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  1. DayZRP Community Memes

  2. Real life picture Thread

    rather drunk at the annual rally! charles the ghost creeping on my shoulder heavy.
  3. *claps hands* 


    best background video of the year award goes to you sir!

    this was pretty funny to be honest.

    1. Roach


      Thanks dude :) 

  4. Real life picture Thread

    little mans first experience in the snow!!! loves it
  5. Puncture's Media Thread

    take the beanz lad beautiful
  6. IM BACK!!!


    had a pleasant couple of weeks away! all though alot of it was spent working my arse off for Christmas for the kiddos, 

    we ventured to Paris for the week for my sons 6th birthday and went to Disneyland best experience ever to be honest.

    the wife seems to believe this is going to be are yearly holiday..... i think not

  7. The United People of Salvation

    good luck with this ma dude, this should be a good addition
  8. Joining Groups

  9. that moment when a truck roles up to the pub kills someone decides not to turn the truck off , then continues to kill more people including myself........ RIP me

    1. Taryn


      It was an accident. The truck was desync'd and the people in it were screaming for people to move. :(

    2. Oliv


      Sounds like someone was drinking and driving

    3. Kieran_Hales


      i believe they were lol, hit me that hard i ended up at the coast!

  10. Real life picture Thread

    Haha beat me to it definitely a poo selfie
  11. Real life picture Thread

    Me and @boshchrissy86 going to work on are masterpiece!!! (I'm the beautiful one with the golden beard and cap) Last week at the annual rally one of the lads was a rally virgin safe to say he loved it when he caught us
  12. Haha your more than welcome, enjoyed the RP wish it could of continued but my pc refused to allow it....... Maybe next time!
  13. Just got back from a fantastic weekend away drinking, smoking, music and motorbikes and the weather was great!


    1. boshchrissy86


      it was and we have to wait to next year 

    2. Kieran_Hales


      Yep! Great times there's always the farm yard and Yorkshire pudding though lad