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  1. Sorry for us breaking the rule of logging prematurely but we went to see franz's post
  2. It was to take his items not to make us safer. Also what is going to happen about this situation. Also I would like to see the rule quote on quote please.
  3. From the rules " Players gain kill rights when a hostile action is taken against them or their group, or when their characters life is at risk. These rights last for 6 hours after last interaction during the hostile situation and can be used as long as their use do not conflict with any other rules like NLR or NVFL " You pointed a gun at us and told us to freeze. I am very sure this situation is resolved. Good day.
  4. Also just searched for "AOGM" and "abuse of game mechanic" in search and manual search. It does not exist nor is it a rule, and even if it was putting a backpack in your hands is not abuse as it is not abusing. Items in your hands is used all the item in roleplay as I have experienced.
  5. No it is not. It is simply asking you to take your backpack off and hold it. You had to idea to what what we were going to do with it, and no we are not totally safe you could had dropped it, ran, etc.
  6. I was quoting when you said you dropped your bag. HINT the QUOTATIONS!!!
  7. Correct Also you are obviously attempting to manipulate my words to make me sound like I don't understand the situation when I do.
  8. LIES again . . . I said you changed your story. Find the quote where I said I asked if it was on the ground or in your hands.
  9. I "know" these guys( have been held up before 2 weeks or so ), LIES we haven't even been part of this community for two weeks nor have we even seen you before.
  10. What? Is this your english or are you seeing imaginary people post in the thread?
  11. Nobody but us three has posted in this thread.
  12. That is clearly not bad English. I have seen worse English speakers use better grammar. I am still wondering why we are still going on about this. We are clearly in the right and the video is being uploaded as we speak. 61%
  13. i know i have a weird keybinding thats not the issue now).Didnt even had time to said sorry it slipped from my hands or something.They executed me , for throwing a backpack on the ground.... , later saying this "Lastly, why should i try to axe you ( with a backpack??" and saying later "I had the backpack in my hands and you clearly saw the animation". Be careful of what you post.
  14. Again breaking the rules of posting in a threat without posting evidence, I used bad language to quote and I only said fuck once. Please stop acting like this is a E for everyone community. YES HE WAS RECORDING SOUND BUT NOT HIS OWN MICROPHONE.
  15. You said before that you could have shot us there and you obviously wanted to RP but your RP was very poor (back to my first reply). You forced us to act and we did. Now you are reporting this like a child because you died in a video game for not doing what told. It is obvious you cannot prove your points of us breaking any rules, you have changed your story multiple times, made posts breaking the rules by not submitting further evidence but rather to post something useless on a report threat "Can you please mind your language here" We have video of you not following orders and you engaging in HostileRP.