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    that moment when a truck roles up to the pub kills someone decides not to turn the truck off , then continues to kill more people including myself........ RIP me

    1. Taryn


      It was an accident. The truck was desync'd and the people in it were screaming for people to move. :(

    2. Oliv


      Sounds like someone was drinking and driving

    3. HALEZY


      i believe they were lol, hit me that hard i ended up at the coast!

  2. Real life picture Thread

    Haha beat me to it definitely a poo selfie
  3. Real life picture Thread

    Me and @boshchrissy86 going to work on are masterpiece!!! (I'm the beautiful one with the golden beard and cap) Last week at the annual rally one of the lads was a rally virgin safe to say he loved it when he caught us
  4. Haha your more than welcome, enjoyed the RP wish it could of continued but my pc refused to allow it....... Maybe next time!

    Just got back from a fantastic weekend away drinking, smoking, music and motorbikes and the weather was great!


    1. boshchrissy86


      it was and we have to wait to next year 

    2. HALEZY


      Yep! Great times there's always the farm yard and Yorkshire pudding though lad

  6. Kovar's Market

    kovars at tea time. saving you money everyday!

    fun times the night! enjoyed it @boshchrissy86 @Mr. Blue @Infamous @SameOldRalle shme eddie died id tag the other lad in bill? but i dont no who he is haha we will have to continue the journey another time for me its 4am good night!

    1. SameOldRalle

      Wait?! Was that you? xD 
      @Carg0cult was Bill and I'm pretty sure you know who that is to.
      But yeah, it was a fun night and I do hope we encounter each other another time!

    2. Mr. Blue

      Mr. Blue

      Yeah a real fun time! We need to find a truck haha.

    3. HALEZY


      haha @boshchrissy86 got back to cherno he found a truck....... all it needed was a battery, we will search once more!!! 

      and yea @SameOldRalle it was me good fun

  8. Mars Corporation [Recruitment Open]

    this is it lad, this is what i aimed to do with my group, when i started the security company at the lore wipe, just didn't have the time to focus all that much on it, plus i wanted to play my character in-game for abit to see if i enjoyed playing as a contractor...... good look with this lad, looking for recruits i got a couple of boys we still play as contractors just looking for the rest of my squad. getting involved in civilian groups helping were we can like i say looking good
    • HALEZY

    Welcome back lad!!! al never forget the day i found you on the road side and took you home to the fireflys...

    1. SameOldRalle

      That was ages since it happened, but it was an honor to belong to that group despite all the adversities we experienced. :)


    day 9 of my 14, 11 hour shifts in a row....................... so close i can see the end 

    1. evanm23


      money tho

    2. HALEZY




  10. Great stuff I tried to record but half hour into it stopped due to me not changing to my other harddrive, glad u managed to get it! I'm now running on 2 hours sleep haha didn't get back to the market till 6am.. Worth it though
  11. Robbing people! At this current time.

    With the goodness of my heart though
  12. it was great! Actually really enjoyed the amount of people we had, and there was a great amount of Rp not just people screaming unfortunately us down here at kovar didn't manage to get the bus home safe and sound she eventually died just out of town so we had to leave her behind....... She served her purpose. Thanks to everyone involved!
  13. Robbing people! At this current time.

    This is it. If someone tortures you, your going to want to do the same depending on your character, if they remove your ear I'd want to return it to them, if your character is scared and is really hurt throughout the RP your not going to run though 4 towns and 6 fields to shoot them, you probaly wouldn't retaliate you would hide seek medical attention and the likes, this is it sometimes people get really salty the fact there being robbed so want to run after them to get there gear back it's more fun to enjoy the moment, plan your Rp after that if you want to find them ensure you have a plan to capture them, yes it's easier to kill them from across a field but that makes you as bad as the RP u just recieved, I remember once when a group were hunting me for a month cough cough @Chewy because I attacked one of there people, they blew my knee cap open and carved into my head, they then left me to die crawling for my life, I made it to a northern settlement( after I died from the pole of a guard tower) to were this settlement give me medical attention my character had to rest for over a week, but this one interaction caused me to have weeks of Rp with new people....... Al this because the person I robbed didn't come straight to kill me he waited a month and eventually tracked me and give me what I deserved. So yea people should be robbing people, people were getting robbed before the apocalypse so I can't see this issue, just as long as your the one being robbed offer the best Rp u can and don't get salty, end of the day it's only gear
  14. Group Alliances

    I don't believe it should yea it looks good, but like you say it causes alot of metagaming, people will look and think ooooo there friends with them let's put the pressure on causing conflict that might not of occurred otherwise, smaller groups will band together in times likes these, with the likes of military uprising E.G the Vdv are getting alot of hate IC for there methods of dealing with the infection, if the Un are working with the likes of the VDV these smaller groups aren't going to trust say the Un for this. It's best to keep it incharacter personally I find it more interesting running round hearing different things heard the Un packed up and left then someone else told me there up north working with the Vdv, heard the Cdf were going to war with the Vdv but then heard off someone else they were also up north Aswell...... What I mean is someone might completely trust the UN but hate the VDV, if they read the group page and see there allies these people are going to have a different outlook on the UN basically by metagaming