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  1. Ryan Shepherd

    Elddis Scrap Yard Media Thread

    Evening there bai's. Here lay's beneath the scrap metal, the official media thread.
  2. Ryan Shepherd


    Absolute pleasure to be apart of this group, the roster it involves and the plans we have. Up Joyce, Up Ward, LETS HAVE IT.
  3. Ryan Shepherd

    S1 - Kabanino RDM

    Allow me to break this down very simple for you Mr Cow. Below we have the almighty video evidence and some snippets. I make line of sight: I begin to demand them to 'Stop the car!' for this first time whilst directly in his line of sight, even for first person: I repeat stop the car a further 3 times, I begin to aim my gun at 4 seconds in: I fire my first shot at 8 seconds when you can be seen to increase speed showing no sign of compliance. I showed a clear unambiguous initiation towards the vehicle, my intent and what was going to happen if you didn't do so. You do not need to be spoon fed what is going to happen when a masked man sprints towards you with a gun out shouting 'Stop the car!'. I assure you any man doing so isn't looking for a chat and a cup of tea. As seen in the video, you increased your speed and attempted to get away after been given 4 seconds to simply press the 'S' key to slow down. There are no special requirements for initiating on vehicles. You died from non compliance. Seeing as the video shows you clearly not going 70 when pulling through Kabino, my initiation starting in full view of the front, side then back of your vehicle, as well as the fact that you tried to speed up after you heard my voice, it seems to me that you're being dishonest with your representation of what happened. There are too many holes in your story which are bad attempts at making you seem like the victim when the reality is you tried to get lucky and speed off but failed and died. This is a clear cut case of 2.4: Non compliance usually results in death, considering you joined in 2015, I assumed you would know this. With this in mind, I would like if staff could evaluate the validity of these accusations against me, as this seems to me like textbook misrepresentation of facts in order to get someone banned.
  4. Ryan Shepherd

    S1 - Kabanino RDM

    I was point blank in front of you pointing a gun at you, while screaming 'Stop the Car!' It was fairly unambiguous what was happening. You had ample time to press 'S' to slow the vehicle down, yet you tried to speed away.
  5. Ryan Shepherd

    S1 - Kabanino RDM

    Hello @Cow. I was the fellow that killed you. I was in Kabanino at the pump when I hear a car coming, I hid behind the wall until you passed the green double story, I then sprinted from the wall towards the car and screamed 'Stop the car!' 3 times while pointing my gun. I was well within your point of view and I made sure of it by timing my run correctly. The car was not going 70mph, it was between 30-35mph. As soon as I initiated you tried to swerve off, so I opened fire. I initiated and you failed to stop the car giving me the right to open fire upon any occupants in the vehicle. I am sorry it went down like that and felt poorly to you, however failing to stop given the demand was unfortunately your own fault. I'm open to chat to you in discord if you wish. Cheers lad.
  6. Ryan Shepherd

    NozzyRP's Not So Good Edits

    No man will ever beat an @NozzyRP edit.
  7. Ryan Shepherd

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @APositiveElmo @Challenger @neom @Realize @Cuchulainn had a wheel of a night tonight. Up Joyce. Up Ward.
  8. Donovan Joyce, a bare knuckler boxing traveller from Longford. A member of the infamous Joyce family. Donovan was enlisted by his deranged uncle, Patrick Joyce into the bare knuckle business. He faught across all of Ireland, not a soul could beat him, apart from his uncle. In his spare time, Donovan would offer his tarmac services to old pensioners down the country, at a very cheap affordable bargain price, the only catch was, once you hand the money over, Donovan's famous words were 'G'uck.' It was short for 'Good Luck' meaning 'Thanks for the dosh, fuck you and your tarmac' and he would drive off into the sunset. However it wasn't long before the gig was up and no man would touch his 'tarmac' business. He decided to move on to more honest work, stealing scrap metal and cashing in on it at the local scrap yard. One evening his uncle phoned him: 'we're off to chernarus bai'. 'when did that bar open up bai?'. 'Ya numb nut basterd ya its an island, well I think its an island.. it might be apart of russia actually bai.' 'Russia, get off them pills will ya bai, im off to bed im knackered.' Next thing Donovan hears a beep outside, its his uncle. 'Will ya come on to fuck! There some fucking bastard out in Russia said no man can beat him, well a fucking Joyce will!' Off we go. Up Joyce.
  9. Ryan Shepherd

    THANKS YOU G19!!!!!!!!!!

    May this thread never die. @Daddy19RP
  10. Ryan Shepherd

    Staff Feedback: Hofer

    Link to the situation: Any supporting evidence or notes: My go pro wasn't on. Feedback: Evening Hofer, I have to say, since you returned to staff, I now have confidence in the staff team once again. You have been unbias in every verdict or staff related decision I have seen so far. The one I mentioned above, my own report, was no doubt a very difficult report. There were multiple kills, 2 different situations and over 10 PoVs. When I made the report, I assumed the worst, it would take 3 - 4 weeks given the complexity of the report and its multiple rule breaks and I would have to argue back and forth to ensure staff recognised my view, However in a matter of days the report was solved, extremely surprisingly. I do understand verdicts are decided in conjunction with other staff members, however, I do understand that those who post the verdict are the ones who piece together the decisions and explain the rule breaks. This was probably the best verdict I have seen to date, not because I was successful or the amount of bans but the sheer explanation of every single rulebreak individually was second to none. You gave a summary of who was banned and what for and at the end of the post you went into detail with who was banned, what for and for how long. You also showed great unbias when dealing with a staff member who committed a rule break, gave him a tip on the hand like any other community member and rightly so for equality. I really do look forward to more verdicts written by you. Suggestions for improvement: No improvements necessary, keep up the good work, I really do hope you make it back to admin as it were in the gracious mod days. Good on you.
  11. Ryan Shepherd

    Mentioning who signs the warning when handing points.

    Fantastic idea from the famous bandit hunter @AndreyQ. Definitely an issue at the moment as @G19RP has described. As @Hofer said, we have this for verdicts so why not warnings
  12. Ryan Shepherd

    • Ryan Shepherd
    • Crimson_Tiger

    Just a bit of advice for you @Crimson_Tiger.

    I think you need to chill out when handing out warning points. This is a gaming community where people come together to have fun, its not a job where you must keep your shirt tucked in and your back straight. People should be allowed to joke about and mess around without getting 3 warning points for it being taken out of context as flame.

    I have seen countless warning points for little to nothing and your name has been on top issuing it. Its a gaming community not a prison camp. Now I understand if someone is legitimately flaming, fire away, slap him 20 if you want but friendly banter between friends receiving points? 

    I think you need to take a step back and think about it before handing out points. Warning points have NEVER been this frequent for minor things until you became a moderator.

    Just think about it, add up how many points you have issued since becoming a moderator in this short time, is that normal? The context you read 5 words may be totally different and mean something else to someone else.

    Free speech is a thing.


    1. APositivePara


      Wasn't this feedback given like 3 times in the last 2 weeks?


    2. Voodoo


      Well firstly this should be on the staff members feedback thread not in a status update that appears on everyone's latest in order to publicly shame them.

      Secondly points are given by vote (GMs and Mods) not by this staff member alone. They need to be decided on what the content portrayed merits.

      Staff do not know friend circles, we judge on what is put infront of us. As community members everyone represents the community so for instance as an example we cant allow some to openly put a flame with friends then deny others who will claim "but they did it here".

      Ofcourse we are all human and can make mistakes which is why the report button is available for anything we may have missed and why we have an appeals section for anything issued incorrectly.

      Good day to you all 

    3. Crimson_Tiger


      If you want to discuss this @Ryan Shepherdplease feel free to PM me or ask to speak to me via Discord. I'd be happy to discuss it. 

    4. Ryan Shepherd

      Ryan Shepherd

      I am not publically shaming anyone, I am giving advice and I made that quite clear. The feedback section is equally as public.

      Also in what world did a vote class this below is flaming? 

      Quite frankly, I am seeing far too many of these lately and I as a member of the community felt it needed to be discussed rather than 'ty for the feedback will work on that one bro'.

      I can not stress enough I am not flaming @Crimson_Tiger especially on a personal level but giving him some advice.

    5. Crimson_Tiger


      I appreciate your advise @Ryan Shepherd. It means a lot coming from a player I have great admiration for. My offer still stands. If you wish to talk to me, you can call me via Discord or PM me at any time. My profile status is no place for this discussion. 

    6. Voodoo


      Well its not flaming the comment was deemed to be flame bait as clearly seen in the appeal screenshot we just don't have a title called flame bait.

      Whether that comment is deemed flame bait in the end is down to how the appeal goes but just because crimson sent the points through to the member of the community doesn't mean he is the only person involved he had votes from multiple members. 

      Now as this is an active appeal I think this discussion should end and if you need to talk about it then bring it up in PM's or on a staff feedback thread.

    7. Mellstrom


      lol, free speech is a thing, take this to pms instead of having it cluttering the main page.

    8. Ryan Shepherd

      Ryan Shepherd

      Something wrong @Mellstrom🙂

  13. Ryan Shepherd

    Queerios' Crappy Memes

    This is too good
  14. Ryan Shepherd

    Ryan Shepherd's GPO Media Thread

    Welcome to the GPO. I will be posting my roleplay here from now on. Enjoy. One man, no gun, 5 hostages.
  15. Ryan Shepherd

    Killing Compliant Hostages

    Server and location: Server 1 Pavlovo Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 00:40 GMT Your in game name: Ryan Shepherd Names of allies involved: @OxeN Name of suspect/s: @groovy chernon Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Paddy wagon Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: The Trade Union dynamic were rolling with @Daddy19RP and his [email protected] had initiated on one of the opposing party members when none of her dynamic allies were in her line of sight as far as we know. The Trade Union dynamic were bystanders in this situation so that is irrelevant in the case I will outlay below however it is a basis to the events that followed: We were travelling together in a truck, when we approached a roadblock, @KordrugaRP was driving. Once we had to maneuver around the first barricade, the opposing party had appeared from the bushes and screamed something before opening fire on the entire truck killing the majority of the duck like sitting passengers while I watched a slideshow called DayZ. For some reason, my body was glitched inside the truck and I had no head and could not exit. I was speaking to them to ensure them I was alive & can not move. I was told to relog and I did so. When I rejoined, I noticed @OxeN was alive too. I made it known I was not able to exit and will drop my gun immediately. I did so and exited the truck. I was frisked for a radio and I dropped it. I was moved over to where @OxeN was being held at the other side of the truck. We both put our hands up. Someone in the truck had appeared and shot one of the opposing party and was killed. It took myself and @OxeN a moment to realise what actually just happened. The opposing party started screaming at @OxeN & I saying that we were 'sitting right next to him' 'you knew he was there'. I don't really understand what he meant by this as we were no where near the shooter. We started to tell them to relax we had nothing to do with that. We saw a man point his gun at us from the truck so we got on our knee's with our hands behind our head to show them we are completely compliant. Then we heard from behind us, 'Open fire.' Mid explanation we were both shot dead. @OxeN & I were completely and entirely compliant. The man who shot and killed one of them was not apart of our Trade Union dynamic & was completely out of our control. There were no negotiations nor were we told 'If we take shots, you will be killed' nor was this a hostage rescue. Approved groups must have allies listed as such on their group thread in order for said 'allies' to be held accountable for playing a part in a death committed by the approved group. I have not been a hostage in I don't know how long, I was actually looking forward to seeing the shoe on the other foot for once, when that chance was riddled with bullets for no valid reason and felt simply as a cop out to end the roleplay and move along. Thank you and goodnight.
  16. Ryan Shepherd

    Ryan Shepherd





    1. KordrugaRP


      John Cena Boss GIF by Playing With Fire

  17. Ryan Shepherd

    Ryan Shepherd

    Can I get 25 responses of 🇮🇪 flags from my Irish brothers in a row before I get 25 warning points for abusive behaviour by Rover. GO!


    1. Cuchulainn


      lets go 🇮🇪

    2. JamesRP
    3. KennethRP



    4. Ronnie



    5. GMAK
    6. Blake



    7. FaeRP



    8. Turk-chan



    9. Rover


      hunchback of notre dame GIF

    10. KordrugaRP



      Sinne Fianna Fáil,
      Atá faoi gheall ag Eirinn,
      Buíonn dár slua, thar toinn do ráinig chugainn,

      Faoi mhóid bheith saor, seantír ár sinsear feasta
      Ní fhágfar faoin tíorán ná faoin tráill;
      Anocht a théam sa Bhearna Baoil

      Le gean ar Ghaeil chun báis nó saoil,
      le gunnaí scréach, trí lámhach na bpiléar,
      Seo dhíbh canáigh, Amhrán na bhFiann.

    11. Ryan Shepherd

      Ryan Shepherd


    12. APositiveElmo



    13. Red_
    14. Ryan Shepherd

      Ryan Shepherd


    15. DuquesneLR
    16. Rutkiy
    17. KordrugaRP



    18. Shroud



    19. SquirtleKitty
    20. JorrdanVC



    21. Ryan Shepherd

      Ryan Shepherd


  18. Ryan Shepherd

    Hello from Northern Ireland!

    What sort of northern Irish....
  19. Ryan Shepherd

    Group implemented settlements

    Evening gamers! we all know now that approved groups can have a base implemented. Sounds good right? Who doesn't love some new area in the map, especially if its for yourself, you don't have to build shit. Back in the mod, the bases implemented would be a fortified broken down castle with some barriers or a little compound with 2 or 3 houses and a couple small walls. You had to have an entire thread detailing what it is, how it got there and the rules associated with it. It was a very difficult thing to accomplish. In the current times, we have a magically appeared 10+ semi detached buildings on the sea at the coast with only ONE entrance, a 50m approach to the buildings by a funnel bridge with minimal cover and not to mention a large clock tower for sniping those lovely raiders. The base was never really used, can live with that. The one that currently bothers me: a pop up CITY just a short jog south of the largest military base in Chernarus, Tisy. 3 metre tall walls, MULTIPLE city type shops and buildings, the building that is on prison island that makes prison island special. TWO entrances, wait that's okay isn't it? Not when they are in line with eachother in a very tunnel like aspect where any and all raiders will make a last stand raid like the that movie the last samurai. Why are such overpowered bases allowed to be implemented. What is the lore reason for a MASSIVE CITY popping up in an open field. Group implemented bases should only be what is actually realistic to construct, some wooden houses, couple small walls, few barriers maybe even a well. I personally think this is ridiculous, especially allowing this fortress/city of a base to be right next to the biggest military spawn in the map? What is everyone else's views on this? Also calling in @StagsviewRB for his lore opinion on our latest flat pack city pop ups.
  20. Ryan Shepherd

    Ryan Shepherd

    Group implemented base's in the mod:



    Group implemented base's today:



    My thoughts:




    1. JorrdanVC


      I love prefab bases!! Thanks for this post Ryan!!

    2. Cuchulainn


      tis true, cant say I enjoy seeing Mickey Mouse's clubhouse about the place.

    3. Mexi


      We got denied a hospital for a prefab when we did CDF so we could do medical RP with our doctors etc.. Fort Knox however, most certainly fine..

      Should be a small camp with walls, not a full on town with some of the most OP/ defend-able buildings.

    4. Zanaan


      I mean 18ft tall walls with only two entrances that can be easily walled off with constructed walls, islands with giant choke points completely walled off... getting a bit out of hand. 


      Imo if you do a prefab you shouldn't be allowed to further fortify with in-game building, and should only involve feasible things like cabins, wooden fences, etc.


      Not to mention they should never be a short jog from military areas, but I thought that was a given. 

  21. Ryan Shepherd

    Interview With A Valuable Community Member: G19RP

    Good evening everyone! I would like to welcome you all to another community interviews for the community by the community of reputable members of the community. Today we have a very special guest, I misjudged man, who even I misjudged back in the day, turns out he's a fucking LAD. I would like to welcome to the stage @Daddy19RP. Tell Us About Yourself lad? How did you find out about DayZRP, and what made you want to join lad? What could we do, as the staff team, to make this a better place lad?  What is your most memorable experience(IC/OOC) here lad? Do you regret doing anything in your time here lad? If you had to live in a jail cell with four people from this community who would it be lad? What is your favourite relatable community meme lad? What has been your favourite character you have played on the server and why lad? What do you feel is missing from the community lad? Do you have any hidden talents lad? If you could successfully frame someone for a rule breaking punishment, who would it be and why lad? If you woke up as a swedish man named Rolle, what would your first act be on dayzrp.com lad? What a Stella Diamond this guy is. Quality interview from a quality man, probably the head of the misunderstood armed force of Chernarus. That's all for this week folks, stay tuned, even nominate a fellow misunderstood relevant community member who's story you want to hear if you like. Peace out.
  22. Ryan Shepherd

    Ryan Shepherd

    Ladies & Gentlemen, I present to you @JimRP in his true form:







    1. RiZ-kun


      That is actually damaging to a reputation.

    2. Turk-chan


      Fake propaganda.

  23. Ryan Shepherd

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Sneak 2000 killing confused people
  24. Ryan Shepherd

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    I enjoyed my friends lighting me up like a Christmas tree last night whilst I was actually shooting an enemy @SassyRP @Rutkiy
  25. Ryan Shepherd

    The Trade Union (Open Recruitment)

    Lets go compadre's.
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