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  1. Born to a drug lord father and a mother he'd never know. Leon while always curious chalked it up to buyer that his father got too close to and he was the end result. His father not one to ever stick to the negatives for long. Raised the boy as his own and thought him the rules of the business. Leon's childhood was fulled with back alley deals. Drug money and all the influences of crime that a child of his upbringing would have. Evenutally Leon had done so well in his hometown that when his father decided to expand his business overseas. Leon was sent to Chernabus as a starting point for the family business. The first two years were easy enough. Duck the eyes of the law. Make a profit and in essence doing it all on his own without having his father looking over his shoulder. Then the outbreak came and Leon went from fighting the police with his crew to trying to become dinner for his crew. Leon who is now twenty years old is taking his father's approach to life. He can see a profit and even more oppurtunites in this new world that he is in. Being at odds with the law is tough enough but if you become the law...hell life could be the easiest it's ever been.
  2. I was heading south from vybor and stopped at Putshoka to scavenge for food and ammo mags for my markrov. It was there after a wolf attack I ended up meeting skip and alan. I didn't know skip but i'd met Alan previously and he seemed on the up and up so i followed them around for a bit. It was there that I learned that their friend @Emily Jones had been in some possible trouble and went to help them out. They gave me their teamspeak (radio) and I went down to scout out the area and see what was actually going on. Once everything was cleared and Emily was safe and sound they decided to go up to vmc hill with two other people @Kimmylou and @Saul. Everything seemed ok but Skip's wording was making me uneasy and i could tell that it was making the two new people uneasy as well. So I stayed as far away from the group as possible without drawing too much attention. As skip's cannibalism came out I started to look around to see if there was any exit at all and that's when i saw the man with the ghille gun before I could even ask what was going on I got shot to death and by the sounds of things. So did the two new people. My char had no ic knowledge of skip or anyone else being cannibals. He heard someone was in trouble and being the good solider that he was went to go and help out and thought that he was heading for a campfire celebratation after a job well done.
  3. OK the initation was down the hill. I was the furthest away from the initiation I was the furthest from the campfire. No weapon drawn nothing of the sort. I was the first to get shot without even so much as a damn "Hey what's going?". Pretty sure that's a KOS plus in the stream the guy with the accent was shot at from behind and I could still hear the guy basically saying "Hey I have nothing to do with this i'm not sure what's going on." but he got blasted anyway. So you heard the talk of cannibals but not the talk of ppl saying they have not parts in this? Pecuilar.
  4. Bojack Woods better known is a Twenty- four-year-old a who had lived the first seven years of his life in the most southern (Location wise not socially wise.) part of South Carolina. Even in his youth he was a man who liked to tinker and camp out and it was during one of these camping trips that he met Frank Carson. The two with their moral codes aligned and love for the outdoors quickly became the best of friends. Having each other's back from middle school all the way to graduation. While frank wanted to be a Police officer. Bojack thought his tinkering would be best used in the military. It was there that he fixed up vehicles, kept weapons in shape and became known as very dependable man and one of the best examples of what a solider should be. It was because of his solider like behavior that he'd end up in Chernarus as part of the a joint international peace-corp. He enjoyed life as a solider in Cheranus becoming a local hero in the town of Cerena Polana. Before the outbreak began, He was a easygoing and kindhearted individual who thought the best of all those around him. But due to surviving by doing the absolute worse of things, seeing those he cares about in this new world die in the most heinous of ways and being unable to see those in his homeland has made him slightly more jaded and cautious of those around him. He's willingly to help those in need but is just as quickly (and in many instances more quickly) able to turn his back and abandon those who have wronged him. Forgiveness is a rarity for him now.
  5. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): https://www.dayzrp.com/whitelist/summary-11442/ Why the verdict is not fair: I flubbed on the questions nothing more. Just asking for another chance to get it right and be apart of a big rp server. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Another chance to try and a join a active rp dayz server. What could you have done better?: Coulda paid more attention and read more. It's not much to read and i shouldn't slack with this if I wanna get in.
  6. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): http://prnt.sc/d40t8o Why the verdict is not fair: I put down my original age and was told that was not the right age so I was under the impression they wanted my time on steam which is three years. Once I put that in I was immediately blacklisted. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I'm not new to rp however I've never played a dayz rp before and I'd like get the chance to. If you need the id thing to do then that's fine I'm just not sure why when I put 23 it was told I put the wrong age in. I know you have to be at least 16 but I didn't it was 16 or bust. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I'd just like another chance at getting whitelisted. I still had 4 more tries before this happened.
  7. I'm sorry I'm making simple mistakes and it's backfiring on me. The first time I tried to get white-listed I got two questions wrong on second part and apparently the age I put down was born. I was born November 15, 1992 that makes me 23 I put that I was 23 and when I put down that I was 23 I was told it was wrong for some reason. Now I thought it was because of the fact that it might have mean't that they wanted my put the number of years I was a steam member which was three. So I put that down as well and that's when I got blacklisted. I'm fine with going through the whole whitelist thing I understand it's purpose and I'd like to play on a big Dayz Rp server. If there's anything I need to do besides this to get off the blacklist please let me know. P.S. I litterally found this site today. Like I'm the freshest new blood on here atm lol