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    • 1.2 You are not allowed to insult, bully, harass, troll or provoke other DayZRP players. This goes for all kinds of communication and medium, not just messages sent through DayZRP services.

    Just read a status update from a friend in regards to how he feels negatively to some of the responses and comments people havr clearly been saying about ''irish'' people

    They state they don't like Irish people and he's going to drive his car in and blow the Base up, as it might be friendly banter among friends it can be taken offensively to others rules clearly state ''insulting, bullying'' 


    If I was to say I don't like an Arab  and that there going to blow things up with car bombs..... Would I be deemed as racist would I be wronged for this? 2 sides to a coin, just immature behavior to be fair.