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  1. The son of crashed USMC aviator Curtis Caldwell, callsign "Cajun 4-1"; Kristian grew up with his father in the mountains outside of Nyheim. Taught survival skills out of necessity from a young age, together they scraped out a meager living in an isolated cabin away from most civilization and the reach of the infected. Warned from a young age to stay away from the remnants of humanity, Kristian was not allowed to accompany his father on the occasional forays into the the towns for supplies. It was with a hard lesson when after three days missing, Kristian realized his father may not return for him, and found himself alone at the age of 12. Since then, Kristian has remained on the fringes of society, witnessing many of the events leading up to the bombing of Nyheim from the safety of the mountain peaks, viewed through his fathers binoculars. He lived a relatively peaceful life until awoken in the night to discover his cabin, and all his belongings, up in flames. Stuck without supplies in the dead of winter, Kristian found himself on the verge of death. Forced to seek civilization due to the circumstances, and his advancing age no longer allowing him to eek out the living he once did, Kristian descended from the mountains into Nyheim.
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