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  1. "Live as if everyday is your last." Roger Hellers never expected his motto to be even more true than ever nowadays. Getting stranded in Chernarus during his surival and climbing holiday because he was out in the woods as the escaltion started. After being attacked by a deranged woman in the woods he travelled back to town to seek medical aid. The towns however were not the safe, it seemed deranged people were everywhere. After a day sneaking around the town he ran into a militairy patrol. The news from these soldiers send to help wasn't uplifting, some sort of outbreak had occured apperantly somewhere in Chernarus but none really knew the details. They did however know it was happening everywhere now not just here in Chernarus. At this point leaving was no longer an option, airfields were closed and travel by land was dangerous at best but more likely it was suicide. During the night after finding the patrol to post was attacked, as the soldiers were overrun Roger ran back into the forest hoping to survive in a world gone mad. He was certain that towns would be a deathtrap. Now he's using his skills to survive in a world which is no longer our world. He never was much of a people person but nowadays meeting someone who doesn't try to eat or kill you is a blessing.