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  1. Hello, first I would like to commend this group on becoming a medical group, we've not had one of those in a while. Also to the two doctors that I roleplayed with during the situation the other night, they were very enjoyable and realistic with their responses to my demands, I would like to thank them. Secondly, I would like to briefly express my disappointment, for a group that has a substantial amount of Ex Staff and current staff, admin's, GM's, legends past and present, I have to see I am deeply disappointed with the need to bring OOC resolutions to one IC situation. As ex and present staff, I believe'd this group would of been setting a perfect example of how to deal with IC situations, evolve and deal with all sorts of scenario's. However one altercation has left me with the most sour taste in my mouth. One demand resulted in probably the biggest OOC drama for quite some weeks resulting in the server owner threatening group archives over nothing out of the ordinary that ever other single peaceful group has had to deal with since this community opened its doors. I do have to apologise for the invalid executions at the end of our encounter, that was uncalled for and a mistake by The Butcher Of Topolin, he has indeed been battered afterwards. I will however choose not to roleplay around this group due to the fact I feel like I will be treading on egg shell's with unorganic roleplay. Before I leave my feedback here, I would like to express a guide that may be useful:
  2. I would like to press charges against this wannabe.
  3. Hello everyone. We all know there is a dispute on going with a recent ruling that @Phoenix group 'Kings Ridge' is currently neutral. Many disbelieve this but many also believe this. There is zero point to arguing back and forth on discord for over an hour trying to read 20 people responding 40 times. The ruling: Every group leader should carefully discuss their views as a group. Only one responce will be allowed per group, make it a good one and not a wall of text. Based on every group submitting their PoV, @Roland would be suggested to take into account everyones views and make a verdict based on those views should this ruling be final. I will be posting PoV later as I am currently out. This is the only way I see this being solved fairly and swiftly.
  4. When and where was this 'common understanding' ever discussed with me? That's the first I have ever heard of it. Why is this group getting special treatment when they are housing what we know IC as a group that housed a rapist, when many trader groups for years with the best intentions of being 'neutral' were dog brained until archive and this special treatment was never issued to them? Personally, I think this is ridiculous interference with roleplay, we have a feud with the 503 and the 503 are permitted to get medical aid at this hospital, we came to cut off that supply in exchange for Joyce protection on the hospital. I even gave every member of this group once I was satisfied they caught my drift their equipment until this misfortune event took place in the end which I will be posting my PoV on later. This is a totally unnecessary interference of roleplay.
  5. My latest sleeper agent has been planted into the staff team

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      Anything for you papa.

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      2 in, only GMAK to go and then we'll be ready to proceed with the plan.

  6. Be right back, scrapping Camp Joyce and creating Fort Joyce with sticks and stones.


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      Hell yeah! 

  7. I don't see why not, Chernarus is dead weight right now.
  8. Hello gents. Rather than throwing up a report as I have been suggested to do by many, I will leave some feedback that would be more beneficial than a punishment in my eyes. Reports are dumb. Today I was in Topolin, I was speaking with 4 members from The 503 who were very much excited to hand me over some sort of tape? Anyway, I had some enjoyable general banter with these four. After this two of my friends had came online to join in on the Topolin hotspot. Myself and the 4 members of 503 walk back to the main camp, when we do, the main speaker at the time of the 503, some fella from 'Northern Dublin' suddenly spots a man amongst a crowd and picks him out, 'Who the fuck are you?!' he says. The man is wearing a red beret and fails to respond to the member from 503. There is some slight aggression and the man just does not respond and plays a game of charades emoting with his hands. At this point I begin to become interested, the man clearly was trying to become a figure of attention, I wasn't sure at this point if he had people around the compound or he was trying to keep his voice to himself incase he was a well known figure. I try to communicate with the man and he just points his fingers, shakes his head and raises his fists up and down never speaking once. At this point I smell a rat and decide to not give the man attention to see if he attempts to gain my attention again. Low and behold my friend calls out the man is hiding behind a sandbag peaking in and out at me. I take out my gun as does one of my friends, I ask the man 'Whats your problem?' at this point he steps back and over the microphone of the previous 503 members I was speaking to I hear the voice of the mime speaking on discord in the background of someone after pressing their PTT saying 'THERE ABOUT TO INITIATE ON ME BOYS GET READY!'. This is the worst attempt of baiting I have ever seen in my life, now there is making plans to fool the enemy which is mainly the fun part of hostile RP but this was nothing more than plain as day boring bait. The roleplay was fine until whoever this man showed up who I assume wanted some swift pvp movement tricks, while the rest of you originally wanted to roleplay with me and may of sprung the idea to lets force them to initiate. You had 5 that I saw, while I had two men with me, if you want to instigate hostilities and attempt to batter us, just do it, don't beat around the bush and create a mime character, have one of your own men run up and become hostile with him to strike interest in me to have suspensions of the man and hoping I initiate so the rest of you pretending to not be involved with this man can gun me down immediately. This group is supposedly 'the big bad' with the shear numbers and hostile behaviour, act like it, if you want to do something do it, don't resort to very poor baiting techniques such as this episode of Charlie Chaplin, we will welcome any firefight with open arms, we don't bite. I will leave this video with some music to ease the boredom during the clip, I expected more from this group to be honest.
  9. I was eating a white roll (not baguette) with plain hot chicken, peppers and cheese. I would upload the video but my shadowplay also corrupted.
  10. I am tired of waiting for the verdict to be posted, please look after this matter as I have gone formal. This man must be stopped. @Hofer
  11. None of the above really changes my view on how the base looks from my perspective, you didn't really address any of the issues I brought up either, no matter what lore is behind it, doesn't change how it physically looks, for me at least. Indeed it was already added before but this is my view on the base as it stands.
  12. Going to have to be brutally honest here part 2. No offence but this base looks absolutely terrible @GaryCash. I believe the previous one looked much better, this seems like you played the lottery with the object list and just planted shit everywhere. The wind turbines have gone completely overboard, far too many now. The crane has literally zero purpose there, I know you may say it is to lift material from the train tracks off/on. Nothing those digger's couldn't do. Everything is far too spread out for my liking. Giving your groups ideals, I believe there should be many improvised units such as quarantine type tents in compounds etc. and what not. That's my honest opinion on it.
  13. Going to have to be brutally honest here @HDragon. Bases shouldn't have some random story of why it was built 40 years ago and suddenly now its here. Prefabs should be built in today's time line by the groups themselves. They should be built with realistic material by realistic means. The base doesn't look like what your group seems to stand for, 'community'. It looks like you attempted to make the area look run down with the use of the almost demolished buildings but then you used a military building encased in a raised concrete base completely walled off reducing the ability to break a wall and not to mention a ramp which is essentially a kill box for anyone who tries to gain entry, not to mention what seems to be only one way in and one way out? I would of prefered if you created gaps in the fence to give it an authentic old feel and you could of build regular fences in game to account for these. These points make it lean more towards Gear storage protection and PvP advantages and little to no 'community' feel. Your original base at Sitnik itself was a perfect example of an actual community, you should of taken aspects and idea's from that. As it stands, I don't give this base my approval.
  14. Hello Ellijah, thank you for the feedback. Currently sickness is spreading in the server which is a game mechanic we can not control. It is extremely annoying but something we can not control. It will not stop is from roleplaying. I would thoroughly suggest, due to experience, you shouldn't call people who have aggressively taken you hostage 'Dirty bastards'. I don't think you need to be reminded not to shit talk hostage takers. I do agree, it may of better avoiding executing you but sometimes decisions are made on the spot and we can not change it. I believe both parties are at fault in their own way. We are sorry you feel this way, maybe next time you will have a more pleasant experience.
  15. I do not accept this PoV and would like to go formal with this report and push for a verdict.
  16. Server and location: Server 1 - Kabino Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 18/02/2020 1:04 PM Your in game name: Ryan Shepherd Names of allies involved: William Name of suspect/s: @Roland Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): 2019 Ford Transit Connect Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: I was sitting in a car park in my Ford Transit Connect eating my lunch, at that moment an idea popped into my head. I discovered a niche in the market. I thought, wouldn't it be a great idea to keep people updated on report wars and warning points, which is the forbidden fruit of the forums. In my excitement of such an idea, I foolish spoke about my entrepreneurial idea to a corrupt sweedish man who I believe his name is @Roland which may by an alias for something else. Logs will show. He took my un-copyrighted idea and produced it almost effectively immediately. It has added a great feature to the forums, in my excitement of viewing it, I sat and watched the text roll by my eye's on the homepage, I waited for hours, hundreds of cycle's until I saw 'Credit to Shepherd for the idea' at the end of the text.. but I waited... and waited.. and waited. It never appeared. I feel hard done by that a corrupt sweedish man has stolen my idea without initiating or crediting me and is now sitting reeling in the profits of this fruitful idea. I would like to issue an R4 on this whitename.
  17. Thank you for the time on this wonderful show To the next guest, watch that @FalkRP fella when you step inside the studio, bit odd.
  18. The Joyce's and 503 meet up after the series of call out video's: @C-J
  19. I am expressing my opinion, of course it seems the only view that matters is your own. Your making a report displeased with being raided, you obviously have discomfort to your gear now belonging to someone else. Also, this "offline raiding" I will have to google, I am not sure if it exists. Before I leave, here is some tips to solve this matter with whom ever is shitting on your doorstep:
  20. How am I derailing the thread? Your discussing the topic of offline raiding, as am I? If you can't handle the pain of waking up to a raided base, don't make one. This isn't a friendly chat room server, its a zombie Apocalypse theme'd survival game. Besides the fact you are a member of An Pobal right? Who partakes in hostile activities themselves? Surely you understand being apart of a group that has a fairly public base will get raided at some point as you would have enemies no? Some people make bases, some people raid bases, //deal with it.
  21. You made a thread about "offline raiding".. which results in the loss of gear.. and you want to safe gaurd your gear while the inhabitants are.. "offline" but its your not worried about the gear, right, my bad.
  22. Listen here lad, your harping on about people raiding just for sole reason of gear that they are essentially gear rpers right? Yet here you are on the forums whining about people stealing your gear? Gear over actually roleplaying in a roleplay community?
  23. Offline raiding does not exist. How do people know when the inhabitants of a base are oFfLinE?
  24. @Voodoo @Randy @Saunders Hey guys are you alive?

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