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  1. I was looting in Pustoshka when i started heading to green mountain where i found "John" if not mistaken so then we started heading to zelenogorsk to loot the military buildings but when we were passing sosnovka we see that base and we went there know if there was anyone inside by shouting meanwhile we saw a gap so we went to check that out and we saw alot of items in there i personally stole an AK101, mags , nails medical stuff so after that we leaved the base and we started sort the loot between us when i remember there was more nails and i had the ideia to build in that day so it was perfect, so we planned to go in there fast just for that 2/3 box of nails, while in there he just shows up inside of a tent and actually scared us so John points his weapon to the victim and starts asking if he was from the group of that base and the victim actually says YES following with some laughing , so we didnt believe on him so we was trying to explain himself and i raised my gun for some seconds but we continues to say laughing and grinning even with two guns pointed at him so John asked me "Don't you think he is lying ?" and i aswered "Yeah definitely" so that was when John shot him in the head but actually i was expecting that to happen but being realistic the victim wasn't transmiting any kind of fear for his own life unfortunately i wasn't recording, sorry
  2. Hi guys my name is Roberto from Portugal, i've been registed in DayzRP for some years but only know i decided to apply to the whitelist or better i just forgot play dayzrp to busy on dayz: mod, I already have played 10 hours on it and im loving it, most of my time was on SAMP and some GTA5 but since this last updates and the new stuff in dayZ it gave me enought motivation to put more hours and yeah, hope see you in chernarus!
  3. Victor Brott is a 32 years old ex-soldier of Portuguese Army son of Amalia Cardoso and Dimitri Brott. He is very energetic and brave but he's also very lazy and selfish. Victor is tall with blonde hair and black eyes and he has a burn mark on his forehead and left forearm. He married Helena Brott 30 years old in portugal which worked as a maid in her hometown, Victor and Helena have a 5 years old son, Victor Brott went to Novigrad with his wife in 2014 looking for a new life due the economical instability in the last years in portugal leaving their son with Victor grandparents, working as a garbage collector but 2 years later we changed to Chernogorsk which is some 50km from Novigrad to work as a security of the Chernogorsk hotel and his wife as a maid in same hotel. In July 2017 Victor and Helena decided was the right time to return to portugal due the instability of the country, so they booked a flight from Novigrad to portugal in 24th, so in 11th july they leave cherno looking for a place to stay in Novigrad before the flight but they see alot of military movements, they manage to leave chernogorsk but they couldn't pass Bolota due the massive military movement in that area so they left their car due the massive traffic jam in that area and the return to chernogorsk walking, in 20th July Helena and Victor went to the Chernogorsk Hotel to inform that they wouldn't working there anymore when they hear a big explosition and walls falling due the plane crash. ... After the crash Victor was stuck inside of the hotel beside his wife that was already dead, Victor tried to drag her out but he couldn't so he had to leave the building before it collapse completely, Victor with a deep cut on his left leg he went to his apartment which was some 100 meter away from the hotel, Sadly and angry with him self he treated the cut and grabbed all supplies at home and left the apartment at same day towards the north forest where he was going to hunt. Victor ended up really sad and angry after losing his wife but he's trying to survive in the forest as long as he can and thinking in a way to return to his son in Portugal
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