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  1. @Roland I'm sure you've tried everything and may already be doing this, but when I ran ARK servers (unreal engine) it was not setup to mutithread, but it tried. The most massive server performance tweak I made was to restrict each ARK server instance to one single CPU. Solved a ton of desync issues on a server with over 200+ players. Again, I understand it's a different engine, game, and I'm sure you've tried everything, just throwing it out there.
  2. LagIsMyExcuse

    Metagaming changes 3 week poll

    Is that seriously the best argument against? That people can't post evidence because they themselves are breaking rules... This rule adds to the realism and RP aspect of the game which is the objective of the server, it's in the name. dayzRP I seriously can't feel bad for people who can't file reports because they are also breaking rules.
  3. Someone might be coming out of retirement to do race car shit and bring "Hands Up Don't Shoot" back to Chernarus!


  4. OOC love the sound of this group IC hate it!
  5. LagIsMyExcuse

    PVP and translating into RP

    Not everyone is going to like your RP and you can't force them to like your RP. So either avoid them, modify your RP, or eventually they will move to the other options that now exist. Who cares?
  6. Have you never been to Arizona? You just described half our population
  7. LagIsMyExcuse

    Cannibal hunting ground (Open frequency)

    *Jason stops in his tracks, hearing the voices from a nearby radio, the words intriguing him. He picks up the radio and pushes the button. Jason responds in a slow, quiet whisper* "You sss-eem like the kind of people we would love to meet, I have a gift I would like to give you..." *Jason pulls the radio from his mouth as if talking to someone else, but his voice would slightly raise* "No, we do not eat people you fools-sss, but perhaps they are enlightened ... like us..." *He returns his attention to the radio, his voice returning to an ominous whisper* "We will be seeing you sss-oon, but first we must find the others-sss, as they like to play ... as well..." *Jason drops the radio, it lands on the PTT and the sounds of a single person walking away can be heard before the battery dies*
  8. LagIsMyExcuse

    Mafia Media Thread

    None of you all are Chilly Boys! Therefore none of you have claim!
  9. LagIsMyExcuse

    Why is everyone going to server 2?

    I take people hostage and torture them. I assure you I am not using this server for PVE... I also am not one to quickly jump and fling reports around. Just because I don't enjoy someones version of hostile RP doesn't mean everyone doesn't. In many cases I don't feel they are blatant rule breaks there, it's just not a style of RP that I enjoy, other might. There's 160 people on the server at any given time. I cannot possibly RP with them all due to the traveling limitations. If I am avoiding 15 of them that means there's still 145 on at any given time for me to RP with that I still realistically cannot RP with all of them, so I am not hurting my own character development at all. What I feel is hurting the server is forced RP on groups that obviously do not enjoy your flavor of RP. There's 160 people.......find them.
  10. LagIsMyExcuse

    Why is everyone going to server 2?

    Out of my 3 characters, 2 always comply to hostage situations. Just because someone complies doesn't mean they are getting good RP. In a lot of these situations the Hostage takers thing that RP is telling people they can't RP (Don't talk, face the wall, don't look at me, don't move). Luckily this isn't real-life and there's an expectation that people get to interact and RP with their hostage takers rather than being idle pawns in whatever pre-determined outcome the hostage taker has planned for them. These are the type of interactions that I do not nor will not ever enjoy because I am not being allowed to RP at that point. Then they will hide behind a rule shield of saying someone didn't value their life. If it happens once or twice with the same people, ok whatever, but when it's constant with the same people...I avoid them, it's not effecting my ability to RP in the future, only limiting theirs.
  11. LagIsMyExcuse

    Why is everyone going to server 2?

    The problem is all HostileRP is being lumped into one, and that shouldn't be the case. There is good HostileRP that is enjoyable to both parties that helps to build RP and stories for everyone. Then there is bad HostileRP that is usually forced on people and PVP focused and is not enjoyable for both parties and doesn't build RP or stories for everyone. People generally love the former and avoid the latter. If you find yourself in a group that people are avoiding RP'ing with, you might want to consider if the RP you are providing is enjoyable for everyone and not just yourselves as that is the whole point of the server. Also consider that if you do not want to change your RP that perhaps there are other groups you can interact with instead that would enjoy your RP. I've had groups hold me hostage for 10 minutes and it's a miserable experience that I can't wait to be over because it's not even fun or providing me value. I've had other groups hold me hostage for HOURS, and I find myself looking for reasons to interact with them in the future because it's an enjoyable experience for us all.
  12. LagIsMyExcuse

    Why is everyone going to server 2?

    They will be back. So this is your chance to build the the taj mahal, so this way when they do come back, they will be in awe and the wonder you have created!
  13. LagIsMyExcuse

    Games graphics wont load

    This happened to me. I went to options and changed my graphics from extreme to medium and it fixed the issue.
  14. LagIsMyExcuse

    The Quarantined (Open Recruitment)

    +1 RP with this group is awesome! Thank you guys for the great time! 10/10 would stay at this hotel again!
  15. LagIsMyExcuse

    Why is everyone going to server 2?

    Problem is she is a streamer in a group of streamers. They will always find her and follow almost immediately.
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