weeks ago, as well. Didn't find any fixes for it after searching through google and youtube. I tried the splint after every zombie attack trick, didn't work. Managed to get myself (FINALLY) to healthy status, and a zombie one-shotted me. So, @Spartan, seems you got lucky, or I got unlucky. lol
  2. Born in the Midwest US, Antonio was never anything too special. He spent a lot of time at the gun ranges, in the forests and wooded areas hunting, or just down at the bar hanging out with his friends. It was his idea of a good life. He came from money, so he never really had to worry about a job, but he wandered through part-time gigs when he got bored. For his 27th birthday, he decided he'd take a cruise. Booked it, everything was set up. He'd meet some nice girl(s) to hook up with on the way, have a nice party, live a little. He talked a handful of friends into going with him, as well, most of them jumped at the chance. He paid for it, since he was the one with money. The talk on-line just before the cruise was odd, but Antonio never really paid that much attention to the world that way. Too much unreliable information. So he and his buddies left for the cruise....To their detriment. The cruise ship, Costa Risacca, was apparently doomed from the get-go. He was one of the lucky ones, managed a life-boat after the ship hit rock. His friends, a few of them, managed to keep afloat a while with him, but when they made landfall? Well, that was a whole other story. They weren't expecting what was waiting for them on solid ground. His friends died, most of them while he watched, mostly helpless. No weapons, exhausted, he couldn't help them...And now he's on his own. If he's lucky, he'll survive this ordeal...
  3. vistan

    Need More Doctors [Open Freq.]

    *After having listened for a bit to the chatter, having stumbled on the frequency a while back, Antonio decides it's time to try to rejoin what's left of the society here and keys the talk button* Name's Antonio Marak. Been wandering the outskirts since early days, after the helo that brought me in crashed. I was a US army combat medic back in the day, and part of one of the WHO research teams sent in somewhere 'round the middle of the initial outbreak. Can't really say I'm a doctor, but I can triage with the best of 'em. Did most of my work with WHO as a bodyguard and nurse in some of the nastier places they went, so I think I'd be able to lend a hand. *Releasing the button, he runs his hand down across his face and gets to his feet, grabbing what little gear he's got at the moment and heading out, radio in hand.*
  4. Good morning, afternoon, evening, or night, as your location on the planet dictates! While I await verdict on my whitelist application, I thought I would introduce myself. As my username states, I am Vistan. I've been RPing in various forms since the early 1990's; Table-top, on-line, email, video games, once tried a game through snail-mail....That didn't turn out very well. lol Since I got DayZ so very long ago, I've been looking for, it would seem, this very community. Why it took me this long to find you, I have no idea, but here we are, 1168 hours of gameplay in. As much as I enjoy the game, even with all the thousands of times I've died because I did something stupid, or wasn't paying attention, or just because so many out there in the DayZ world are kill-happy, I've not had the experience that I have sought with the game. I've read a lot of forum posts, watched a good deal of YouTube content, people streaming RP in-game, whether from the DayZRP servers, or other RP servers, the videos all seemed to lead here, and so here I am, looking for what I hope will be the ultimate DayZ experience. I sometimes take a bit to warm up to people, so if I seem cold, or not interested in socializing outside the game, it is because I am what most people would call "shy". Keep pestering me, or toss a really bad joke my way, or just poke at me with a pointy stick, I'll warm up and be the social butterfly that I sometimes can be pretty fast. P.S. My in-game combat skills are HORRIBLE, so I typically run away from gunfire, or try to find a nice place to watch from. Usually play medic type characters or just generic survivor.