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  1. Ryan Shepherd

    Ryan Shepherd

    @Banshee out here reskinning in 10 minutes ?

    Gamemasters deserve more credit for having to read countless essays of PoV's of less than the truth, figure out exactly what happened and come up with a verdict of the messiest of reports every day of the week cutting into their play time if they play at all because of it. Countless hours spent in the report section opposed to having fun in game. All out of their on FREE time.

    Developers shouldn't feel so entitled to 'my time is worth money' and bashing people who say otherwise if they feel like they are improving the community to what they joined to have fun in.

    Equality, free the GM's.

    1. Watchman


      Agree Equality for GM's

    2. Final Turk

      Final Turk

      man being a hero isnt suit for you @Ryan Shepherd

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