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  1. I told you guys I didn't wanted to hit anyone,I just saw one person running down the road,I just shot my damaged bullet in that direction throw the window but don't in the persons direction, I thought there would be no problem,like I said I'm wrong... it won't happen again ok?!I just want to enjoy a good RP
  2. no,I don't have any video i just have pics with three another guys that i was,they went to the airfield and I said to them that i had to rest,I entered in that house and sit a little bit and check my backpack,then i put that damaged bullet in my mozin and shot,then i logged off because it was late here in my country(Brazil) 1:30a.m,and I went to sleep,I think it was a misunderstanding sorry for that Probably the guy with a purple bandana saw me some minutes before,with three another guys,if I wanted I could hit you in that distance but anyway I should not have shot in that direction,I'm wrong I don't want any trouble,hope we can meet each other in the game to have a conversation or something and solve this
  3. hello,today I tried to enter in the server and i saw the message that i was banned for PoV,it was me in the house and i had one damaged bullet in my mozin and I shot throw the window to see if it would work,because the bullet was damaged but i didn't want to hit anyone,I saw one guy in the road but i didn't wanted to shoot you,I shot farther away,but anyway I apologize for what happened but my character in the game is very friendly and I'm allways trying to help people, sorry for what happened,hope you guys understand