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  1. At this point, I feel that Rule 2.3 is being heavily violated by multiple groups on this server. The last few days we have been CONSTANTLY held hostage or attempted to be initiated on by the same people over and over again. I would go as far as to say I am even being stream sniped to accomplish this and have strong suspicions of who it is and what group they are with. I'm sorry if I am the only one that feels this way, but I am a bit turned off by the constant, pointless and forced RP because someone lacks the creativity to do anything else. How many more people need to hold me hostage to "Get their name out"? It was fine the first time, but this is just getting ridiculous. Anytime I see groups of people coming now, I completely drop all RP and head off in the other direction with my group, because it's all too predictable what their intentions are.
  2. LagIsMyExcuse

    Camp eden Has fallen (open frequency)

    **If eye rolling had a sound, it'd be the loudest thing in his response** "Wow, I am so very impressed that someone was able to take down a camp full of hunters and farmers, oh look at your might" **Chains tosses his radio back in his bag and goes about his everyday life.**
  3. Server and location: Camp Eden Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2019-05-20, 20:13 Your in game name: Charlie Callahan Names of allies involved: Emma, Gotcho, Lujan, too many to list Name of suspect/s: Not Sure Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Edward J Adams Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): https://www.twitch.tv/videos/427506638?t=01h24m58s Detailed description of the events: They ran into the Oasis at night, yelling to put our hands up. Everyone but one person I didn't know complies, we were huddled in a group in the light with our hands up and were executed without any RP or reasoning.
  4. I am really enjoying our RP. Certainly took a very unpredictable turn especially for my character. This is going to complicate the hell out of my RP. But you are awesome and fun to RP with! (even if you like pineapple on pizza.)
  5. LagIsMyExcuse

    The Chedaki "A DayZRP series"

    OMG I'm famous! 10/10 would get held up by this group again!
  6. @Jsesse White @Jadeboat @Mademoiselle @JkpFrog @Jean also Mr. Black (I can't find you on here) and TONS of other people I RP'd with tonight! Was awesome RP'ing with a lot of you and learning more about your characters. I think there's a ton of RP that is going to spawn from the conversations that happened today even if they seemed insignificant to you at the time. Also, there are too many moments to choose from but this was my personal favorite.
  7. @Jean @Sixy @kimmylou @Jsesse White Loved the RP today! Tons of drama, and tons more to come! Was challenging without the text working, but we made it work!
  8. **The radio fires to life and an ominous static can be heard, only getting slightly clearer during the few seconds of broadcast, but for a brief moment it would sound like Sarah McLachlan's song, In the arms of an angel was playing before abruptly falling silent once again.**
  9. **Charlie "Chains" slides the radio from his pocket and puts it up to his mouth before pushing the PTT and taking a deep sigh before speaking** "Chance, I don't know what frequency to find you on so I'm trying them all. If you're out there, or if someone knows where I can find him, please let him know that Chains needs to speak with him about something.....important. You can reach me on the radio here and we'll find a place to meet up and have a real talk." **The radio goes dead**
  10. I legit thought I was listening to two doctors doing their work! Very awesome experience and great RP! Hope to run into you again! Was great running into you and very cool character too! Can't wait to see more of him/you on the server! @Jsesse White @kimmylou
  11. LagIsMyExcuse

    BadRP and You (Your Thoughts)

    RP in a nutshell for me yesterday
  12. *Charlie hits the PTT but pauses a moment before letting out a sigh and talking in a quiet voice* "Names Charlie Callahan, but my friends call me Chains. I'm looking for work in trade for slop and supplies. I was a uhh... *slight pause* freelance journalist, before the outbreak, but there's no use for that skillset anymore. I will try my hand at just about anything. I'm a hard worker and a quick learner, though I don't want to work with any jits. Hit me back if you have any odd jobs and we can meet up for an interview." *Charlie tries to keep it brief and unclicks the PTT, waiting for responses*
  13. LagIsMyExcuse

    BadRP and You (Your Thoughts)

    So I don't know if I have room to speak here or not, really depends on your interpretation of BadRP. I know my character Kane is "Dumb" and the things he does are annoying, but I also try my hardest to stay in character, keep what he does relevant to the server and peoples stories and use him in to create/build RP for myself and others. I'm sure some here can vouch for the troubles Kane has caused due to his inability to keep a secret. I also try not to inject myself or stick around very long when people are having serious RP as to not disrupt it. With that being said, I have noticed a lot of what I would consider BadRP. People just blindly following others for no reason, using language or actions that aren't conducive to creating an entertaining environment, forcing conflict where it doesn't make sense, acting like children, OOC talking, etc etc etc. Even as Kane, a character that I think can adapt to any situation, I in many cases have an extremely difficult time RP'ing with some of these people, and many times find ways to cut the conversation short and run off. I personally do not report BadRP and will not unless it restricts my ability to enjoy my RP against my will. I just find a way to quickly exit the situation, or I IC make them feel so unwelcome that they will do it themselves. I have a hard time reporting anyone because maybe my definition and theirs are different. I tend to think that it's very possible that there are people RP'ing with them and enjoy their RP, otherwise they would get bored and leave the server, therefore it is simply my opinion that they have BadRP and is not something they should be reported for. I will also admit that I believe my character, though not my intention nor the way I RP, has contributed to people thinking that BadRP is acceptable. Because of this I have benched that character for the time being and created a much more serious one.
  14. Born in a broken home in the suburbs of Chicago, Charlie only knows the violence taught to him in his family home and on the streets.
  15. LagIsMyExcuse

    Tag the Member in the Scene

    OMFG, this is sooo accurate!
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