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  1. The United People of Salvation

    good luck with this ma dude, this should be a good addition
  2. Joining Groups

  3. that moment when a truck roles up to the pub kills someone decides not to turn the truck off , then continues to kill more people including myself........ RIP me

    1. Taryn


      It was an accident. The truck was desync'd and the people in it were screaming for people to move. :(

    2. Oliv


      Sounds like someone was drinking and driving

    3. HALEZY


      i believe they were lol, hit me that hard i ended up at the coast!

  4. Real life picture Thread

    Haha beat me to it definitely a poo selfie
  5. Real life picture Thread

    Me and @boshchrissy86 going to work on are masterpiece!!! (I'm the beautiful one with the golden beard and cap) Last week at the annual rally one of the lads was a rally virgin safe to say he loved it when he caught us
  6. Haha your more than welcome, enjoyed the RP wish it could of continued but my pc refused to allow it....... Maybe next time!
  7. Just got back from a fantastic weekend away drinking, smoking, music and motorbikes and the weather was great!


    1. boshchrissy86


      it was and we have to wait to next year 

    2. HALEZY


      Yep! Great times there's always the farm yard and Yorkshire pudding though lad

  8. Kovar's Market

    kovars at tea time. saving you money everyday!
  9. fun times the night! enjoyed it @boshchrissy86 @Mr. Blue @Infamous @SameOldRalle shme eddie died id tag the other lad in bill? but i dont no who he is haha we will have to continue the journey another time for me its 4am good night!

    1. SameOldRalle

      Wait?! Was that you? xD 
      @Carg0cult was Bill and I'm pretty sure you know who that is to.
      But yeah, it was a fun night and I do hope we encounter each other another time!

    2. Mr. Blue

      Mr. Blue

      Yeah a real fun time! We need to find a truck haha.

    3. HALEZY


      haha @boshchrissy86 got back to cherno he found a truck....... all it needed was a battery, we will search once more!!! 

      and yea @SameOldRalle it was me good fun

  10. Mars Corporation [Recruitment Open]

    this is it lad, this is what i aimed to do with my group, when i started the security company at the lore wipe, just didn't have the time to focus all that much on it, plus i wanted to play my character in-game for abit to see if i enjoyed playing as a contractor...... good look with this lad, looking for recruits i got a couple of boys we still play as contractors just looking for the rest of my squad. getting involved in civilian groups helping were we can like i say looking good
  11. Welcome back lad!!! al never forget the day i found you on the road side and took you home to the fireflys...

    1. SameOldRalle

      That was ages since it happened, but it was an honor to belong to that group despite all the adversities we experienced. :)

  12. day 9 of my 14, 11 hour shifts in a row....................... so close i can see the end 

    1. evanm23


      money tho

    2. HALEZY




  13. Great stuff I tried to record but half hour into it stopped due to me not changing to my other harddrive, glad u managed to get it! I'm now running on 2 hours sleep haha didn't get back to the market till 6am.. Worth it though
  14. Robbing people! At this current time.

    With the goodness of my heart though
  15. it was great! Actually really enjoyed the amount of people we had, and there was a great amount of Rp not just people screaming unfortunately us down here at kovar didn't manage to get the bus home safe and sound she eventually died just out of town so we had to leave her behind....... She served her purpose. Thanks to everyone involved!
  16. Robbing people! At this current time.

    This is it. If someone tortures you, your going to want to do the same depending on your character, if they remove your ear I'd want to return it to them, if your character is scared and is really hurt throughout the RP your not going to run though 4 towns and 6 fields to shoot them, you probaly wouldn't retaliate you would hide seek medical attention and the likes, this is it sometimes people get really salty the fact there being robbed so want to run after them to get there gear back it's more fun to enjoy the moment, plan your Rp after that if you want to find them ensure you have a plan to capture them, yes it's easier to kill them from across a field but that makes you as bad as the RP u just recieved, I remember once when a group were hunting me for a month cough cough @Chewy because I attacked one of there people, they blew my knee cap open and carved into my head, they then left me to die crawling for my life, I made it to a northern settlement( after I died from the pole of a guard tower) to were this settlement give me medical attention my character had to rest for over a week, but this one interaction caused me to have weeks of Rp with new people....... Al this because the person I robbed didn't come straight to kill me he waited a month and eventually tracked me and give me what I deserved. So yea people should be robbing people, people were getting robbed before the apocalypse so I can't see this issue, just as long as your the one being robbed offer the best Rp u can and don't get salty, end of the day it's only gear
  17. Group Alliances

    I don't believe it should yea it looks good, but like you say it causes alot of metagaming, people will look and think ooooo there friends with them let's put the pressure on causing conflict that might not of occurred otherwise, smaller groups will band together in times likes these, with the likes of military uprising E.G the Vdv are getting alot of hate IC for there methods of dealing with the infection, if the Un are working with the likes of the VDV these smaller groups aren't going to trust say the Un for this. It's best to keep it incharacter personally I find it more interesting running round hearing different things heard the Un packed up and left then someone else told me there up north working with the Vdv, heard the Cdf were going to war with the Vdv but then heard off someone else they were also up north Aswell...... What I mean is someone might completely trust the UN but hate the VDV, if they read the group page and see there allies these people are going to have a different outlook on the UN basically by metagaming
  18. 1996: spectre security Spectre security was formed in 1996 by Jason peters and Derek peters in Newcastle England to provide training support for personal security guards, close protection courses and offer additional training support to military and enforcement organizations. There idea was to become a strong pawn in national security protection. 1998 training operational centre open the training centre was purchased just outside of a small village in the heart of north Yorkshire it was about 2000 acres wide with mass woodland surrounding the area, it was the perfect location for the mass of the training the company must offer, for a variety of field operations and scenarios. This plan boosted the amount of work force the company had, creating a huge amount of employment and revenue so the company could become number one in a growing private security world. Multiple missions were planned throughout the year which involved multiple countries involving their people into the training programs which were set at different levels, trained by ex-service men and woman to become the best in private security. 1999 first contract Spectre security won a contract in 1999 to ensure 10000 men were trained and equipped in Afghanistan, the contract was estimated to be around £11 million, spectre security undercut some of the leading private security companies to win the contract, this was to ensure government and police were trained to a high standard, there was multiple private security companies deployed to ensure the mass of the country was trained and ready. Spectre security was hired to train and ensure multiple government buildings and patrol points were secure and ensure instillation were ready and protected in case of attacks. 2002 company growth The company had significantly grown in the past few years doing multiple contracts across the globe with multiple countries, working in complete different lines of work from close protection to secure and drop missions, the company had revenue over 1 billion pounds, and was growing every day with being recruited by UK government. 2010 rebirth The company has grown so much over the years it become a collision, it began to take on smaller companies through the UK using spectre logo alongside their names this widened the areas of training, by this point there was 8 training centers through the UK and 1 in America, they’ve become leading security company. Being more established they continued to be a frontier in the fight against terror, with multiple teams being deployed around the world, they continued to offer services to VIP personal protection, even offering services to the American president in his visit to Afghanistan. Ensuring his safety through his time within the country. The company was worth over 10 billion with solid trade deals and ties into high powered weaponry. 2016 Russia Spectre security was recruited in Russia by the government in September 2016 to protect a group of Russian engineers who were on Chinese soil, it was unknown to why the Russians were there, and why they needed transferred back and forth to Russia the price of the job was a substantial amount of money estimated around 49 million, there job was to ensure the safety and security of the engineer group. spectre security was then investigated to why their flight pattern to Russia and China was so irregular they had to show the correct paperwork regarding the job, the investigation went on for months showing that Derek peters had been dealing high powered weaponry and selling it to the likes of Iran, Afghanistan, Istanbul, showing he was funding the terrorist groups. Investigations were opened into the contracts taken out when they were hired into the war on terror in Afghanistan into the deaths of multiple civilians who were under the protection, detecting the weapons used and bullets used were at a time, weaponry spectre security were trading, the investigation dragged on but went no were as of the time the weaponry used everyone was trading, so couldn’t be directly linked to spectre security and could have been possible insurgents. The UK government cut all services with spectre security, removing their licenses, and began investigating them for murder, wrongful death, negligence and weapon smuggling into the war town country and smuggling people out of the country for a price. They were also investigated tax evasion and money laundering, 2017 license In early 2017 spectre were renewed their licenses as most of the charges had all been dropped due to no evidence, or that they were simply working from the UK governments orders, the company was found guilty of murdering two families in northern Afghanistan and were charged 12 million spectre security denied all charges claiming it was an act of self-defense, another case was brought forward showing 3 men had been stripped, stabbed and shot multiple times, in some tie to the traffic circle, four men were charged of murder and sensed to life in prison. 2017 the VIP The company received another contract from a Russian company to escort and protect the CEO to chernarus in regards to land they had purchased over a year ago, the family that owned the land had lived there all there lives but the father had sold it for a reduced price to the company, shortly after this man died, leaving the family with the mess, spectre were hired to release the land to the company so they could begin building there factories and digging the land, they were told anyway possible to make the family see straight in releasing the land. alpha squad of 5 men were sent with the CEO and his colleagues to recover there property. reports came back to spectre that all members of the family were executed, but noted it had been dealt with, the Russians had paid alot of money to recover the land. 2 weeks into being deployed radio contact with the group and the CEO went silent spectre security began investigating the were about of their men, days had past and still nothing was heard they contacted the company and they also heard nothing back from them, they were doing there own investigations with the government, new broke out that the country had falling to some infection, spectre security then deployed Bravo team into the country to recover their men. 2017 landed Bravo team landed and set up base in a old abandoned pub in the Rockies west of sinistock they made radio contact with the UK informing them of the sightings they were seeing and to begin their mission to locate the missing people..... story will continue with interactions in-game. IC goals 1. Discover the whereabouts of Alpha team 2. Help evacuate alpha team and the scientists 3. Keep a low profile on who we are 4. Locate NATO location and direct people in the that direction 5. Learn about the infection 6. Help people in need 7. Form alliances when deeper into the apocalypse 8. More will be added as the story continues in game OOC goals 1. Use walkie talkies when in game to communicate to each other for a better experience, private radios to be used only when important 2. Stick in role, even no these are trained personal they are not ready for anything like this, they have never seen anything like this before 3. Offer great RP, and support to everyone we come in contact with 4. Set a good example to help new people to the server ALPHA team will not actually be played as anyone, also the scientist wont be they will just be involved for RP bases, unless enough applications are received then it will only be Bravo team, limited size of group to keep it nice and easy and it fit well with the lore, not here to create an army. work in progress, awaiting members, and characters. please send applications to @Kieran_Hales if your interested in joining or would like to no more about the group and its ideas. new to graphics and the likes so feedback would be great, im open to better ones if anyone is intrested on taking it on id be more than happy to change them thanks
  19. Spectre Security (recruiting)

    Hi there i haven't been on all that much the past week with work and all, and i have a pretty busy next two weeks a head so my playtime wont be massive i personally dont believe me going further with the group at present is worth it, ive spoke to a few people about another group, were i believe my character could be more valuable as a person, the members i had lined up to join dont get on, so we spoke about creating the group for them to come back but hey outside commitments and all. theirs alot of great groups already accepted at the minute, and currently cant see mine fitting in at this stage for the plans i have for it, so going to put it on the back burner till i can spend the time getting it were i want it, and spend time perfecting my character personally to fit the role, i wouldn't want anyone getting a bad experience from my characters RP from me not fully understanding his background. so going to play in the wasteland and find someone to take me in! thanks but feel free to archive this @Oliv sorry for wasting your time, i was honestly ment to do this the other day, but like i say been a tad bit busy.
  20. music!

    just upgrade myself! how do i add music like i cant direct link a song from youtube????
  21. Axel Peterson

    axel was born in 1969 in Newcastle England he had a great up bringing lived in a rather rich family, never had to ask for nothing, he spent his time through school in an all boys school, he had simple childhood like anyone else, his father was the a business man so was never home, his mother didn't work as she stayed home to see to axel and his 2 sister Elizabeth and Sophie when axel was 18 he joined the military, he severed his time in the air-force until he was 26 a fall caused him to completely destroy his left knee causing him to be pinned and a new knee re-made, 4 years on from this he was approached by a company called spectre security looking to recruit him due to his record within the air force, he accepted the job, the pay was great, even though his knee was destroyed 4 years ago there was still slight ten-dent damage causing him to limb slightly under presser but its bearable his first few jobs seen him doing close protection for VIPs in and around England and Scotland, he was sent to Afghanistan for 2 weeks to protect a guard post then was sent back to they UK. as the years past he met a lady called Amanda and withing a year they married, not shortly after Amanda fell pregnant to twins john and Lucy, he his wife always tried to push him out of the security business but he loved the shop, a few years past he was on a job in London when his team were called for a search and rescue mission in chernarous, he had never even heard of it till now, they were deployed from the base in north Yorkshire and flew to Russia they then left Russia and landed in the Rockies in some woodland on top of a mountain to were they set up base and phoned back to base to receive all last communication about the Alpha group or also known as The Grunts, Axel was team leader of his group called The Spartans. they set camp and recieved all last intell on locations of were Alpha was last seen. expands as story continues.
  22. Spectre Security (recruiting)

    Thanks for your response @Banks I've played the server since last November been in a few groups played many different character types hell I went super chill and played as a hippy, my last character was a lone psychopath who watched his wife and daughter be killed he was that lost he be friended the zombies, it went pretty well with a Rp aspect alot of the bandit groups would leave me alone one group tried to make me butcher there hostages but the good soul he kinda was, let them go because they had a woman, something he hasn't seen in 2 years so got a little excited! If u get my point I understand were your comming from @Static offered me a position in your group which I really appreciate the offer! But I honestly wanted to try something myself to to be incontrol of my own Rp I've been in a few groups as I stated but its seems we follow there story line when I want to follow my own, I have a million and one ideas but I'm terrible at writing! I love were I could go with a group like this.... 1. Some of them members could go rogue 2. They can protect people 3. Protect trade posts 4. Do arms deals 5. Capture people in exchange for weapons 6. Help fight apposing threats 7. Gather supplies for settlements 8. Teach survivors how to use guns to protect themselves And so on, the idea is as the lore continues Bravo team will lose contact with spectre security they will be alone squad as the world begins to collapse they will never find alpha squad or the Vip, yea will end up being trapped the same as civilians they will have to try and live the same life trying to survive.
  23. Spectre Security (recruiting)

    Well what happened here then, Lesson number one: shut the group page down when you go to bed.haha Beside all this above, I do appreicate the criticism I've changed the lore alot since first putting it up removed alot, added alot, got rid of the Donald trump conspiracy for the number 1 supporter @Banks haha joking dude, but seriously this is a good idea making a place were you can put a group on and be able to make changes get feedback and make it better, I've messaged @Static a few times in regards to my lore and how terrible I am at writing haha and he's been nothing but helpful top guy. Yea Al jump on tonight and see if I can speak to one of them thanks @Undead Yea I got a few members, trying to bring old friends back Aswell with the group Al get it all sorted, that dreaded thing called work has me again so Al do it after work, good idea making a list of who is in the company, showing the the likes of the ceos and such all the way down to the pawns on the frontline. Thanks @Yoshi Im not here for arguments I want feedback and I've acted on every bit so far and will do, also I did state I'm terrible at graphics haha so yea Al admit it looks a bit shite but hey if anyone has a program I can use that would be great.
    • 11.5 When speaking with another player, you may not communicate over the radio (TeamSpeak) with your allies unless you speak over the radio and in game at the same time. Telepathic communication is not acceptable.

    this I do like.

    but it's never going to happen everyone is still going to do it, just wait till the first bandit group appears and see.

    1. Saints


      Then they will get banned :)


    2. Lyca


      Then you report them. 

    3. Rolle


      Hold my beer.