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  1. Hi guys! It's been a long time but i'm glad to see this community is still around and doing well. I recently started getting into .63 again, and i'm probably gonna start hopping on the server again here soon. Hoping to see some familiar faces still around, although I stopped playing in the SA days and was more so attached to the mod.
  2. Alright man. Guess im going to get this. Thats what I play on is 1920x1080 so, I should be okay. You can mark this as solved. Thanks for the help <3
  3. Also one more question. Im also being told that if I really want an upgrade, I should look for more video memory. The card im getting has 2gb of video memory, and he's saying I should really go for 4gb if I want a noticeable upgrade. Is this true?
  4. Someone is telling me my motherboard is really outdated and that I should hold off on this card. But this card is a HUGE upgrade for me. Not sure what to do.
  5. That is the only cord I see that's loose. This is where those cords go See what I mean? Theres a bunch of cords tucked away in the front and the cords may be in there not connected to anything, however I dont know how I'd get in there to find out Im assuming these two blue ones are the cords im looking for ;D
  6. I dont see why they wouldn't be in the case somewhere, but I think if they are, they're probably tucked away in the front like all the other cords are.
  7. I just dont see any sort of cords even connecting to the graphics card. The pc is a prebuilt, and I was just looking to upgrade the card.
  8. [align=left]So, currently I'm looking at upgrading from my current shitty graphics card, and AMD HD radeon 7700, to a GTX 960. I've got a 700w ATX power supply, which from what I can tell is more then enough to power the card. Now, my problem is is that according to the EVGA website, I need two 6 pin connectors from my power supply or whatever in order to power the card. I have no idea what connectors my power supply uses, or any clue about where they'd be located on the motherboard. Im quite uneducated when it comes to this stuff, so enlighten me. If there's any suggestions i'd appreciate that as well. Thank you. [align=left]http://www.amazon.com/Gigabyte-Overclocked-GDDR5-Graphi... [align=left](Graphics card I'm looking at)
  9. Unfortunately, I think you'll have to re-write your application, unless you saved your application. D:
  10. Yes, I do have both on the same steam account. Thanks for the help. (Yes it's sufficient ^.^)
  11. Question, is the GUID that was used for the mod the same GUID I will put in to whitelist for the standalone? If so, I'll just copy and paste it. I was almost positive that I already whitelisted once, but i'll do so again.
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