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  1. I had a bus that didn't despawn, I found it on my second day and spent most of that day running around looking for parts. Do you know how rare a Double Bus wheel is? I do. Had a lot of adventures with that bus and I was always happy when I logged back in each day to find it still sitting there. Last restart caused it to glitch out and merge with a fence, took off one of the wheels to try and budge it out and it did a flip, landed hard, wreaked all but one of the tyres, the battery and the glowplug. had a spare battery but after three hours of blind searching I found no replacement wheels or glowplugs, was forced to abandon it. Never been so upset over a Bus. May still be there, if it is you'll find my note inside.
  2. *Winterthrust continued to lazily float in the Pond. He wasn't planning to respond but good company had been hard to find in the last few weeks and the sense of isolation was becoming unbearable. Carefully he dried his hand on a spare t-shirt and picked up the Radio* "I think I am in exactly the place you think I am, or at least I was. I assume I'm talking to a reasonable man of at least a level of intellect 'almost' comparable to my own as I would rather feel that a reasonable man would part with their name before making demands of myself. But don't worry, if the way your 'friends' built their campsite is any demonstration to their survival capabilities, especially considering what they left behind in the Tent I didn't take, then I'll remember to save a few bullets for when they become fully fledged members to the Guild of the Shambling Horde" *Winterthrust chuckles, carefully placing the Radio back down and gazing at it in the hopes of a reply. He found his mind drifting, thinking about how many people might be hearing this broadcast, what they were all up too and if he could form a book club*
  3. *Winterthrust crashed through the undergrowth and plunged into the pond face first. It was murky and tasted of stale water but it was cold, refreshing and jogging 10 miles through hills and forests wearing a heavy rain jacket while carrying ,what felt like, half a tonne of supplies had turned out to be a lot harder than first anticipated. Winterthrust was not as young as he used to be and he hated it. Casually he swum over to his backpack and fished out his radio. Time to be polite* "Gentleman, I am Winterthrust and I address this broadcast to the idiots who decided to pitch their tents just up from the beach. I'll be polite and not say where exactly but I think you'll know who you are. I have no idea why you choose there of all places to pitch your tents, I have no idea why you left them so unprotected and I have no idea why you thought two small trees and a bush would be enough to cover them from view but needless to say they weren't. I've taken one of your tents and I'm keeping it, those things are like Gold around here. I would highly advise you don't camp in that region, everyone gets the same idea that it's a safe place where no-one goes and everybody is wrong. I've left you something to compensate, it's not much but I consider myself a Gentleman and a Gentleman always pays his debts. besides if you consider what I didn't take then you can count yourselves lucky." *Winterthrust clumsily throws the radio back into the backpack and fishes out the bottle of Aniseed Vodka he'd been brewing*
  4. I was scouting the Mil base in the West, I heard the sound of gunfire outside, climbed onto a roof to take a peek, there was a brief moment of lag and my char decided to jump off the roof. Two hours of my life wasted.
  5. Ricewynd

    How many Scottish guys are on here

    I am incredibly scottish
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    Election Day

    You said it all in the first line "Obviously we can't just get rid of it". This is the big problem. A lot of people seem to think we can and it's based entirely on the thought-terminating cliche that people need to work hard to earn their luxuries. This is often followed by the trumpet playing "them good old days". The reality of the situation as you so rightly put it is far more complicated but to understand what it is you'd need to put in the work to find it, a lot of research and a great deal of understanding both on the History of the United States and the way in which Global Economics works as well as the way the human mind deals with conflicting situations. There is no simple catchphrase that can easily explain what the problem is and how to fix it. There are other factors involved in this as well but it's now past 4am and I just deleted a massive text wall explaining the Growth of the American Economy throughout the 1950's to the 1980's when i realised it made no sense and I'd say the word "pigcunt" 12 times. I'll explain later.
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    Take your mind off of it

    Well if we're sharing our favourite distraction video's, allow me to contribute: [video=youtube]
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    Election Day

    I'd give you beanZ but I'm all out Yeah, it's a shame, so many people think the way to benefit the country is to put more and more people on government programs and to tax people more and more for working harder than others, like, I'm not trying to rant, I'm still young but.. Growing up, I earned all of my money and paid for all of my stuff. As a kid I paid for my computer, my phone bill, my car, the insurance on the car, gasoline, food when I wanted it, and I worked for it. Like, I'm far from full maturity but I've lived my whole life with the idea that if you know what you're worth than to go out and get what you're worth, but apparently that isn't so nowadays. Some reason people think that the government owes them everything. It's a shame that this country has come to a group of people who believe it is best for the majority to be lazy and rely off of the people in this nation who truly work hard to earn every penny of their paycheck. Like, sorry for ranting but it just makes me so angry when I have a hard time affording stuff and I go into the store or a gas station and see a bunch of people who are dressed in pajamas buying a bunch of energy drinks, donuts, and other things they could do without and they're using a bridgecard, and you know that Hillary wants to continue the welfare state. But like I said, sorry for ranting but it just angers me so much when people don't want to earn anything themselves. I may be over-stepping my bounds as a new kid but I've seen this argument played out one or two many times this election, though I've only ever seen it from Baby-Boomers. Yes you paid for everything you needed by earning it in a legit way, you worked hard and you reaped the benefits of that hard work, naturally you feel anger at seeing someone who didn't work as hard as you reap the same rewards. Why you'd then choose to vote for someone who earned all their money because they were given a handout from their super-rich parents, lose most of it by trying to reap the benefits before the hard work was accomplished and is now worth less than had he just stuck all his money in a high interest savings account and spent his career finger painting. Oh and he's never paid Tax in his life, unlike you, what a guy. But to continue, you've been able to work hard all your life because you had the capability to do so and, though it may seem strange, such a privilege is actually a luxury and I'm going to use myself as an example here. I suffer a mental instability, I won't go into details but the basic essentials is for the first 25 years of my life I could not hold down a job. Yet I had no physical or obvious symptoms, I could easily present myself as an everyday normal guy and yet, until recently, I was forced to live off welfare and everyday i'd pick up a newspaper and be told I was the main reason my country was out of money. I watched the news as Lord Shiney Forehead Prime Minister Camertron 4000 declared that Immigrants and Welfare were the biggest problem and without me we'd all be 400 billion better off. But reality doesn't work like that. I eventually found a job I could do and now I work harder than anyone, I had to work twice as hard as my co-workers to get there and I couldn't have done it without welfare. Without it I'd be begging on the streets or probably dead, but we don't like to think about that because then the issue becomes too complicated and when issues can't be summed up by single-sentence catchphrases well....people lose interest. This mythical blood sucking race of people you're angry at sponging off the system. they aren't the problem and by trying to deal with the problem by taking away Welfare you're actually hurting people like me. You can see those other folks because they're obvious, maybe its the way they dress or the way they act but you can see them. The guy behind them, the ones who's dressed sensibly and buying everyday things, you don't notice him and if you did you'd presume him to be like you but he's the kind of person that can't leave the house for more than an hour, who can't sleep at night because his dreams keep him awake and who's mind is constantly plagued by voices shouting commands. he can't work, he needs help. Those others guys, the "spongers", you think they will all suddenly dissapear? nah without welfare they will come back to the 7/11, this time with a knife or a gun and probably rob the place because guess what, now they gotta steal to survive. Crime goes up, homelessness goes up, Tax rises to pay for the increased cost of police but hey at least no-one in pyjama's is buying doughnuts with a Bridgecard anymore right? problem solved.
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    Election Day

    Bring it on my good sir, my fists hunger for Justice.
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    Election Day

  11. Ricewynd

    Election Day

  12. You're all so kind. You bring a tear to an old mans heart.
  13. My First day on DayZ went like this: Spawned on beach, shot in the head. On DayZRP I spawned instead not on the beach but somewhere else. I recognised the location and realised I was north, very far north. I have no idea why I spawned there but after raiding some local houses for equipment I decided I would fully RP this character. His backstory places him, barricaded in a Bar. I found a bar and stood in it, waiting a few moments then triumphantly burst out of it, screaming my name and purpose to the world. I then found a zombie and started asking it questions in Traditional British way. By talking slowly, loudly and in English. This of course goes against everything I know in DayZ, I played Incognito and only moved in dark, from bush to bush. Screaming loudly over Mic was a death sentence, but it's an RP server, i was trying to attract attention. Eventually the Zombie started hitting me. I punched him and walked off to find a Police Man. Several attempts later I have attracted no players attention and i'm bleeding. I decide my character probably now has figured out these are zombies and will try to avoid them. I am determined to play the character so I close my eyes, spin to win and move off in the direction I'm now facing. My Character talking constantly as he provides the narration of his own demise. He recites poems, a little Shakespear and talks endlessly about his life as an actor and the grand conspiracy all the famous actors were behind trying to keep him out of the spotlight so he wouldn't outshine them. I go through several towns, finding them mostly picked clean. Eventually I find some food and a lot of medical supplies. Continuing I come across a Military base. my character runs into it screaming for assistance but is disheartened to find it in ruin. I start scavenging and again it's picked clean. I find a few other backpacks here, full of old shirts, rope, tools etc. Clearly a group of people were here only a short time ago, geared up and left all their old loot behind. Remembering my old DayZ survival training about how most people don't know things spawn under beds I got on all fours and checked under the bunks and Ha! I was right, I find a Pristine FAL with two rounds of ammunition under a bed. I move off and find a truck. It has two missing wheels and the engine won't start. I find one missing wheel in a nearby shed but I can't start the engine. I move off. A few hours later I still can't find anyone, I've started heading south when I find a Truck battery. Thinking it's worth a try I head back to the base and stick it in the truck. The engine starts. The truck rolls forward about ten feet then stops and no amount of revving will budge her. I remove the wheels but the truck bounces, landed on me. My legs arn't broken but they are chipped. One false move and I'll have broken legs. I manage to get the truck unstuck and navigate it out of the woods and onto the roads. I start heading south, I decide my destination should be a quite little gas station far on the edge of the map. It was a retreat for me in regular DayZ as I rarly saw anyone else there and would often always find it unlooted. I drive for what feels like an hour, character singing away to himself, but never seeing another person. I finally reach my destination but I overshoot and in an attempt to turn round I get the truck stuck on the beach. It moves a little but then grinds itself in deep. I cannot risk trying to unstick it so I am sadly forced to abandon it. I was right about the gas station. I find a Lugor and a lot of Ammunition for it. There is a car here but like the truck it needs parts which I don't have. I start heading a little north and come across another Military base. I explore a few buildings, finding more medical supplies which I greedily cling onto but on entering another building I suddenly get stuck in a corner, a zombie attacks me and I shoot it. bad Idea, now every zombie comes after me, unable to move I pull out the FAL and starts trying to headshot as many as I can as they burst through the door, I am down to my alst few bullets and bleeding badly, i reach for my lugor and then. The Game crashes. I presume myself to be dead, casually throw my arms into the air and wander off to make coffee.
  14. I now walk among you, Greetings and whatnot.